How To Say That Now You Do Not Want A Serious Relationship?

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How To Say That Now You Do Not Want A Serious Relationship?
How To Say That Now You Do Not Want A Serious Relationship?

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We are far from always ready for new relationships, and there can be any number of reasons for this. Accidentally showing signs of attention to a girl, you suddenly notice that her views on you are changing, she is more and more often there, and rumors have already spread around that you are her new boyfriend. Maybe you wouldn't even mind, but definitely not now, but here, it seems, everything has already been decided for you. You just have to reconcile or tell her that now you do not need this relationship.

The content of the article

  • 1 I continue to love my ex
  • 2 I must focus on my career
  • 3 I want to spend time for myself, not for someone else
  • 4 you are too good for me
  • 5 I already have another, we just do not advertise the relationship
  • 6 I can only offer the place of the third mistress, I already have two
  • 7 I'm actually gay
  • 8 I don't like you, you have no chance

It turns out that this turns out to be a problem for many. To tell the person in love with you directly and in the eyes that you do not need their feelings seems rude, cruel and unfair. But is this a reason to sacrifice yourself for the sake of someone else's happiness? Well, if you need reasons to say no, we will offer you a few in this article.

I keep loving my ex

Dating someone who loves another? No woman wants this, and neither does a man. So that every night in your head the thought that making love to her you think of your ex? No thanks, it's better to look for another option.

This is a strong enough argument to ruin her attempts to build a relationship with you, and is suitable if you do not like the obsessive girl at all, and you do not intend to return to this issue. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult for you to convince her that your love for your ex is abruptly gone and you changed your mind.

I must focus on my career2

It doesn't sound very convincing, but if at the same time it is also hinted that you have not a penny in your pocket and you have to plow like a horse, this can alienate selfish people who are aiming at your wallet, and not at your heart. Alas, this does not always work, some stubborn ladies are not worried about such arguments. Work work, and I'll wait for you at home with dinner, dear. And what do you object to?

girl says no
girl says no

I want to devote time to myself and not to someone else3

Selfish? Yes. Practical? Yes. Earnestly? Enough. You said in plain text that you have no one more important than your beloved, would a girl want to date such an egoist? If she respects herself and is looking for a serious equal relationship, then no. But if in front of you is a madly in love masochist who decided to lay down her life in the name of a high feeling, beware. Such an argument will only convince her that she is on the right track.

You're too good for me

An alternative option that sometimes works. The funny thing is that women cannot explain how exactly this works, but they easily believe in it. But after believing, they may begin to prove to you that this is not so. Or go looking for someone better. If you really don't know which argument is best to use, try this one;

I already have another one, we just don't advertise the relationship5

It will work if you are not familiar enough that she knows for sure that this is a lie. However, even if you constantly hang out in the same company, this does not mean that you do not have a secret personal life that is hidden from everyone, right? But if you just parted with another just yesterday, then it will be difficult to believe in such a story. True, in this case we use the first option from our list and it works.

no relationship
no relationship

Trying to beat off a guy from a competitor about whom there is no information is a disastrous undertaking even for the most insidious temptress. If you wish, you can add that your secret beloved is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, who spends eight hours in training, and therefore no one sees her with you. With such a rival, your obsessive lover will find it easier to look for another object of affection.

I can only offer the place of the third mistress, I already have two

If you have a reputation as a ladies' man, it's time to use it to your advantage! A self-respecting girl will not want to be the third in line in your bed, and even more so she will not risk re-educating a womanizer. Although, if this reputation is true, this article is unlikely to help you with anything, you already know perfectly well what to do.

Actually i'm gay7

The collapse of all her hopes is guaranteed and justified. On the other hand, others will soon start talking about your gay orientation, and it is better not to guess what consequences this fame can lead to. If after a month you notice how actively women are friends with you and do not even hesitate to undress in front of you, you should not rejoice. So use this method only in the most urgent and hopeless case.

how to say no
how to say no

I don't like you, you have no chance

An honest and brutal argument that will always work. But you read this article not in order to tell her the truth in the face, but to find a convenient excuse? But if all the previous ones did not suit you, only this one remains. There is no other way out. Get ready to see her cry and suffering, you will be lousy, but this story will finally end.

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