Tinder Of The Past Or How Dating Culture Has Changed Over Time

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Tinder Of The Past Or How Dating Culture Has Changed Over Time
Tinder Of The Past Or How Dating Culture Has Changed Over Time

Video: Tinder Of The Past Or How Dating Culture Has Changed Over Time

Video: Tinder Of The Past Or How Dating Culture Has Changed Over Time
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smartphone apps
smartphone apps

Our parents could hardly have imagined that new acquaintances could be made without leaving home.

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Numerous dating (from the English "date" - dating, to meet) applications have opened a new world for us.

We will now talk about this new world.

How was it before? I

Recall the lines from Pride and Prejudice, written by Jane Austen: "A bachelor, if he has a solid fortune, must urgently need a wife, this is the generally accepted truth."

Whether the twenty-first century or the nineteenth is not so important. People at all times have been very concerned about finding a second half. Love, a comforting sense of stability and security - we all strive for this. It's just that someone is taking active action, while someone is melancholy expecting miracles.

Was it easier to find a partner in the days of the aforementioned Jane Austen? Hardly. Either your parents personally chose your partner, or you had to pray that your love object would receive their approval. What if your parents didn't have the right set of connections? What if they didn't approve of your choice? Then all.

Either come to terms with your fate, or look for new ways to build your love.

But then progress stepped forward. Newspapers came to the aid of the loners. More precisely, the section of personal ads.

The first such announcement was published around the end of the seventeenth century. And by the beginning of the eighteenth century, this method of acquaintance had already managed to gather its army of admirers.

But do not think that such acquaintances were treated with respect.

The guy with the newspaper
The guy with the newspaper

It was believed that such things were resorted to by very desperate individuals - those who have neither parents nor other relatives. That is, no one who could save you from loneliness and take your personal life into their caring hands.

The first woman to publish such an ad was Helen Morrison. Later, she was even sent to a psychiatric hospital for four weeks - the government considered that the lady was mentally unstable.

Another century has passed. Dating through ads has become much more loyal. The audience realized that this is a completely acceptable way to find a potential partner.

And not just a partner. The section of personal ads began to be used by those who just wanted to find a friendly company.

Take, for example, the soldiers who fought far from their homes - more than ever, they lacked friendly warmth and support. They used ads to find penpals.

Despite the increased popularity of newspaper dating (or because of it?), An army of critics immediately formed. They considered such things immoral. It was believed that men and women of non-traditional sexual orientation were looking for partners using a special code.

Girls with newspapers
Girls with newspapers

Also, they say that newspaper dating was a kind of outlet for people who were unhappy in marriage.

Needless to say, people have been the same at all times? Whether in newspaper ads or in dating apps, there are always a couple of (thousands) people pretending to be who they are not. There have always been, are and will be people with impure thoughts. Ce la vie.

Newspaper ads are, of course, good. But people's lives really changed at the end of the twentieth century.

After all, a great thing was invented.

The Internet.

Modern technologies2

As soon as humanity learned all the delights of the Internet, newspapers and magazines faded into the background. People began to look for love in the vast expanses of the Web. Marriage agencies began to profit. They created websites promising singles to find the perfect husband or the perfect wife.

Not for free, of course.

Progress has taken a step further.

Girl with phone
Girl with phone

Phones have become smarter, more powerful and more capable. Nimble dating apps have appeared on the global market.

Online dating just got easier. Humanity has stepped into a new era.

According to a BBC study, Tinder was at the bottom of the top 10 most popular apps in Canada in 2015. And in the United States in the same year, he entered the top 15.

Tinder and Badoo are the most popular dating apps today. They are used by people all over the world. Any gender, age and sexual orientation. Both the middle class and millionaires - these applications are used by all groups of people.

We will, of course, talk about these two applications. But don't lose sight of their equally interesting colleagues.


It was released in 2012 and became the first application that works on the principle of "swipes". The application matches you with people in your immediate vicinity. User profiles consist of a photo and modest data - name, age, distance at which they are from you.

Tinder app
Tinder app

Swipe to the left if you don't like the person, and to the right if you would like to get to know him. Communication is possible only if your interest is mutual, that is, a "match" has happened.

Simple, fast, convenient. Maximum consumption of information in a minimum period. What the modern generation values so much.

The LeagueThe_League

Once the Tinders and their ilk took over the market, third-party app developers struggled to stand out.

In January 2015, the app was released in San Francisco. Then in New York. Later in London.

What's the trick? The creators say that the "League" is like "Tinder", only without the poor. In other words, an app for the elite.

You can't just go and install The League. Users are strictly selected. The “non-elite” ones will remain on the waiting list, unable to use the application.

The League app
The League app

AyoPoligami - application for finding a second wife

The app was released in April 2017, but has already received a lot of attention.

What is the hype related to?

The application is designed for those who no longer intend to hide their polygamous nature. The platform is designed to unite men and women who prefer polygamous relationships, providing them with a safe and comfortable environment for communication.

After a while, the platform retired, but then (in October 2017) was reborn again, like a Phoenix bird.

A very interesting innovation has appeared: during registration, all male users must provide a certificate, data on their marital status and written permission from the first wife, which says that she is not against the polygamy of her faithful.

A similar app was launched in Gaza, which helped widows and men to find a second or third wife to meet.

AyoPoligami app
AyoPoligami app

As you can see for yourself, online dating has long ceased to be something strange and immoral. Long live progress!

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