A Beautiful Girl And An Ugly Man: Why Are The Appearance Of A Man Not Important To Girls?

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A Beautiful Girl And An Ugly Man: Why Are The Appearance Of A Man Not Important To Girls?
A Beautiful Girl And An Ugly Man: Why Are The Appearance Of A Man Not Important To Girls?

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the beauty and the Beast
the beauty and the Beast

Well, what kind of injustice? You walk down the street like that, dressed normally, you smell with an excellent aroma, and suddenly they - Beauty and the Beast - come to meet. She is a woman who, at first glance, without hesitation, can be assessed on a 10-point scale to a solid ten, and he is the most ordinary representative of the proletariat. The question immediately arises in my head: "Why did she choose him?"

The content of the article

  • 1 Bitter experiences of past relationships
  • 2 Old stereotypes
  • 3 Fear of being left alone
  • 4 Choosing a man whose looks want the best
  • 5 Choosing a well-fed man
  • 6 Choice of informal
  • 7 Choosing a man she just feels sorry for
  • 8 Choice "not for love, but for convenience"

Familiar situation? Do you want to find out more quickly why women stop at choosing “unworthy of themselves”? Then feel free to read on.

In female psychology, there are only three main "why" that make a woman set minimum requirements when choosing a companion:

Bitter experiences of past relationships

Indeed, millions of women, once having run into men who treated them, to put it mildly, not worthily, at certain moments of their lives withdraw into themselves. The fear of stepping on the same rake is so great for them that they, without realizing it, because of the incorrect setting of priorities, begin to dance on such a rake.

The inability of some women to make a correct assessment of past relationships (including analyzing their behavior), in the event of new candidates appearing on the horizon, forces the fairer sex to choose a chosen one purely by the method of exclusion. Simply put, they choose any other, but only so that they do not look like the previous one.

Beauty and the Beast in Life
Beauty and the Beast in Life

Old stereotypes2

Most women are accustomed to believe that a rich, handsome and successful man must have a whirligig in his pants sewn up. That is, it means that such men always and everywhere have several women at the same time.

Well, or at least one mistress for decency. Such stereotypes for some women, first of all, help to create others. Basically, these are "experienced" friends who went through "fire, water, copper pipes, damn teeth, Crimea and Rum." Not a small role is assigned to the "favorite" many hours of Brazilian TV series. Yes, women are very impressionable in this regard.

And some manage to wind themselves up so much (they say, it's better to bypass the successful tenth road, otherwise you can't escape grief) that you can't lure them into a relationship with such a man with a roll. So they only choose someone as their companion, the main thing is that it is simpler.

Beauty and the beast
Beauty and the beast

Fear of being left alone3

Unbelievable, but it is a fact. Almost every woman is afraid to be useless. You, of course, can watch millions of posts on her page that she knows her worth. But the more this kind of information a woman has on the wall, the more she is afraid of being alone.

And if, in addition, the representative of the beautiful half of society had a bitter experience of relationships, is a supporter of old stereotypes - be sure that her fear is so great that in a panic she will not hesitate to “grab” the first person she meets who will pay attention to her.

In general, now you know why the representatives of the fair half of society are becoming less choosy when choosing a passion. Finally, let us analyze the main mistakes of female reasoning, which are guided by women when choosing representatives of the stronger sex:

Not a handsome man
Not a handsome man

The choice of a man whose looks want the best4

At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned this in jest, but let's take a closer look at why beauties most often choose ugly men.

Alas, you can't get into her head. If, in spite of everything, such a woman still lacks material gain, a feeling of compassion towards such a man, then, surprisingly, she still appreciates the committed actions more than the appearance of her partner.

It is practically impossible to understand why her choice stopped on such a man (without knowing the slightest information about what binds her to him). As an option, you can consider one of the most popular reasons: the woman who, when choosing the aforementioned chosen one, is guided exclusively by his external data, wants, first of all, to convince such a man that she was not and will not be better in his life. That is, thus, to exclude all kinds of competition from their own kind.

The beauty and the Beast
The beauty and the Beast

Choosing a well-fed man5

You must admit that more and more often on the streets you can see couples similar to all the famous cartoon characters - Timon and Pumbaa. Did you know that for most women, dense men are associated with something kind, reliable and cheerful. Basically, it is. Fat men are often modest and slightly notorious. But there are, of course, exceptions. Women fall for this bait, also hoping that the overweight man will be faithful to her and become her reliable support and support in life.

Informal choice6

This is a difficult case. No, don't think, friend, that the author of the article is an opponent of the informal social society. The choice of movement is only your choice. Whether or not to be a skinhead, punk, metal or hippie is up to you.

But, alas, often some women do not fully understand the full responsibility of predisposition to a particular trend. For some it is a kind of game, for others it is a fleeting hobby. The most courageous and "immortal" representatives of the beautiful half of society, without understanding the meaning of being nephor, begin to try to break his usual way of life with various female provocations (tears, reproaches, insults, threats).

The consequences are the most sad. Few women understand that such a man can be interested only with his own kind. The one who tries to change his worldview is almost doomed to failure in almost 99% of cases.

Beautiful woman and scary man
Beautiful woman and scary man

Choosing a man she just feels sorry for7

Oh yes, our women, as always, are merciful. Even often to the detriment of themselves. It often happens that a woman chooses exactly the man she regrets. This is not at all about oblique, crooked and toothless goners, and not about proud, but such cute and independent homeless people. Everything is much more serious. We are talking about those men who are head over heels in love with her, and she twisted and turned around and drew the conclusion that the main thing in life is not to love, but to be loved.

Choice "not for love, but for convenience" 8

A variant of those women who choose anyone who has loot as their life partner. Each man calls them differently. Such women often absolutely do not care about relationships, give her money, and be healthy.

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