What Is The Essence Of Feminism? Pros And Cons Of Female Domination

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What Is The Essence Of Feminism? Pros And Cons Of Female Domination
What Is The Essence Of Feminism? Pros And Cons Of Female Domination

Video: What Is The Essence Of Feminism? Pros And Cons Of Female Domination

Video: What Is The Essence Of Feminism? Pros And Cons Of Female Domination
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Until now, women have not received equality with men. In most countries, it does not have the right to vote. But there are also such states in which matriarchy rules. It is worth learning in more detail when such a movement was formed, and what it is now.

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  • 1 What is it?
  • 2 History
  • 3 most avid feminists
  • 4 How exactly does gender inequality manifest itself?
  • 5 In which parts of the planet does matriarchy flourish?
  • 6 Interesting facts
  • 7 Countries that are famous for feminist movements
  • 8 Pros
  • 9 Cons

What is it? I

Both political and intellectual movements are considered under feminism. The first is connected with the fact that the lady defends her rights. The second subject is women's issues.

In other words, feminism is a spectrum of ideologies leading to the achievement of equality in all areas of life.

Their content can be understood in different ways.

It should also be said that modern feminists are completely different from what they used to be. Now their goal is female domination.

Story 2

Feminism has gone through several eras. And each of them was even more eventful than the previous one.

Western girls started their own war for equality in the 19th century. They founded the first socio-political union, which only ladies could join. This trend was called suffragism, and the word "feminism" appeared only in the twentieth century.

The idea of equality arose back in the 18th century, when the French revolutionary movements of the Enlightenment period were actively developing. French women were so captured by this goal that they began to form personal clubs and took part in meetings with the texts "Independence, Equality, Commonwealth." Their fuse disappeared when the Constitution of the newly formed republic arose. In it, the ladies had absolutely no rights.

With the advent of the next century, the few categories of suffragettes transformed into strong alliances. Ladies tried all kinds of methods to bring about changes in the established laws. Union members did many things to be seen and heard. Often, their meetings became quite provocative, the main task was to attract attention. Middle-class girls were regulars in women's organizations during this period.


The US Congress only in 1920 amended the constitution, which provided selective rights for girls. British women also achieved this around the same period. But, until the end of the 1920s, only married people were able to cast their votes. More modern in the relationship of such a problem was the power of New Zealand. The government of the state already at the end of the 19th century gave the fair sex the right to vote. The Parisian women reached their goals almost the last.

After the hostilities, no one wanted to hold rallies or express their own dissatisfaction. The girls had to work where the representatives of the stronger sex used to work. They began to work in education and production. And at the end of a difficult day, the girls were carried away by their own "ordinary" affairs: taking care of the baby, cooking dinner, cleaning and so on. There was absolutely no time for any of my desires.

This movement reached its greatest height between the 60s and 70s. In this short period of time, the world has experienced many political movements. There were youth demonstrations and protests, anti-war speeches, in particular the problem of interracial confrontation was critical. African Americans have strived to achieve voice opportunities for themselves. Correspondents, politicians and scientists objectively believe that the people were prompted to the “innovative” movement by the protests of the ladies. Since they have significantly changed the concept of gender relations almost all over the world.

The most avid feminists3

There are also many famous women who participate in feminist movements.

The most popular actress is Emma Watson. She is famous for her role in all parts of Harry Potter. The girl could easily lead a social life, but she decided to get an education and actively fight for women's rights.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Lyudmila Alekseeva also has an active position. This lively old woman is a legend. Having experienced a lot of things, she continues to actively advocate for the rights of the fairer sex. once, while participating in one of the actions, she was arrested. But realizing who was in front of them, she was quickly released. But that was not the case - the standing leadership made it out about it, and the matter gained enormous scope.

The Queen of Denmark was not content with her position in society. She founded many women's rights movements. Its goal is to amend the provisions of the legislation that reign in the third part of the world.

Girls in Afghanistan are prohibited from everything: from riding a bike to walking with girlfriends. The woman founded an organization that helps women receive education and medical care. Since her life is always in danger due to her activities, she moves only with the help of an armored vehicle, surrounded by four bodyguards.

women and feminism
women and feminism

In Iran, the struggle for women's rights began with the demotion of the first woman judge as a clerk. This incident led to the fact that she began to fight for the rights of women and children. Because of this, she was arrested and deprived of the opportunity to work for five years. But over time, she won the Nobel Prize.

What exactly is gender inequality? 4

In different countries, inequality manifests itself in a completely different way. And although the street is 21st century, there are still places where women are denied access to many things. This is due to religion, local canons and government.

Women receive much less wages than men. Also, they are less likely to work in leadership positions. Most of them cannot move up the career ladder because of their gender.

There is no equality in family relationships either. All household, children and also work are thrown off on the representative of the fair sex. And if she does not cope with all this, then she also “listens to morality” from her husband and relatives about what a bad housewife and mother she is. A man only goes to work, without touching upon the duties of his wife.

what to do with feminism
what to do with feminism

This list can be continued for a long time.

