How To Choose The Right Social Network For Dating And Not Miscalculate? Classification And Features

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How To Choose The Right Social Network For Dating And Not Miscalculate? Classification And Features
How To Choose The Right Social Network For Dating And Not Miscalculate? Classification And Features
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It is easier for modern people to make acquaintances on the Internet than in real life. And there is nothing strange in this, because the virtual space suppresses the constraint, allows you to show your best sides of character and appearance. But the search for a soul mate can be delayed if you choose the wrong social dating networks. Inconvenient, little-known or, simply, “non-working”, that is, they do not help to find a partner for a full-fledged relationship.

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  • 1 Classification and features of social networks
  • 2 Pitfalls to be aware of
  • 3 Social networks of dating: good and not so
  • 4 Mamba
  • 5 EDarling
  • 6 BADOO
  • 7 Tinder

Classification and features of social networks i

The social network itself is a platform through which people from different places can communicate. All such platforms are divided into sites, applications and chat rooms. They can also be generalized or highly specialized. Social networks for dating belong to the second type, since most users are on such resources in order to find a match for themselves.

The main types of social networks:

Chats. These are separate applications or sites that you can use to send and receive messages. The most popular example is "ICQ" or simply "ICQ". Chats can be public (for many different users) or private (for two people). Now this format of communication has sunk into oblivion, since full-fledged social networks and instant messengers with extensive functionality have appeared, including all the same built-in windows for conducting correspondence

  • Websites. There are social networks like "Vkontakte" - they are popular and suitable for finding a soul mate, but they are more intended for communication between people you know. And there are highly specialized ones, for example, "Mamba". Such sites just exist in order to choose a suitable interlocutor, get to know him and establish communication of any nature. It is worth noting that they are also gradually becoming obsolete due to the appearance of convenient and easy-to-understand applications.
  • Applications. They have the simplest functionality for users, for example, the method of selecting an interlocutor from a photo using swipes (moving a finger across the smartphone screen). Swiping is the same as liking or disliking. Some applications use additional interesting functions: search for people nearby, automatic selection of a partner, and so on.

Dating apps are an option that is more appropriate for an 18-30 year old audience. This is such a quick way to pick up an interlocutor without knowing anything about him, except for his appearance and some concise information in the form of several lines in the profile status. More than half of the app audience is looking for overnight sex.

find love on the internet
find love on the internet

An adult audience is more suitable for specialized sites. There are several reasons for this. First, when registering, you need to fill out a questionnaire, which indicates preferences, interests, the presence or absence of children, and even the place of work. Of course, the site does not require a complete dossier and you can skip some points, but in the end, you still get more information than in dating apps. Secondly, the audience of such sites is initially older and more extensive. On almost all sites, the main age category of users is from 25 to 50.

Pitfalls to be aware of2

Some features of social dating networks are desirable to know before registration. The most important thing is to understand the audience and understand what types of people "live" on such sites. Or rather, which of them is better not to mess with.

Whom men can "meet":

  • Escort girls. There are plenty of such girls both on websites and in applications. Of course, their profiles do not indicate the price per hour of "hanging out together", since this is prohibited by the rules. Moderators try to track escorts, but this is not always the case. Therefore, users often come across girls whose hearts begin to beat faster solely from the sound of rustling bills.
  • Kept women. They differ from escort girls by increased requirements and attitude towards long-term relationships. True, they are ready to join them only on condition of full support from the man. The kept women are often educated and nice, they may not give out their intentions for a while. But such girls do not enter into long-term correspondence with men, whose photos were not taken against the backdrop of the ocean or Mercedes.
find a couple through the dating app
find a couple through the dating app

Divorced women with children. There is nothing wrong with the fact of having a child and divorce, but such ladies tend to hide or, on the contrary, exaggerate these components of their biography. That is, they are either silent about children, or they constantly talk only about them. The same is with divorce: either it was not, or "the ex-husband is an ungrateful goat." In any case, many women are looking for a father for their child and a breadwinner rather than a life partner. And you should be careful with them

Escorts and kept women in most cases can be "calculated" by the profile, or rather, by the photo. They are beautiful, well-groomed and of the same type. They differ from most "ordinary" girls just by their external data. Full lips, perfect figure and correct facial features in one bottle. And, of course, photos in Bali and pictures with 1001 roses - so that it is clear that the lady is not an ordinary lady.

Whom women can "meet":

  1. Alpha males. Men who are convinced that the world revolves around their dignity. As a rule, they have several dozen photographs of their excellent press, but do not have pronounced intelligence. In correspondence, they pull the blanket over themselves, they like to mention their achievements and excellent personal qualities.
  2. Sex seekers. Such men sincerely want to drag someone into bed, but are not ready to give money for it. They can start correspondence on a dating site with a photo of their member or a "modest" offer to retire in some room of a cheap hotel. Men who are looking for affordable sex love to invite girls to various entertainment events.
  3. Foreigners. Usually, there are an excess of Turks, Azerbaijanis and Hindus on dating sites and applications. They, as a rule, do not differ in special literacy and knowledge of the language, but they are very fond of "rolling up" to girls from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Some ladies like it, but most don't.
find love on the site
find love on the site

And, of course, many people meet "Internet trolls" - people who, for their own amusement, try to make fun of others. Fraudsters who can ask for intimate photos and then demand a ransom for them are not uncommon.

