What Should A Man Smell Like And How To Choose A Perfume For Him?

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What Should A Man Smell Like And How To Choose A Perfume For Him?
What Should A Man Smell Like And How To Choose A Perfume For Him?

Video: What Should A Man Smell Like And How To Choose A Perfume For Him?

Video: What Should A Man Smell Like And How To Choose A Perfume For Him?
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How does a man's smell affect us?
How does a man's smell affect us?

Each of them saw the following picture: a gorgeous woman who can easily be presented on the cover of magazines, married to an unpleasant and repulsive peasant who clearly does not match her in terms of appearance, in addition, she works as a security guard in a warehouse.

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  • 1 Why we choose a soul mate by smell
  • 2 Why all men smell differently
  • 3 How to avoid bad smell
  • 4 Step-by-step instructions: how to exude pleasant aromas and not scare others away
  • 5 Simple rules to follow when choosing a perfume
  • 6 According to age
  • 7 Depending on profession and interests
  • 8 Tips
  • 9 Can the smell of a man affect a woman?
  • 10 it turns out married men don't smell like borscht at all
  • 11 Interesting Facts About Smell

And vice versa, a charming man, as if descended from the pages of women's novels, about whom all the fair sex dream, chose an unremarkable young lady as his life partner.

The thing is that when choosing a partner, people are guided by the smell that exudes the opposite sex. It is this elusive aroma, which we cannot feel, that perfectly captures our subconscious, has a decisive role. Neither financial position, nor status in society, nor external attractiveness, nor character - nothing is of such great importance.

Why do we choose a soul mate by smelli

There are special substances called pheromones. It is because of them that women go crazy when they smell a man. For this we can thank the glands in the armpits and folds of the skin. These pheromones are reassigned so that we can "smell" partners with whom we can give birth to strong and healthy offspring.

An interesting experiment was carried out. Scientists suggested the women who took part in the experiment - to smell men's T-shirts, which smelled good sweat. Men wore them for several days, while they were forbidden to use washing and using deodorants. The result is quite unusual - the most exciting smells for women were the smells of those representatives of the stronger sex, whose set of genes was most different from theirs.

Since eminent scientists have confirmed the fact that someone else's smell determines the attractiveness of the opposite sex, when you are once again concerned about finding a potential partner, trust your sense of smell. Unlike sight, it won't let you down.

Why All Men Smell Differently2

How a man smells depends on many little things: the smell of his body, which depends on how clean he is, whether he uses care products, cosmetics, how often he changes clothes, whether he smokes, whether he drinks coffee or has eaten some junk food, whether he has a bad breath.

Many factors influence how a man ultimately smells. In addition, genetics, a predisposition to any disease, chronic diseases - all this also plays an important role.

The smell of a man
The smell of a man

But the most important thing is that for every woman a particular man will smell differently. Someone, having gone on a date once, readily accepts the offer to go home to "drink coffee", some will wrinkle their noses in response to the most beautiful courtship, others will not give a man a pass after intense workouts in the gym.

The reaction of women is completely different, and the most offensive thing is that it cannot be influenced in any way. It is impossible to change your scent, no matter what perfumes you use and how often you rinse in the shower - you cannot deceive instincts.

How to avoid bad smell3

Having learned about the power of pheromones, you should not make excuses for this in front of your woman, who has watery eyes from the harsh amber of your sneakers. Yes, some people find the fresh smell of sweat very sexy, but the percentage is negligible. The smell of pheromones is impossible to feel, we read it at the subconscious level.

Do not think that women will fall into your arms in stacks, it is highly likely that you will achieve a strictly opposite reaction. Indeed, unlike the same pheromones, the smell of sweat can be very much felt, but not everyone likes it.

How a man smells
How a man smells

Step-by-step instructions: how to exude pleasant aromas and not scare others away4

  • Try to take a shower every day, you should not be guided only by whether you have visited the gym. Remember that women have a much finer sense of smell than yours. You may not smell your body and be surprised that your girlfriend has headaches too often.
  • Use antibacterial soap to kill harmful bacteria on your skin.
  • Buy a scented shower gel. Maybe charming angels will finally fall on you from the sky, having a not platonic interest in you, just like in the famous advertisement.
  • Don't skimp on a good deodorant. Yes, they have a detrimental effect on the lymph nodes, clog pores, but far more detrimental to your reputation and self-esteem will be the realization that everyone thinks you are a stinker.
  • While women remove all vegetation except for the head, mostly for aesthetic reasons, then men should do this to reduce unpleasant odors. Get in the habit of removing hair in your groin and armpits. It may seem a little awkward at first, but the gratitude of your other half is worth it.
Bad smell from a man
Bad smell from a man
  • Choose clothes and underwear from natural fabrics. Loose cotton underwear will not only allow you to avoid "the very smell of men's underpants", thanks to good ventilation, but will also have a good effect on potency, and will not allow you to shoot blanks.
  • You need to change your socks every day. With no exceptions. EVERYDAY.
  • If you are worried about severe sweating of the legs, there are special ointments and powders that will help eliminate this problem.
  • Watch for bad breath. Careful oral hygiene is essential. If the smell is too unpleasant and persistent, it definitely indicates a health problem. In this case, you should fight yourself and go to the dentist: most likely there are problems with your teeth or gums. And to the gastroenterologist - there is a high probability that there are stomach problems.
  • Use good perfume.

