How To Get Acquainted With Wealthy People? How To Get Attention To Yourself?

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How To Get Acquainted With Wealthy People? How To Get Attention To Yourself?
How To Get Acquainted With Wealthy People? How To Get Attention To Yourself?

Video: How To Get Acquainted With Wealthy People? How To Get Attention To Yourself?

Video: How To Get Acquainted With Wealthy People? How To Get Attention To Yourself?
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Dating wealthy people
Dating wealthy people

Each of us dreams of a beautiful life and meeting wealthy people. A luxurious home, travel, pleasure and luxury - few will give up such a life. But what if it happened not to be born in a wealthy family, but the most average? Yes, and in life there is a situation that work brings income, which allows only a small fraction of pleasure or simply allows you to survive without dying of hunger?

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  • 1 Where to find a millionaire
  • 2 How to attract a rich man
  • 3 Self-confidence always attracts
  • 4 Natural optimism
  • 5 Sincerity
  • 6 Self-education and self-realization
  • 7 Masculinity and femininity
  • 8 How to calculate deception
  • 9 Sheath
  • 10 Daily routine
  • 11 Close circle
  • 12 Money
  • 13 Speech and self-presentation
  • 14 Cons of a Rich Life
  • 15 Avarice
  • 16 High requirements for a partner
  • 17 Impermanence
  • 18 Permanent employment

But as you wish, as in a tearful melodrama, everything changed in an instant. And now all the innermost dreams come true. This is what pushes hundreds, even thousands of people to search for a wealthy friend.

Men and women are literally ready to offer themselves in exchange for material goods. There is nothing to judge them for, because every blacksmith of his own happiness. After all, not necessarily everything will end in a relationship of convenience. There are often cases when such acquaintances end with sincere feelings. After all, rich people often have everything except love. And having met the right person, the mountains are ready to move for him.

Where to find a millionairei

So where can you meet wealthy people in Moscow? Find such a wonderful companion or companion? There are several ways:

  1. Internet dating sites. This is probably the most popular way to find a wealthy sponsor. The Internet is replete with a huge number of profiles, both applicants and the elite themselves. But the main disadvantage on a dating site in Moscow for a serious relationship is that there are no guarantees that a person is exactly who he claims to be.
  2. A very large number of scammers try to take advantage of human naivety every day. Both poor people and rich people can get into problem situations here. But, despite all the pitfalls, this method is the most popular and will remain relevant for a long time.
  3. Elite resorts. Having a romance in an atmosphere of euphoria and relaxation is much easier than in a stuffy metropolis. You just need to be careful not only to a potential companion with a tight wallet, but also to the choice of a place of rest. Well, the dollar millionaire will not spend his vacation in Adler!
  1. Marriage agencies. The matchmaking business is alive and will always live. For a relatively modest reward, they can help arrange their life with a wealthy person in Moscow or even with foreigners. But there is always a risk of running into an unscrupulous organization.
  2. Luxurious restaurants and fitness clubs. This method will require its own material investment. After all, a subscription to such fitness clubs will cost a pretty penny, and in an expensive restaurant without an appropriate dress code, there is nothing to do. But there is still an opportunity to independently get acquainted with the person of interest, to communicate personally, to analyze him as a person as a whole.
  3. True, if a relationship starts, sooner or later it will be necessary to explain why it was necessary to go to the mind-blowingly expensive fitness, if in ordinary life there is not enough money for bread. But these are already details.
  4. Love affair at work. Of course, a fruit seller in the market is less fortunate to meet an oligarch. But employees of banks, car dealerships or luxury clothing boutiques have every chance. You just need to turn on all your charm at the right time. After all, rich people are also people and a sincere smile can melt the heart of anyone, even the most “difficult” person in the material sense.
meet a man in Moscow
meet a man in Moscow

All places and ways of acquaintance are good in their own way. You can try to combine them, if the goal is to get to know a wealthy person in Moscow by all means.

How to attract a rich man2

But any person, whether he is rich or poor, will certainly appreciate the human qualities that are interesting to him. Rich people are winners in their minds, so it takes a lot of effort to get them interested.

To attract a wealthy person, well, or a businessman needs to have a number of qualities. One beautiful cover is not enough, only papa's sons and golden girls will fall for it. What do rich people value in others? Everyone has their own preferences, but there are common points.

Self-confidence always attracts3

This self-esteem, which is read in every look, gesture. The rich man is used to being overly attentive. Therefore, communicating with him somewhat arrogantly, always defending your point of view, you can get his attention.

meet a rich Muscovite
meet a rich Muscovite

Natural optimism4

As the saying goes, the rich also cry. They have plenty of their own problems, no matter how strange it sounds. Therefore, it is unlikely that such a person would want to take on an additional, always crying burden. It is necessary to create the impression that everything has been successful in life, so that a rich person does not feel like a lifeline, which is so convulsively grabbed.


This quality will bribe an arbitrarily wealthy person. Quite often such people have to deal with deception, realize that they are being used for their own purposes. Therefore, it is better not to hide your intentions and level of wealth. Do not be afraid that this will scare away the oligarch. On the contrary, among greedy and deceitful people, he will finally find what he has been looking for for so long - the truth.

Self-education and self-realization6

Wealthy people are often art lovers, connoisseurs of scientific discoveries. Therefore, visiting exhibitions, seminars will only add pluses to your rating.

Dating with rich men in Moscow
Dating with rich men in Moscow

Masculinity and femininity7

In pursuit of wealthy people in Moscow, one should not forget that, first of all, they are men and women, and not money bags. Therefore, refined femininity or male deeds will be appreciated. Do not forget about performing purely female or male household chores. Purely instinctively, a man trusts a woman who can cook a mammoth, and a woman trusts a man who can drag this mammoth into a cave.