In general, the audience is motley and you need to prepare for this in order not to fall for the bait of dishonest persons. But most of the users are regular people who are interested in finding relationships.

Social networks of dating: good and not so good3

You need to pay attention to sites with a good reputation and stable technical support. As a rule, such sites and applications are carefully moderated, thereby reducing the risk of "meeting" an escort worker or getting a photo of genitals in HD quality. You should also choose resources with a large audience.

In order not to fall for the bait of scammers, you need to immediately know about which sites it is better not to enter. There are plenty of them on the Internet.

Mamba 4

The Mamba website has been operating since 2003. Already in 2004, the number of registered users crossed the 1 million mark. The platform's audience is predominantly Russian-speaking users of various ages.

mamba dating site
mamba dating site


  • registration by e-mail or through social networks (activity on the site is not displayed on the personal page, as well as the fact of registration itself);
  • adding an unlimited number of photos with the function of creating thematic albums;
  • keeping a personal diary (if desired);
  • using global and local search.

The main disadvantage is that the site is shareware. That is, there is no need to pay for standard functions on the platform. But there are paid "advanced features", for example, raising your own profile in the search or subscribing to new ads. Their use can become a necessity, as many new users register on the site every day. Old profiles are simply lost in the stream of new ones.

The search for a couple on the site is standard, you can put filters by location, age, gender. When buying a paid subscription, it becomes possible to set other parameters that facilitate and speed up the process of finding a suitable candidate.

Users who violate the rules of the site (for example, offering sex for money) are blocked.

In general, the site has been tested over the years (in the literal sense of the word), but not without flaws. Its main advantage is the ability to find many people in your own city.


At first glance, it is a very interesting site with a large-scale advertising campaign. Yes, this site was advertised everywhere: on TV and in the global network. Therefore, many people "bought" the offer "instantly find the right partner" and signed up for EDarling.

eDarling dating site
eDarling dating site


  • convenient and simple functionality;
  • the presence of a psychological test that each user must pass during the registration process;
  • "Smart" selection of candidates.

On this, perhaps, everything. There are no free features on the site. Each user must pay for their stay on the site for a certain amount of time in advance. At the same time, if the subscription is not turned off in time, the money will be debited automatically. If you do not pay, interest will begin to drip, which will subsequently be levied almost through the courts. A kind of "credit for love".

But after all, many are ready to pay to quickly find a partner for themselves (all the more so - ideally suited for the personality test). However, with the search for a pair on the site, not everything is so smooth.

Users who paid for the subscription all complain about a huge number of fake pages. The so-called "ideal" candidates with model looks, excellent work. True, they do not respond to messages and generally do not show any activity. After the first 10 fake profiles, real people appear, but most of them are no different from the main audience of free dating sites.

The platform can be called relatively useless and even unsafe (for a wallet).


Another shareware social dating network that exists in the format of an application and a website. The audience is people from all over the world, of different ages (but always over 18 years old). BADOO is primarily a commercially successful project that is actively developing. But this plays into the hands of not only the creator, but also the users.

BaDoo dating site
BaDoo dating site


  • simple registration;
  • photo check function - the site sets the pose in which you need to take a photo in order to confirm the reality of your pictures in the profile;
  • the “people nearby” function, which allows you to find profiles of users who are in close proximity;
  • search for people similar to your favorite celebrities (you need to upload a photo of a popular person, after which profiles of users similar to him will be displayed).

The main disadvantage is, again, conditional gratuity. If you don't pay, then most of the opportunities will be unavailable.

The functionality is constantly expanding, new features appear that are not available on other sites and applications. Therefore, you can probably safely pay for using BADOO, especially in cases where you cannot find a partner on free resources.


An application that targets a young audience. Shareware since 2015. Tinder is used by people from all over the world. Recently, the application began to be actively promoted in Russia, so now it is the main competitor to BADOO. This is largely due to the similarity of some functions (for example, selection by photo using swipes).

tinder dating site
tinder dating site

The whole point of searching through swipes is that the application "shows" to the user a series of photographs of people with brief information about each of them (age, gender, approximate location). If a person swipes to the right, it means that he liked the “profile” (in fact, just a photo). When you receive mutual sympathy, you can go to a private chat.

Tinder has a controversial reputation. Many people think that the app is more suitable for finding a partner for one night. In principle, the format of "quick acquaintances" predisposes to this. Still, dating in Tinder is a great start for a serious relationship.

All other applications and sites are similar in meaning and functionality to those described above. There are paid "scams" and shareware resources with which you can really find a partner. In fact, there are no sites where you don't have to pay nothing at all, because the "virtual search for love" has long turned into a business.

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