How To Impress A Girl: 5 Tips For Guys Not To Lose Face

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How To Impress A Girl: 5 Tips For Guys Not To Lose Face
How To Impress A Girl: 5 Tips For Guys Not To Lose Face

Video: How To Impress A Girl: 5 Tips For Guys Not To Lose Face

Video: How To Impress A Girl: 5 Tips For Guys Not To Lose Face
Video: 7 BEST Ways to Impress ANY Girl | Do This to Get Noticed! | Alex Costa 2023, March
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A man, led by natural pride, always wants, and especially in front of the opposite sex, to be “on top”. However, for one reason or another, this is not always the case. Below are some tips to help you impress a girl.

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  • 1 Straighten and become
  • 2 Neatness and openness
  • 3 "Politeness opens all doors"
  • 4 Courtesy and courtesy
  • 5 "And the strength is inferior to the mind"
  • 6 "Do what you must - and come what may"
  • 7 How to increase your own attractiveness in the eyes of girls?
  • 8 They meet by their clothes
  • 9 On the mind see off

Straighten and become i

If a man worked on himself and tried to accustom his body to maintain the correct posture even during rest, he can no longer avoid female interest. It is not for nothing that military personnel, law enforcement officers and athletes are popular - an active life and physical exercise teach a man to keep upright, move gracefully and assertively at the same time.

In addition, bearing and stateliness make a man visually higher than in reality, emphasizing his merits and concealing his shortcomings.

The most positive thing is that even a gentleman “in the body”, having trained and accustomed his body to the correct position, becomes more attractive than a rival, even better built, but not able to hold on.

Neatness and openness 2

Nevertheless, no matter how stately the gentleman may be, he will not attract a lady if he is wearing dirty clothes. Therefore, at least out of self-respect, a man should maintain a neat appearance. It is clear that this does not apply to work clothes if the work is associated with pollution, but in everyday life it is not at all so difficult to keep the clothes clean.

And if you add a slight half-smile to this, then the image as a whole will turn out to be extremely attractive. The key remark is precisely a half-smile - in the realities of the CIS, it is not customary to smile at everyone and everyone “with all 32 teeth”. But staying sullen and stern like a connecting rod bear after waking up is also not the case.

How to impress a girl
How to impress a girl

"Politeness opens all doors" 3

After the lady's attention is captured by an outwardly attractive gentleman, it is important not to lose the won positions. A man does not need to assert himself at the expense of a woman - which means that you can remain cultured and polite in communication - from greeting to goodbye. It is also recommended that the volume of profanity and profanity be reduced to zero or reduced to an insignificant value.

Even if a gentleman cannot do without a “strong word,” at the first stages of acquaintance it is better to adhere to more traditional cultural traditions, gradually revealing this bad habit, if there is no way to get rid of it.

Here, however, it is required to draw a line that separates weak-willedness and patience. Even in a conflict situation, you should start the dialogue politely. If it becomes obvious that the opponent does not want to come to an agreement, and there is no way to interrupt the discussion “bloodlessly”, then it is not only possible, but also necessary to switch to a more aggressive intonation. It is important to note that in this case, it is still optimal to avoid abusive statements, limiting ourselves to raising and cooling the tone of the conversation.

Courtesy and courtesy 4

As you can imagine, a man, brought up well, does not need obvious advice, which, nevertheless, will still be given below.

How to hit a girl
How to hit a girl
  • To give a lady a seat on public transport, on a park bench or in any other similar place is the easiest and most uncomplicated way to show consideration.
  • Passing a woman forward, holding the door in front of her, can also show that the man respects the lady and wants to please her.
  • A gentleman can show courtesy if he helps his companion to take off her outerwear, sit at a table in an institution, or by providing other assistance of this nature.

As a matter of fact, it is important to remember the main difference between the two qualities indicated in the block heading. Discretion is the ability to promptly help a person without being reminded or prompted, thereby relieving him of any inconvenience or awkward moments. Courtesy is the same, but enhanced by courteous behavior, where some of the partner's minor flaws are ignored.

"And the power is inferior to the mind" 5

The cherry on the cake of impressions from the gentleman is the mind and intellect. And it's great if they are used wisely and without undue pride. Because a man who boasts of his abilities is not much better than one who does not have them. This does not mean, however, that a man should be shy. If a man is not a fool, then he is able to objectively look at his capabilities and evaluate them without exaggeration or belittling.

