Sleep With A Man For Money And Not Be A "night Butterfly"

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Sleep With A Man For Money And Not Be A "night Butterfly"
Sleep With A Man For Money And Not Be A "night Butterfly"

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sleep with a man for money
sleep with a man for money

Looking for an answer to such a difficult and controversial question - how "can you sleep with a man for money?" - you never know which side to take: the righteous or sinners, moralists or rationalists, because both of them have weighty arguments in defense of their opinion.

The content of the article

  • 1 A little about history
  • 2 Advantages of sex for money
  • 3 Cons of Paid Sex
  • 4 The policy of double standards

A little about history

Smart people say that if you don't know where to start your story, then it's better to start over. In this case, this means that you need to plunge into the depths of the centuries and understand what the relationship between men and women was already involved in then.

Even in the ancient world, the only tool that women could influence men was their body and the pleasure that it could provide. It is unlikely that thoughts about the immorality of such behavior intruded into their wild consciousness. To become a woman of a standing male, able to feed and protect her and her offspring from the threat - this is the goal pursued by primitive women, entering into intimate contacts with their fellow tribesmen.

Time passed, one century came to replace another, but the female share was still hard. The weaker sex still had to wage an underground war for survival: work in the same team with men, have children, run a household and have neither the right to vote nor freedom of choice.

Is it worth blaming women for the fact that they began to consider the opportunity to use their body as a significant advantage to achieve their goals? Yes, such is the female essence that she always had to twist and step on the throat of her own song in order to facilitate her existence and the lives of people close to her.

It is nature and animal instincts that make the female sex more cautious about the choice of a sexual partner and calculate in advance the benefits of intimate contact. Although recently, cheap sex is gaining more and more popularity, which is much better than "expensive" relationships. Why? We read carefully further on the link.

Sleep for money
Sleep for money

In modern society, it would seem that it was already possible to forget about the ancient instincts and be guided only by the arguments of reason, but many women still "go on the knurled", preferring the most ancient and profitable exchange of goods for them, in which, without spending anything, they get much more, if, of course, do not take into account the moral side of the issue.

Advantages of sex for money2

  • Thanks to this “part-time job”, women can solve financial problems and even improve their standard of living. In our time, money is needed not in order to survive, but to correspond to the society that surrounds a person.
  • It is still not easy for women to earn money on their own, and it is even more difficult to find an additional source of income, so wealthy men who are ready to pay for sexual intercourse are a godsend for many women who do not have complexes.
Is it possible to sleep for money
Is it possible to sleep for money
  • If a woman has a source of income in the form of a generous sponsor, then she no longer needs to plow at work, and as a result, there is more free time, which she can use at her own discretion.
  • Sex for money does not make a woman dependent on her partner. Compared to a love affair, everything is simple here - I did the job, got everything that was due and you can walk boldly. And no one else owes anything to anyone.

Women who have sex for money can say in their defense that any woman has sex for money. Even the relationship between spouses is built on the principle of domestic prostitution: a woman offers a man sex and other types of services in exchange for financial support or full maintenance. And such statements are not devoid of meaning, because no man will marry a woman if he is not sure of the full availability of her body.

Cons of paid sex3

  • If a woman takes money for sex with her, then her partner is a sponsor, which means that there is no spiritual relationship, love, tenderness and other nuances of love relationships between them.
  • For a woman, such a relationship is akin to a working relationship, from which she may not even get pleasure. However, having such a connection is almost impossible to have other romantic relationships along the way. Thus, a woman replaces a love relationship with profitable sex.
Sleep with a man for money
Sleep with a man for money
  • Many ladies are so sucked in by such a lifestyle that they live only today, and they postpone the creation of a family until a later date, not thinking that then problems may arise with this.
  • Especially greedy women, who see in men only an opportunity for material gain, over time, the ability to love can atrophy.
  • As a rule, mutually beneficial relationships based only on sex for a lot of money are condemned by society, which means they have to be hidden or all kinds of excuses must be invented so as not to draw attention to this issue.
  • If you really have to enter into such a relationship in order to exchange sex for material goods, then it is necessary to play some role for a man that can arouse his sexual interest.

Double standards policy4

The public, especially in our country, has always treated, to put it mildly, with disapproval of women who sell their bodies. Such ladies were neglected and openly despised. However, despite the fact that society is constantly evolving, and moral foundations are changing at the root, this conviction still persists.

Is it possible to sleep for money
Is it possible to sleep for money

Many people believe that women in any connection are trying to get benefits from sexual relations, even if not in the form of monetary retribution, then in the form of gifts, patronage and other material assistance.

Why is sex for money disgusting, but prestigious to be a kept woman? And after all, both those and other relationships are involved in material gain without an admixture of feelings. Why should it be a shame to receive money for honestly worked sex, but to have a relationship with a man and constantly “spin” him for money is a common occurrence?

All people have their own moral principles, what is scary and embarrassing for some, for another is a "trivial" matter. Someone easily makes a deal with their own conscience, while others cannot forgive themselves in any way, and the disapproval of others can completely lead them out of psychological balance.

Sex with a man for money
Sex with a man for money

Perhaps the most important thing is to be in tune with yourself, and not seek the approval of the people around you. If a woman is comfortable with her life and behavior, it may not be worth changing anything. But if this way of life jars her and she does not feel at ease, he does not need to rape himself, it is better to look for a way to earn money in which questions of ethics and morality will not interfere with sleep at night, so to speak, so that “the sheep remain safe and the wolves were fed."

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