Sandbox For Adults Or How To Meet On The Beach?

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Sandbox For Adults Or How To Meet On The Beach?
Sandbox For Adults Or How To Meet On The Beach?

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There are a lot of places for acquaintance. But the most honest place is the beach. This is such a fine sieve for everyone that only a select few find a partner there. Moreover, this is just the case when you can bury yourself in the sand and quietly dig holes in it if there are problems with the appearance.

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  • 1 "Stick, stick cucumber, it turned out to be a man"
  • 2 Object selection
  • 3 Tactics and strategy
  • 4 "Everything will fit in the farm …"
  • 5 "Ready, attention, march …"

"Stick, stick cucumber, it turned out to be a man" i

The difficulty in dating on the beach is primarily in appearance. People on the shore are naked, you can see absolutely everything, up to the size of the primary sexual characteristics. So there are no surprises in pants and bras. But this is not the main thing. Although it has its own hierarchy in importance. The problem is the beauty of the body. No, of course, there are no comrades for taste and color. Someone likes plump, someone skinny.

But, nevertheless, 80% will choose a template body: strong, healthy, harmonious. So before heading to the beach, you should spend the winter in the gym. A skinny kukusik or a floating mamzel will obviously be in flight. So long before the beach season, you need to put in a lot of effort to shape your body. Moreover, at the same time, women have a minimum of cosmetics, or even none at all. And this is also an important factor.

Object selection2

Before starting the tackle, you need to take a closer look: the object may well be busy, because people rarely come to the sea in splendid isolation. What surrounds a person is assessed: an empty chaise lounge, another towel, the presence of things under the head of the sunbather. It may well turn out that the beloved of the object is currently surfing or ran away for something. Having appreciated the loneliness of a person and his own solvency, you can proceed.

Tactics and strategy3

So, the object is selected. You need to think over a plan of action. Only an idiot will brazenly flop down next to him. Outdoor games with the ball next to the "victim" are also not ice. And all because there is a risk of showered with sand. And this is very unpleasant. Yes, you can get a ball on the top of the head, and this, in addition to troubles, promises a refusal to meet.

The way out is simple and banal. This can include requests for help in spreading cream, looking after things and a can of cocktail or juice, and many other ways. The main thing is to strike up a conversation.

acquaintance on the beach
acquaintance on the beach

"Everything will fit in the farm …" 4

First you need to find out if there is a free space nearby. Having received the answer, you need to ask permission to settle on the patch. And, yes, we remember the appearance. There is nothing sexier than drops on a naked torso. It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman.

Sitting nearby, you should pause, and then start doing something unusual: digging a tunnel in the sand with concentration or building a castle. The girl in any way will pay attention and be interested. And then you can ask for something, for example, submit "vooon that shell".

Especially arrogant and self-confident freaks can immediately get down to business and ask to smear with cream. This, of course, is very tactless, but for some reason the scheme continues to work and practically does not give up its positions.

how to meet better on the beach
how to meet better on the beach

You will need a cooler bag to explore on the beach. After all, it will contain soft drinks. And this is a gorgeous help in sand acquaintance. What should be there? Popular pina colada. All girls adore her. So you can play Gandalf and treat the girl.

Further, you can ask mamzel to look after things when a person leaves for a swim. A good, innocent, non-burdensome request. Usually they don't refuse. Just don’t go out to sea as a dolphin, disappearing for half an hour. The girl, too, not only came to fry.

When you come back, you can poke a little. Yes, ask for some cream. Touching a naked body, and even with drops of water, will make the lady experience ambiguous sensations. Indeed, behind such manipulations, the eroticism of the process is hidden. Well, if there is a little bit of sympathy, then the lady will do everything with a slight sexual touch. Well, and right there you can start a casual conversation about a light night storm, the beauty of the sea and the hotness of the sand. But to go under the skin with stupid questions, like, is she alone or not - is incorrect.

Sex Dating On The Sand
Sex Dating On The Sand

"Ready, attention, march …" 5

The beach is not a place for long thoughts. Here you need to act quickly. Otherwise, the risk of losing a stranger is very high. There is no guarantee that tomorrow the girl will be in the same place again. Therefore, if it turned out to strike up a conversation, and the lady easily supports him, you need to take the bull by the horns and make a date. "Shashlik under cognac" is very commonplace. So you have to strain yourself and come up with a more original invitation. Not a meeting in the room. This can offend a counterpart. Although this option is possible, all people are different. If a lady is about to leave the beach, an escort service should be offered immediately. Especially if she sluggishly reacted to the invitation to an evening walk. So you can find out where she left off.

And most importantly, it is important to be a gentleman to the last thread of your underpants. Nobody canceled gallantry and politeness.

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