The Girl Stopped Taking Care Of Herself: Causes, Consequences And Solutions

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The Girl Stopped Taking Care Of Herself: Causes, Consequences And Solutions
The Girl Stopped Taking Care Of Herself: Causes, Consequences And Solutions

Video: The Girl Stopped Taking Care Of Herself: Causes, Consequences And Solutions

Video: The Girl Stopped Taking Care Of Herself: Causes, Consequences And Solutions
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mustache girl
mustache girl

On the forums, young people often ask the question: why did the girl stop taking care of herself? Identifying the cause will help answer this question.

The content of the article

  • 1 Lack of money
  • 2 Health status
  • 3 Lack of free time
  • 4 What solutions are there?

Lack of moneyi

If the budget does not allow for visiting beauty salons, then it is difficult to look well-groomed. Procedures such as manicure, pedicure, and hair removal require regularity. And these services are not cheap.

Health status2

This cause cannot always be identified. Physical ailments are brought to the doctor's office and the disease is diagnosed. And psychological problems have no obvious symptoms. And the girl has no idea of going to a professional. Sometimes clients come to the reception of practicing psychologists with the request "I can buy everything, but I don't want anything." It seems that the girl has the means, but she does not want to take care of herself.

Lack of free time3

The girl "creeps up" after work, hits her head on the pillow and loses consciousness. Familiar situation? And in the morning she sees that she forgot to take off yesterday's makeup and smear herself with a night cream. Such a picture leads to a reluctance to paint and use skin care products. She woke up, washed herself and the beauty!

What are the consequences for a girl who has ceased to take care of herself? First of all, the loss of visual appeal. Peeled nails, overgrown roots, fading or problem skin … One young man will be scared by such a metamorphosis, and he will attack forums with his questions.

The other will stop courting her. The third will begin to make comments, and this will further develop complexes in the girl. She will begin to follow her man. The attention to his correspondence, meetings with friends will increase, scenes of jealousy will appear. And Carlson will fly away.

If you leave your car in the garage for three years, it will rot. When a girl does not solve health problems, they are reflected in the skin and figure. Hello personal life! And why is it needed if in such a state you don't want anything? But being sick also affects work. If a girl works in the service sector and ceases to take care of herself, then her clients will clearly not increase.

Girls in friendly relations compete with each other. And for a friend who looks better, bathes in the attention of men and earns more, it is unpleasant to lose all the time.

if the girl stopped taking care of herself
if the girl stopped taking care of herself

The psychological aspect suffers the most. Complexes, unwillingness to communicate with more successful friends, lack of fans leads to deep depression.

What solutions are there? 4

If a man noticed that his girlfriend stopped taking care of herself, the easiest way is to buy a subscription to a beauty salon or fitness club. Both a girl with a modest budget and a wealthy person will be delighted with this gift.

In the case when the subscription went to the head, a psychologist is needed. The girl took this gift as a hint of problems in her appearance. Here you need to be tough: either she goes to a psychologist, or the relationship ends.

The specialist will analyze childhood traumas, bring you out of depression, and motivate you to love yourself. And this also means taking care of yourself.

the girl stopped taking care of herself what to do
the girl stopped taking care of herself what to do

The third way of solution is for a man to ask himself a question: why did his once well-groomed girl suddenly stop taking care of herself?

When was the last time he gave flowers? Did you take a girl to the cinema? Compliments? Maybe he relaxed and stopped caring for her? And she, like a mirror, reflects his behavior.

Men pay more attention to well-groomed ones than to beautiful girls. Because everyone has their own preferences in appearance. The girl is perceived in general, without dividing into nails, hair and skin. But everyone is attracted by a healthy complexion, beautiful hair and well-groomed hands.

There are also such men who completely kill the desire to take care of themselves. For example, a girl made an intimate haircut. And the young man said that she was "doing the foolishness." Or bought a new perfume, and he asked what it "stinks" from her. Or he is outraged that the nails are long, like claws and requires them to be cut. And the girl just today gave a round sum for a manicure.

It is believed that a woman looks after herself for herself. But the man is the most powerful incentive. When a girl is alone, she can skip a pedicure or epilation, put on comfortable, not beautiful underwear.

the girl stopped taking care of herself
the girl stopped taking care of herself

A girl who read this article and recognized herself should think about the causes, consequences and ways of solving the problem of external neglect. Young people rarely talk to their girls about such things. There are more Carlsons in percentage terms. But when a man's attitude changes, there is no point in starting to follow him. Better to start with yourself. A girl in love with herself, allowing herself little joys to be more successful in relationships and work.

Even in the absence of money for a beauty salon and fitness club, manicure, hair dyeing and exercise can be done at home. Enough desire and 30 minutes a day.

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