Simple rules to follow when choosing a perfume5

Today, the head is spinning from the variety of perfumes, perfumes, colognes, with notes of juniper and stunning freshness, those that resemble elite alcohol, and some you just want to eat with a glass bottle. But you can't just buy the first scent you like: you need to take into account how suitable it is for a particular man, his occupation, age, season, how appropriate this scent is in a particular situation …

Choose a perfume for a man for a pleasant scent
Choose a perfume for a man for a pleasant scent

It is not surprising that men get lost, and often choose an inappropriate scent, while using it without knowing the measure, notifying with a persistent alcoholic smell of their approach. How to choose a scent to emphasize sexuality, and not vice versa?

Depending on age6

Aromas with fruity or berry notes are perfect for young men. Experts recommend young people to opt for citrus or floral scents.

If you are a brutal macho over 30, and delicate floral perfumes are rejected, you should buy eau de toilette with a subtle woody smell, or the scent of leather, suede, musk.

Depending on profession and interests7

Those who lead an active lifestyle, all those who cannot imagine their life without a rocking chair and a sports food, should pay attention to the special perfumes that are produced in the "sport" line. They are more resistant to kill the pungent smell of sweat.

Aspiring office workers should choose scents that are fresh and invigorating, with hints of ozone or citrus.

Nice smell from a man
Nice smell from a man

For men who do manual labor, unusual perfumes with an admixture of cucumber or musk are ideal.


  • It is recommended to choose eau de toilette in the morning when the sense of smell is not overloaded.
  • Coffee beans will help you taste more aromas: when your nose flatly refuses to perceive the next smell, you just need to smell the coffee bean.
  • You need to apply the scent to those areas where the blood flow is strongest, in other words, where you can easily feel the pulse: neck, wrist, bends of the arms.
  • Do not rush to buy perfume: the smell is fully revealed in a few hours.
  • Perfume should be used in moderation, you should not spray a whole cloud around you. A couple of "zips" will be enough.

The famous artist Andy Warhol changed his perfume every three months. However, it is the smells that are most imprinted in our memory. One has only to feel the familiar scent and a swirl of memories is provided. Remember teary melodramas, where girls sob over the pillow of their departed lover or wrap themselves in his shirt.

Therefore, whether you follow in the footsteps of an outrageous celebrity or prefer to be recognized in the crowd by your scent is up to you.

What smells from a man
What smells from a man

Can the smell of a man affect a woman? 9

As soon as a woman understands that a man is sexually interested in her, she immediately begins to evaluate him: whether he suits her, whether he will provide her with healthy offspring, whether she and her children will need something, whether he will protect from external threats … Such a cycle of thoughts occurs in women in the head, often even unconscious of it.

It would seem that it could be easier: decide whether you like the person and whether it is worth continuing the date horizontally. All these conclusions are made by a woman subconsciously and quickly, and for the most part she is guided not by a wallet stuffed with green pieces of paper, but by the smell of men's armpits. The girl's reciprocal interest arises due to the fact that this smell well stimulates the production of a special hormone, with the help of which ovulation begins.

In married women, menopause begins three years later than in singles. Pheromones have a beneficial effect on female sex hormones and increase their childbearing age. The scent of a man also affects her mood. Scientists have proven that it can cause both emotional and sexual arousal, help to cope with stress and depressed mood.

The smell of a real man
The smell of a real man

However, women can react differently to the same representative of the stronger sex - someone will lose his head from passion, and someone will be madly annoyed.

It turns out that married men do not smell like borsch at all

Recently, a curious experiment was conducted in Australia, during which they found that free men who are married or in a relationship have a more repulsive smell than those who do not have a soul mate. Scientists made the men sweat hard, took away their T-shirts, and gave them a sniff to women, asking them to rate the attractiveness of the smell of sweat.

It turned out that single men exude a sexier and more exciting scent, more masculine than married ones. Scientists have concluded that free guys have higher testosterone levels than those who ring.

Interesting facts about smell11

  • Women who take oral contraceptives choose the “wrong” partners. These hormonal pills seriously affect the woman's body, as if it is in a state of eternal pregnancy. That is why a girl can choose a partner for herself, whom she would not have looked at without these contraceptives. So, a woman seems to cease to "recognize" the smell she needs.
  • Scientists have discovered that it is the scent of a man that causes love at first sight.
  • The smell that a person exudes is unique and inimitable, like a fingerprint.
Interesting facts about the smell of men
Interesting facts about the smell of men
  • A newly born child can distinguish people by smell, preferring the smell of his mother.
  • Men consider the smell and appearance of women to be much more attractive in the phases of her ovulation.
  • The taste preferences of pregnant women incomprehensible to normal people are caused not by hormonal changes, but by a heightened sense of smell. It becomes very sensitive, and this is what leads to strange gastronomic desires, for example, to eating a chocolate cake along with a pickled cucumber, abundantly sprinkled with pepper.
  • The favorite aroma of men is the smell of cooked food (and preferably not by them), of women - the smell of a newborn baby.
  • Pregnant women who are not sure if they are having real contractions or if these are “precursory contractions” should rub themselves with jasmine oil. If it is too early to give birth, they will pass from jasmine oil.

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