12 Psychologist Tips - How To Forget Past Relationships

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12 Psychologist Tips - How To Forget Past Relationships
12 Psychologist Tips - How To Forget Past Relationships

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How to Forget Past Relationships
How to Forget Past Relationships

How to stop loving a guy or a girl and forget past relationships, restore integrity and start living anew? - a difficult question, but quite solvable if you approach it correctly.

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  • 1 Reasons for self-criticism
  • 2 Why is it so difficult to emerge from the past?

Relations between the sexes, like the relationship between fathers and children, have not lost their relevance over the centuries. As it was said in one famous masterpiece of Soviet cinema - "All people are happy the same, but everyone is unhappy in their own way."

Reasons for self-criticism

In the life of every person, be he a man or a woman, there were moments that later did not want to be remembered. How to forget past relationships, when their breakup is accompanied by psychological and nervous exhaustion of partners or one of them, when there is no desire to look for a new partner and live in a new way.

In many ways, this state of a person closes him in himself, does not allow him to enjoy the beauties of the outside world and new impressions. He increasingly thinks about the past, scrolling through its plot in his head, hoping to fix something. So make up your mind and program yourself that you really want to forget your ex!

Psychologists advise not to dwell on past negative experiences, but letting go of the past is not so easy. Some people recover quickly even after breaking up a long-term relationship, while others are too painful to take the end of a fleeting relationship. The main reasons for misperception of the situation can be:

forget past relationships
forget past relationships
  • Self-pity or self-torture is fairly common in psychologically weak people. They perceive even the slightest defeat or failure too closely and for a long time they can hang in negative emotions, closing in their shell, in which they are comfortable, and no one bothers to engage in masochism.
  • The fear of repeated failure or defeat, one way or another, haunts the person. He may project the past situation onto a new relationship or not enter into a new relationship at all, fearing that they will do the same to him.

Why is it so difficult to emerge from the past? 2

A person is a social creature and a break in relations with a person close to him leaves a gaping hole in his wounded soul. Some people cannot fill it in and restore their integrity on their own, so a particularly painful gap needs to be treated together with a psychologist. But you can try to undergo rehabilitation on your own, resorting to the advice of psychotherapists:

Make a firm decision about the readiness to solve the problem instantly and move on, accept the current situation as irrevocable. Life, unfortunately, is fleeting, and thoughts about the past take away time from a person in the present and, accordingly, in the future

forget the past
forget the past
  • Paper will endure everything. Put your negativity and resentment on paper in the truest sense of the word. Without being embarrassed in expressions, you need to express each of your negative emotions as clearly and fully as possible, but everything cannot and could not be bad in a relationship, therefore, the positive moments of the past will also be reflected on a piece of paper.
  • At this moment, you need to be as honest with yourself as possible, not inclined to exaggerate and underestimate the events of the past. It is necessary to work out each phrase in detail, reading every word, and accept it as a fait accompli without the possibility of correction.
  • Ask for forgiveness. Unfortunately, humanity has not come up with a time machine that can turn back time, so it is too late to ask a person who has been hurt for forgiveness due to various circumstances. Psychologists mentally advise to "organize" a meeting with him in the imagination and to do it completely sincerely.
  • It is possible that at such a moment a person can be overwhelmed with emotions - he can cry and even scream. Many do not immediately visualize such a visualization, but those who have experienced it note relief after such a session.
let go of the past
let go of the past

Forgive the offender. No matter how difficult it is to forgive and let go of an insult, you need to understand one thing - everyone has the right to make a mistake. In addition, this step will morally release you and help in solving the question of how to forget your ex-man

  • Self-forgiveness. Forgiving yourself is often much more difficult than forgiving someone else. A person can carry a resentment against himself for a long time, which is expressed in dissatisfaction with life, complexes and low self-esteem.
  • Psychologists in this case advise using an interesting technique - to imagine meeting oneself in the present time with oneself, but a child. Thank him for the experience that helped him gain and forgive. It is worth understanding that no past does not make him kinder or meaner. It is rather an invaluable experience from which you need to draw the right lesson.

Abstraction. A person must realize himself that it is impossible to change the past, and engaging in self-criticism takes away too much strength and energy, which can and should be directed to self-improvement or playing sports. Thinking around the clock about wasted opportunities, lost profits is a road to nowhere

forgive yourself
forgive yourself

Time helps to see past events in a different color, because during a break in a relationship or an unpleasant situation, people are driven by emotions, and they are not able to perceive what is happening adequately. It is worth considering whether past events are really that important? Perhaps over time, they have lost their importance, and therefore do not deserve real attention

  • Turn the page of the past, give an outlet to emotions. To stop thinking about the past means to transfer an offensive situation to the category of an irreplaceable life experience, which will allow you to avoid unwanted and acute situations in life in the future.
  • If the feelings are still too fresh, then there is no need to try to be strong. It is necessary to give vent to emotions - to break the dishes (of course not all), to beat a punching bag or a teddy bear …

The harmony of a person is determined by his integrity, endlessly referring to the events of the past, he condemns himself to life in his memories, therefore it is necessary to throw out all the negativity from his soul as soon as possible and forget the past relationship, and the sooner this happens, the sooner the person will plunge into a new and happy a life.

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