Where does matriarchy flourish in the world? 5

In the 21st century, there are also places where matriarchy is developing quite well. These include the following:

  • Tibet. So, women always had a couple of men. After all, there are few girls, much more men. The optimal amount is 3. Also, it is common that men in a family have one lady for all. And if the eldest married, then the girl simultaneously slept with everyone in turn. The interesting thing is that she decides on her own who she should sleep with today. If she does not call someone for a long time, then this is only his problem. He must try to earn her favor. If this is unsuccessful, then her husband's mother helps her to sort out the problem.
  • Nepal. Also, as in the previous place, all men have one lady. These relations are needed so that there is no subsequent division of the already tiny plots of land. All jointly acquired property and children are common. There is no separation.
  • Melanesia. Girls have complete freedom in choosing a man. They can take one man for sex, another for fatherhood, and another for housework. Mom's brother takes care of children. The uncle's inheritance goes to the nephews.
  • Nigeria. Secondary marriage law is in force. A woman gets married, gives birth, and then she can enter into the next marriage. It is noteworthy that all unions remain valid.
the origins of feminism
the origins of feminism

Interesting facts6

Throughout its history of formation, this movement has many interesting facts. It is worth learning more about how women went to their goal.

  • The definition itself arose at the end of the 19th century. Although the war for gender equality began much earlier. The movement began actively in the early 20th century, and the issue of the right to vote was on the agenda.
  • The second wave began in the middle of the 20th century. Then women advocated the same wages for both sexes and permission to read during pregnancy.
  • For the first time, women have received permission to participate in elections in New Zealand.
  • As it turns out, Hillary Clinton is not the first lady to take the presidency of the United States. It was surpassed by Victoria Woodhull in the 19th century. And although then the fair sex did not have any rights, it was not forbidden for a woman to go to the post of head of state.
  • In Saudi Arabia, there is still a struggle to get ladies to drive. And this is strictly forbidden to them.
  • In the early 20th century, a woman received the Pulitzer Prize for her book.
  • Increasingly, ladies are taking up leadership positions. For example, over the past half century, 52 heads of state have been women. It should be said that in the USA and Russia this position is held by men.
feminism and relationships
feminism and relationships
  • In 1966, a woman won the Boston Marathon. But the ladies were forbidden to be there, then she did not receive an award.
  • The weaker sex goes to defend the strong. In the Russian Federation, today, their number is almost 60 thousand.
  • In ancient Egypt, a girl was the ruler. Nefrusebek became the last ruler of the twelfth dynasty.
  • The advent of the birth control pill has taken feminism to a new stage. They helped define all the priorities in life: career and motherhood.
  • Valentina Tereshkova is the first woman cosmonaut to pilot the Vostok-6 spacecraft.

This list can be continued for a long time. Indeed, the contribution of women to the world is really not small.

Countries famous for feminist movements7

There are several countries that are known to the world for their feminist movements.

avid feminism
avid feminism


There is an assumption that the people are the great-grandchildren of the Macedonian army. Long ago, they settled in the valley of Utopia and mixed their blood with the girls living there. At present, their number is approximately 3 thousand people. Although fearless fighters are considered the progenitors of these people, the Kalash remain a calm and pliable population. They have no crime. The girl selects a man for life herself. If the lady, the direct head of the family, does not like a man in any way, she can simply expel him and choose another spouse. The stronger sex has practically no right to argue with the lady.


Mosuo were based on the terrain of a couple of towns close to Tibet. The girls of this tribe wield so much power that they marry in the standard way. A girl can call a person she likes, and he is deprived of the right to refuse. Babies born from such a "union" live with relatives on the mother's side.


There is a factor of humiliation of the stronger sex. In every area of existence, the girl is endowed with unconditional power. The girls are not only in the leadership positions of their settlement, but they also manage all household chores without exception - the financial part, resolve all issues with the children and assign them a name at their own discretion. However, representatives of the stronger sex of Meghalaya do everything permissible to oppose the female omnipotence. They even managed to create men's organizations to defend their own rights.


North india

There are peoples in the mountains where girls take several husbands at the same time. Also, there are settlements with male harems, but they are becoming less and less.


In truth, nothing bad happens if a number of the fairer sex, who have the same aspirations, unite to protect their personal opinions. There are many rapists, tyrants, office perverts and other unsafe people with whom a defenseless woman meets. For this reason, there is tremendous superiority if there is an institution that protects the rights of girls.

It is very good that with the help of such women, numerous taboos have fallen on working in these or other "exclusively male" industries. If, for example, a girl is a good leader, then it is absolutely absurd not to let her in a specific position only on the basis of gender. For this reason, it is very good that in this way it is possible to stop such discrimination.


The challenge is that from a simple desire for equality, the current has turned into an absolutely uncontrollable madness.

men and feminists
men and feminists

Changing the differences in social inequality is not their most important job. Certain representatives of this trend decided to follow - they decided to destroy the sexual differences that were invented by nature itself. They try to imitate men's physiological needs.

Efforts to eliminate male influence in certain areas of life were transferred to family relationships and led to the emergence of open male-hatred. The charter of many families has incredibly suffered from this, which completely contradicts family relations and simply destroys the mutual respect of partners.

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