What it takes to impress a girl
What it takes to impress a girl

A smart person will understand perfectly well that to heighten the effect, one must be able not to act as a “fountain of facts”, but to show off knowledge in a timely manner and under suitable conditions.

"Do what you must - and come what may" 171__8212

An old, very old knightly rule, which is great for a conclusion. People are different, and therefore the main thing is for a man to simply adhere to certain social norms and think with his head.

A gentleman is not painted with rude speech, untidiness in appearance and clothing, boorish behavior and even more stupidity, in contrast to the desire for constant development, including independent.

How to increase your own attractiveness in the eyes of girls? 6

Almost all men want to arouse interest in the eyes of women - but not everyone succeeds. The tips below will help you learn how to attract ladies' glances, inflame girlish curiosity about the marital status of a gentleman and achieve some success in the field of love.

They meet by clothes 7

It goes without saying that first you need to work on your appearance. And this item will unite in itself all the variety of aspects that make up a single image. It should be noted that the woman's gaze first grasps the big picture, and then goes from top to bottom, therefore, the recommendations will follow the same route.

How to surprise a girl
How to surprise a girl

Posture. The more attractive a man is, the smoother and more relaxed he is. It is worth training to keep straight without prying eyes or in conditions that deliberately exclude acquaintance with anyone

The fact is that the first steps on this path create the impression that the man “swallowed the crowbar” - the whole pose shines with tension and discomfort. Over time, when the body adapts to this position, this effect will disappear, and instead there will be a slight flair of ease and relaxation, which does not, however, shade confidence in the gentleman's pose. In addition, if a man cannot boast of being tall, a straight body position will work like a heel for women - it will make him visually taller.

Head and face. A man does not have to be fashionable, but he should keep his hair and facial hair (if these attributes have a place to be) in order. If there is nothing to support, then a bald head can always be carefully polished with a rag - so that it shines like the sun

Research suggests that it is most attractive to women to have two weeks of stubble. In principle, this is not surprising, since it outlines the contour of the chin, emphasizing, however, not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Strictly speaking, if you are unlucky with stubble, you can stay clean-shaven, since a sparse or uneven beard will cause more rejection in the opposite sex. The same goes for the sideburned mustache.

How to please a girl
How to please a girl

The face, of course, should be kept in order to the best of its ability. So gentlemen, whom nature has endowed with problem skin, should contact the appropriate doctors to resolve this problem.

Clothing. It would seem, why should a man bother himself with fashion trends and the selection of colors and styles of clothing. But the real state of affairs makes its own adjustments - if fashion is not critical, then the colors and type of suit determine a lot

First of all, incorrectly selected things will “sit” on the gentleman unsuccessfully, in the worst case scenario not only not hiding, but emphasizing the shortcomings. The same, by the way, applies to the color of clothes - a well-chosen pattern and color will emphasize the dignity of a man's figure and bearing, can visually increase his height and reduce the size of the “beer belly”, if such is the case. The required minimum of information on how to combine everything correctly can be found in free sources or simply use your own logic.

Accessories. It is worth noting that in different circumstances a different number of attributes are available to complement the image. Generally speaking, a man seeking interest of the opposite sex should not lean on all sorts of chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, and the like. It is optimal to limit yourself to hours; possibly a signet; chain (although it is better to refuse the latter, if possible). In general, the fewer various accessories “hung” on the gentleman, the better the ladies perceive him

Secrets of how to surprise a girl
Secrets of how to surprise a girl


After achieving success in the formation of an external image, it does not hurt to work on the "knowledge base". Girls love pretty young people, but such guys will quickly get bored if there is nothing behind their appearance but emptiness and pride. Therefore, if a man is not looking for ways to join them, he will try to expand his own horizons. In addition to the obvious advantage in the form of benefits for himself, the gentleman will find many topics for discussion with the lady. So, below there are a couple of tips on how a gentleman can prove himself as an intelligent and interesting person.

News and books. At the same time, the news is diverse - from local events to world politics and science. This will help keep abreast of current events and, as they say, “keep abreast”. Books are better to choose fiction and different genres - from drama novels and pulp fiction to hard science fiction and classic literature. The role of books is to form not only an extended vocabulary, but also skills in building speech, which, in turn, makes it possible to find a “key” for almost any lady

Jokes: from classics to self-irony. Joint laughter strengthens, and a man who can cheer a woman is already halfway to her heart. You should not, however, indulge in buffoonery and jokes

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