Mistakes That A Woman Makes: The Entire List Of "necessary"

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Mistakes That A Woman Makes: The Entire List Of "necessary"
Mistakes That A Woman Makes: The Entire List Of "necessary"

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To begin with, this article is completely fictional and has nothing to do with the real world. But the reader loves fantastic stories and therefore will enjoy reading. A real woman makes no mistakes. Never. Under no circumstances. But one can imagine that somewhere in a distant, distant country, a woman appeared, raised by men and she, although this is not her fault, can make small, just tiny mistakes.

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  • 1 Haste is a bad ally
  • 2 Silence does not mean deceive
  • 3 Total control
  • 4 From extreme to extreme
  • 5 Lack of self-confidence

Of course, most of the not entirely correct decisions relate to relationships with the male sex. The choice of dress, makeup, handbag - there are endless options here and they are all correct. But with relationships you need to be more careful. This is where the conditions appear for the occurrence of mistakes that a woman commits.

Haste is a Bad Ally

Girls are always in a hurry. They rush to the store, to a meeting with their girlfriends, to the premiere of a new theatrical production. They even grow up faster than boys, as they could see in school. It is surprising that with all this, the vast majority of the fair sex manage to be late everywhere.

But in matters of personal relations, haste only interferes. The girl has already decided and planned everything. And the clumsy man just imagines how they will spend Saturday evening together. Men are in a hurry only in one case, but this is a topic for a completely different article. So you should never rush things. Most guys take a long time to take serious steps and this habit remains with men in adulthood. Patience is the key to success.

To be silent does not mean to deceive2

Silence is gold. This adage becomes very relevant when it comes to previous novels. Women often like to tell their partners about failed marriages or relationships that were so perfect they were breathtaking. It is not right. Don't swap past memories for real feelings. Now there is only the two of you and no past, well, no future. In fairness, it should be noted that men often sin like this.

female mistakes
female mistakes

But constantly criticizing and blaming is also not worth it. Of course, constructive criticism is welcome and a normal partner will respond appropriately to this. Constant approval will only discourage someone as sensitive to flattery as a man. He will begin to feel not just a master, but practically a demigod. And who has seen demigods hammering nails or taking out garbage? Dexterous maneuvering between praise and reproach can achieve stunning results. A confident partner who is not afraid of physical work or mental work.

Total control3

Every sweet and quiet girl secretly dreams of being the head of Her Royal Highness's secret police. How else to explain the passion with which the ladies find out secrets, arrange round-the-clock surveillance, strive to find out all the ins and outs of their partner?

Controlling calls, correspondence, the requirement of regular reports on the location and the immediate environment - this is what men have to face every day if they manage to fall in love with such a girl. This becomes the cause of deception, lack of desire to spend time together, desire for loneliness and, ultimately, a natural breakup.

From extreme to extreme4

It often happens that a woman tries to remake her partner to fit her ideas about the ideal person. One of the most common mistakes women make. This is not even logical, because she fell in love with such a character, such a man's behavior. Why earlier some actions seemed romantic, but now they are called stupid. Admitting mistakes is right, but falling in love is not a mistake, but a gift. And a gift that has already been used is hard to return back.

mistakes in a relationship with a man
mistakes in a relationship with a man

Or the other extreme is that the girl is trying to adapt to all the desires of her partner, to his lifestyle and habits. Of course, sometimes you need to get up early and please your loved one with aromatic coffee in bed, but you shouldn't torture yourself with early awakenings every day if you are a convinced owl and are awake at night. Better to surprise your soul mate with an unexpected nightly surprise. Even if he came after two shifts at the factory, he would still appreciate the attention.

Lack of self-confidence5

Complexes are peculiar to women, however, as well as to men. Disadvantages of appearance, figure, lack of a beautiful voice or the ability to embroider with a cross - you can think of any reason for yourself, and it will not necessarily be real. Most often, this is a fictitious problem that only the owner herself pays attention to. There is an effective way to get rid of all complexes once and for all - you need to communicate only with good and positive people. They themselves are beautiful and do not notice the shortcomings of others, especially the imaginary ones.

You need to believe in your luck, in the fact that you are the best of all, and this will definitely come true. Not necessarily for the whole world, but for one single person for sure. And this is quite enough for happiness.

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