How To Get A Girl To Run After You: 11 Super Tips

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How To Get A Girl To Run After You: 11 Super Tips
How To Get A Girl To Run After You: 11 Super Tips

Video: How To Get A Girl To Run After You: 11 Super Tips

Video: How To Get A Girl To Run After You: 11 Super Tips
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How to make a girl run after you
How to make a girl run after you

The dating world is heavily skewed in favor of women. And it cannot be said that it is their fault - in fact, it is the fault of men, because they literally fall at the feet of women, just to have sex in return. This led to the fact that many girls think of themselves much better than they really are.

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  • 1 Don't ask stupid questions
  • 2 Be out of range
  • 3 Give compliments to the point
  • 4 Challenge a girl
  • 5 Hide despair and attract a woman with confidence
  • 6 Show a sense of humor
  • 7 Find common interests or activities
  • 8 And then … leave
  • 9 Show Willpower
  • 10 Listen carefully and take an interest in all the details
  • 11 Harness the power of touch

It is because of this that the good guys are often left behind. But if there is a firm intention to change this trend, then there will always be ways to get the girl to run after you. And as soon as a man masters this art, he will understand that he has discovered the Holy Grail.

There is a cherished list of do's and don'ts for a girl to start chasing a guy.

Don't ask stupid questions

A woman will by default consider a man a jerk if he starts making silly conversations and asking inappropriate questions, and worst of all, you can end up in a ridiculous situation because of your own stupidity. It is better to think over the topics of conversations in advance, prepare questions.

A man needs to be shown that he is comprehensively developed and intelligent. Thus, the girl needs to be intrigued, and every time to throw brushwood into the fire so that it does not go out. This fire should be the interest of the girl.

Be out of range 2

Absence makes the heart love, wait and hope, and therefore one should not constantly be in front of a girl's eyes. She should not bother her with her presence, it is better to lay low, be patient and wait. It is advisable to avoid long telephone conversations, drawn-out dates or SMS messages until late at night.

Of course, you can make yourself felt from time to time, but the girl herself should feel the absence of a man in her life: start to get bored, look in the crowd with her eyes, remember. The less you have, the more you want - for a man, this approach is especially effective if it pursues the goal of making the girl run after him.

Give compliments to the point 3

Every girl dreams to be appreciated and seen in her, first of all, not only an external shell, but also personal qualities. At the present time, to admire the body and the cute "face" is too hackneyed, banal, not relevant, and has recently been a sign of bad taste.

How to make a girl run
How to make a girl run

A compliment will be considered stellar if you focus on the professional achievements of the companion, on character, such traits as honesty, kindness, ease of communication. Any, even the most insignificant at first glance, little things that have not been noticed by anyone before, can become a ticket to a girl's heart. This shows that a man accepts her for who she is, and there is no faster way to keep a girl's attention on himself than to show respect for her as a person.

Challenge a girl 4

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that a man, seeking the attention of a woman, tries in every possible way to prove to her that he is not only worthy of her, but at the same time is worthy of all worthy ones. So why, instead of proving his worth and significance for the girl, he himself does not create a situation where she herself would have to prove her own superiority and uniqueness. How can this be achieved? How to win a girl once and for all?

A simple question - "How are you better or different from other girls with whom I have met?" This may sound a little rude, so acting and speaking in a humorous manner is enough to avoid ambiguous reactions.

how to attract a girl
how to attract a girl

In this way, the man will be able to keep the situation under control, since the girl will certainly accept the challenge thrown down to her and direct all her strength to point out what exactly makes her so special compared to other women.

Hide despair and attract a woman with confidence5

It's no secret that confidence is what women want in men. Therefore, if the goal is to achieve initiative and attention from the weaker sex, you must first of all hide your own despair and fears. It is highly recommended that you demonstrate confidence, strength of character, and determination.

Before you even start trying to connect with a girl, you can use confident body language. To do this, it is enough to avoid unnecessary movements, such as fidgeting or fussing around. Instead, move and act with firmness and purpose, with definite intent and direction.

Show a sense of humor 6

Aside from confidence, another trait women want in men is their sense of humor. However, this does not mean that from now on you need to be the funniest guy or joke non-stop. Instead, a man should prove that he can always make a girl laugh, thereby cheering her up.

How to interest a girl
How to interest a girl

A well-chosen joke will not make the result wait long, forcing the girl to smile. And, therefore, she will act as the main weapon in how to attract the attention of a girl to a man. You should always have a couple of funny short stories or funny anecdotes in your arsenal.

Find common interests or occupation 7

This method works best if both partners share at least one passion. Let's say love for animals. For such a cause, for example, you can try to become a volunteer at an animal shelter. Thus, the man will not only look extremely kind and considerate, but he will also be able to spend more time with the girl without asking her out on a date. And as you know, common work works wonders.

And then … leave_8230

Literally, not figuratively. Sometimes the best way to get a girl to run after you is to deliberately reduce the amount of time she can see a man after the connection and contact has been established and established. If the girl has already felt a deep interest in the object, her desire to see more often will only increase. And the greater the distance, the more likely it is that she will be the first to take the initiative for further meetings.

How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl's attention

Show Willpower 8

When a woman begins to express interest in a man, there is always a risk of showing him a weakness and surrender under the onslaught of surging feelings. But here it is very important to hold positions and not succumb to emotions. A man should be restrained and not back down, and it would be even better to stay away from her at such moments.

Also, you should not share any personal information, thereby not being too accessible. Sometimes, even if there is a lot of free time, it is better to delay it, and for example, not to answer calls or SMS messages immediately, or to do it in monosyllables and indefinitely.

Listen carefully and show interest in every detail 9

Women appreciate men who actually take the time and energy to listen to their feminine chatter. This will once again make the girl think and want to meet a guy again, simply because of the anticipation of genuine attention to her person.

Tips on how to please a girl
Tips on how to please a girl

And if a man dared to take such a serious step, he should be attentive and absorb all the important details of the conversation, and after that, from time to time, include them in his conversations with her. This will drive the girl crazy with emotional overload.

Moreover, using these small pieces of information to surprise her over and over again, one can simultaneously give seemingly insignificant things (souvenirs, books) that will have a much greater emotional or sentimental value for her.

Use the power of touch 10

The interaction of people largely depends on the sense of touch - the more comfortable it is to communicate with each other, the more they will consciously and subconsciously touch each other. This is not a call to action to climb up to the girl and touch her in the wrong places or at the wrong time. Not!

How will a girl like
How will a girl like

But the next time she tells a joke, for example, and the man starts laughing, he can bend over and gently touch her shoulder or elbow, as a sign that the joke was very successful. Or, if the situation is developing in the office, a good handshake will suffice.

All the facts about why, even after such tricks, the girl does not want a relationship, we have collected in the next article.

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