How To Molest A Guy To Seduce Him

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How To Molest A Guy To Seduce Him
How To Molest A Guy To Seduce Him

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How to molest a guy
How to molest a guy

Surprisingly, but true - many women do not know how to properly take the initiative in intimate matters. They don't know how to seduce men. Although it is known that women have a slightly higher need for sex than the stronger sex. What about those girls who want to be the first to initiate sex, but do not know how to do it correctly? Of course they need to learn how to molest a guy. The ability to do this is one of the very "feminine tricks" that everyone has heard of. And indeed there are several techniques that are almost guaranteed to be able to persuade a man to meet intimate.

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Men love with their eyes. Many women know about this. But for some reason, not all of them use it. After all, a girl may even without taking any active action look like a man will attack her himself. A sort of passive seduction. And if she does not know how to do this, then it would be better to master this skill. It's better to start with taking care of yourself, turn it into a daily habit to always look fresh, neat and attractive for a man.

Despite the fact that most guys are not stopped by the unkempt appearance of a partner, if they want her, they are not blind and see that the woman does not take care of herself. And this is able to alienate them from their girlfriend in an intimate sense.

Many men are turned on by the fact that girls go in for sports. Unfortunately, there is a tendency that women are more concerned not about their health when they go to the gym, but about their appearance. They go there in order to be attractive to men.

However, there is a plus in this - it really works. Because men know about it. If they see that a girl is playing sports, then they subconsciously consider her more sexy. It can get to the point where they begin to feel attracted to their partner in sportswear, and this can be an interesting way to diversify intimate life.

By the way, about cravings and fetishes. They are a great way to seduce men with their looks alone. A girl won't even have to think about how to pester a guy if she dresses in such a way that he himself starts pestering her. Here's another seduction lesson, for this to work, she needs to be aware of all the fetishes and sexual interests of her man. And dress accordingly.

Some of the couples love girls in tight clothes, some are turned on by feminine and delicate dresses, some are generally ready to pounce on a girl dressed as their favorite video game character. There is a whole field for imagination, which can and should be used to achieve the best results.

Woman is woman2

Men love femininity. Therefore, in fact, they like women. And they expect in relationships and sex that women will continue to be themselves. That is, they will not show masculine traits - aggressiveness, dominance, persistence.

How to molest a guy
How to molest a guy

Of course, now it is somewhat blurry, but still, many men continue to appreciate the fact that girls are sweet, gentle, sensitive and emotional. And when they see a girl with such qualities, they have a greater sexual desire for her than for the rude "boys".

Of course, some guys may like girls with small breasts, short hair, and wearing jeans rather than skirts. However, in bed they are expected to be women.

This concerns caresses and harassment in the first place. A woman should not speak openly about her desires. This will not have the same effect as if she communicated this “like a woman” - through hints, innuendo, hidden meaning in words. For both partners, this will be a game, and the man will be interested in solving this riddle. Was she really hinting at sex, or was it just flirtation? If the girl acts head-on, then the man will lose this opportunity, because the lady should not openly pester her boyfriend. It is worth leaving this matter to himself.

It's fair to say that some men like strong women. Then the partner, in order to be a "real woman" in the eyes of her boyfriend, must correspond to his ideas. That is, she needs to take the initiative herself, while demonstrating self-sufficiency, independence and self-confidence. For a man to feel that such a woman needs.

After all, she can completely do without him, but she still gives him her preference. So she definitely likes the man. Men with such views are somewhat softer in terms of character, therefore, girls, along with the initiative, also need to show kindness. Their molestation and caress should not be aggressive, on the contrary - soft, gentle, but persistent.

How to molest a guy
How to molest a guy

In general, all men are different, as well as their ideas about what a woman should be. It cannot be argued that what worked with one man will work with another. A girl needs to be able to analyze the character, behavior and desires of her partner in order to appear before him in the right light. This will allow her to receive intimacy and pleasure from sex exactly when she wants.

How it all works3

Rather than wondering how to molest a guy, girls are better off finding out first if they should do it at all. All of the above hints that it would be better for them not to do this, but not everything is so simple. In general, there are few unambiguous things in matters of relationships and sex. Human psychology is so complex and diverse that what is medicine for one person will turn out to be poison for another. It's the same with tips - there are no really universal tips, there are only general guidelines. If we talk, for example, about appearance - then yes, it is really important. But what exactly it should be is a purely personal question.

"Always", "never" - these concepts just won't work. The girl will not be able to either always take the initiative, or never do it. Everything should be "sometimes" - only based on circumstances. The mood of the partners will constantly change. And if last time a girl, seeing her excited boyfriend, just lay down on her stomach and slightly arched her back, in this way hinting that she is not against sex, then next time it may be more appropriate to sit on the man herself and put him in front of the fact that now there will be sex.

how easy it is to seduce a guy
how easy it is to seduce a guy

It is important to be able to understand the mood and state of your partner. If a man suddenly responds with a refusal to the girl's initiative, this will not mean that he does not want her. He doesn't want her right now, and he probably has a lot of reasons for this - serious fatigue that knocks down, or some kind of experience that dampens all excitement. Of course, if this happens regularly, then the girl needs to think about it. But in isolated cases, you should not worry and put pressure on a man.

In some cases, the girl does not even have to bring the whole thing to the end. It will be enough for a man that his woman was the first to make contact in order to get excited and take the initiative into his own hands. Many people mistakenly believe that if a girl herself persuades a guy to have sex, then she will be in an active position the rest of the time. Even in such a fleeting process as sex, everything can change in just a few seconds. Therefore, again, it cannot be argued that there are any specific rules that work in all cases.

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