Rich people are not alien to anything the most mundane and humane. They, due to the difficulties that got in the way, subtly feel the falsehood. Therefore, sincerity will help you stand out among other seekers of a beautiful life.

How to calculate cheating8

When choosing a rich object of desires, you need to make sure that this person is exactly who he claims to be. Millionaires can look different. Not necessarily such a person is "packed" in an expensive suit. After all, Steve Jobs, for example, preferred jeans and sneakers. But still, there are a number of things by which you can distinguish the true rich from the false.

meet the rich in Moscow
meet the rich in Moscow


The appearance of wealthy people is not always deliberately pretentious, but always neat. Well-groomed nails and hair are companions of a self-respecting person. Smell also plays an important role. Even if a person does not use perfume, he will not reek of alcohol and tobacco from a real millionaire, even if he “succeeded” yesterday night. Well, the mentality of the rich is like that. They respect themselves and their bodies.

Daily routine10

For the rich, life is scheduled by the minute, because big money requires a lot of work. It is important to distinguish between feigned employment and true. If the interlocutor often talks on the phone with pompous importance of his self, then most likely he is not saying something.

Close circle11

It is worth paying attention to the environment of a potential millionaire. The presence of security guards and a personal driver is not always an indicator of high income. In general, truly smart and rich people do not boast of their position.

Dating wealthy men in Moscow
Dating wealthy men in Moscow


Attitude towards money. A real millionaire won't waste money. But if he understands that a person is worthy of attention, then beautiful gestures and gifts will not take long.

Speech and self-presentation13

Speech culture is another hallmark of wealth. Business and wealthy people in communication avoid swear words and jargon.

Calculating a real rich man is not easy, but knowing the basics of psychology, it is quite possible. You need to pay attention to any little things.

Starting the search for a wealthy person, it is worth deciding for yourself, is this really the ultimate dream? Indeed, in a marriage or relationship of convenience, there is often no place for love.

It is worth considering, why would a rich man or woman need you?

There are a number of reasons why wealthy people, who seem to have everything they could dream of, strike up a relationship. These include:

Dating rich people in Moscow
Dating rich people in Moscow
  1. Desire to possess a beautiful woman or man. It's always nice to show off your significant other, especially if she looks like she's off the pages of a magazine. There is, of course, an escort service, but being in such a relationship is much more pleasant.
  2. Humanity and intelligence in the future chosen one or chosen one often plays a decisive role. Rich people are lonely in their own way. And if the half shares views on the issues of interest and knows how to lend a shoulder in time, it’s impossible to come up with better.
  3. Such people are tired of scandals and hype around them. A person does not necessarily lead an active public life. But due to his material well-being, he often encounters money hunters. Therefore, they are looking for a sincere relationship that will bring ease to life, and not additional problems.
  4. Procreation instinct. Having an impressive fortune, one involuntarily wonders, and who will get it all. Therefore, the search for a worthy person for the birth of children for rich people is very relevant. This does not mean that they will abandon their affairs and will build a cozy nest. You should not expect much help in raising future offspring, a rich person, first of all, will take care of the material well-being of the family.

In fact, there is nothing special about wealthy people. They are not celestials or gods. They have the same experiences and weaknesses as mere mortals. Realizing this will help you develop the right strategy for dealing with them.

Dating wealthy people in Moscow
Dating wealthy people in Moscow

Cons of a rich life14

Due to its lifestyle and capabilities, a relationship with a rich person can have significant disadvantages. Unpleasant moments can be hidden behind expensive gifts.


Oddly enough, having at least as much money as you like, a wealthy person never squanders it. And if at the beginning of the relationship there were expensive gifts and regular trips to luxurious resorts, then in family life sometimes it ends. Because rich people are rich because they know the account of money. This does not mean that you will need something, it is just that you will hardly be able to live in a big way all the time.

High requirements for a partner16

The rich man himself has reached a certain level in one way or another. Therefore, he wants to see the corresponding person next to him. Therefore, he should not completely "sit on his neck". This concerns not how much work, how much self-development. You need to maintain the rich man's interest and respect for your personality.

meet a rich man in Moscow
meet a rich man in Moscow


Frequent betrayals are companions of alliances with wealthy people. Especially in such a huge city like Moscow. All doors are open for the rich, so temptations await at every turn. Of course, not all of them will change. But often, especially among the younger members of this class, this is a normal practice.

Permanent employment18

Business requires not only material investments, but also a colossal investment of time. Therefore, you can forget about joint family dinners. Sometimes such a partner smooths out his frequent absence with expensive gifts.

Meeting wealthy people in Moscow is not an easy task. But if you set a goal, then you can not only satisfy your material desires, but also make a lonely rich man happy.

Chamfort very subtly noticed the backstage side of rich life: "Wealth, with all its magnificent decorations, turns life into a kind of spectacle, and no matter how decent a person living among these decorations is, he eventually involuntarily becomes a comedian."

You need to decide for yourself whether this whole dear life is worth it, with all its undoubted advantages of your peace of mind and peace of mind. In our time, the situation in the monetary world is constantly changing. And now yesterday's millionaires deliver pizza.

meeting a rich Muscovite man
meeting a rich Muscovite man

Living with a rich man is like living on a comfortable volcano. He can burn out at any moment, he can find a new passion, yes, in the end, competitors can "remove" him. Isn't it too high a price for beautiful trinkets and expensive outfits. After all, you will find yourself in the circle of risk.

Psychologists advise not to “hunt” a millionaire, but to behave as if he is already next to you. Constant self-improvement is the way to achieve any goal. Even as difficult as a rich man's heart of stone.

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