On Which Site Can You Meet The Man Of Your Dreams?

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On Which Site Can You Meet The Man Of Your Dreams?
On Which Site Can You Meet The Man Of Your Dreams?

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On which site can you meet a man
On which site can you meet a man

While more daring girls use the services of dating sites and applications with might and main, their suspicious girlfriends continue to suffer from loneliness. What are these young ladies afraid of and are these fears worth depriving themselves of the modern joys of life? If you finally decided to try something new and asked the question “On which site to meet a man?”, Let me offer you this article for reading.

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  • 1 "Normal men on the Internet do not meet!"
  • 2 Statistics
  • 3 Where to go?

“Normal men on the Internet do not meet!” I

A very common point of view, but it is only half correct. Undoubtedly, on dating sites there are a huge number of all sorts of freaks, perverts and lovers to hang cute fools on their ears. But, in general, as in life.

On the Internet, puberty adolescents are walking, who, if they do not dare to meet in offline mode, will still get a new portion of impressions for erotic fantasies. Girls, be careful when chatting and dating on the Internet, if you do not want to sit down for seducing minors.

In addition to schoolchildren and hairless freshmen with bubbling hormones, you may stumble upon quite mature perverts. By their 30+ years, they have not yet learned to build normal relationships with girls, but Mother Nature demands her own, and now they are already scribbling messages to dozens of pretty users.

Both on the streets of cities and on the vastness of sites, there is a category of men who “don't care with whom”. They are ready to overwhelm any girl with compliments, even if your favorite fat-ass cat Barsik is shown in the profile photo. A desperate alpha male doesn't really care what your inner world is or how many extra pounds are stuck to your hips. You will drown in compliments - from the most vulgar to super sophisticated.

We will tell you everything about which site to get acquainted with a partner in the article by the link.

Okay, the picture is so-so, agree. But now we were talking about just those 50% of users who completely justify the stereotypes that have developed. Now is the time to focus on the better half of male Internet users.

Apps, dating sites and social networks are also used by decent (in every sense) men - smart, attractive, with a good sense of humor, stable income and no addictions.

Online dating with a man
Online dating with a man

Why would they do this if they are so good? Well, then let us turn the arrows and ask the beautiful ladies a similar question, “Why are beautiful and smart girls alone? Perhaps there is something wrong with them?"

Here, in general, the situation is the same as that of single beauties. Someone suffers from shyness and, despite their good looks, is confident in their unattractiveness, and therefore gets lost, meeting new people. Shy girls perfectly understand what they are talking about - it is very difficult to demonstrate your rich inner world if a stranger inspires fear, and for all his attempts to maintain a conversation, you blush, turn pale and ready to jump out the window (only the first floor, but you can leave, without bumping into your friends who brought you to this damn party).

On the Internet, it is easier for such shy ones to build a dialogue - the keyboard does not give out trembling hands (at least, you can re-read the message and, if necessary, correct it before sending it), the interlocutor does not see you, and therefore you do not have to worry about your appearance. You can also call a consultation of friends who will help you write a message to the girl you like. Girls, you can't deny that many of you helped your friends compose text poems for their boyfriends.

The next problem that prevents you from finding a pair in offline mode is inflated standards. Both boys and girls suffer from this. Getting used to the filtered photos on Instagram, people are no longer ready to put up with the fact that their other half will not have the height and proportions of a model, a tiled white smile and skin that resembles rose petals.

Dating sites for men
Dating sites for men

To all this, the partner must joke sparklingly, have two higher educations (or better three) by the age of twenty-five, and generally be perfect. Such intolerance to other people's shortcomings may indicate internal psychological problems. You can go on a couple of dates with a picky prince like that, but you don't have to spend your time and nerves working as a freelance psychologist.

The next category of men is beautiful in every way. They are as wonderful as they are alone. The problem is that there are no suitable girls around them (or there are no girls at all). Some do not have time to expand their social circle, since they are completely devoted to their studies and work.

Others spend all their free time in an established friendly team. There are many good girls, but they are all busy, or are perceived by a man exclusively as friends, and dating a friend is a risky undertaking. It is better to find a lady of the heart “from the outside” than to lose long-term friendship and sow an atmosphere of awkwardness in the company.

For more information on where to meet a man for a serious relationship, read the article at the link.

three girls are having fun
three girls are having fun


For all suspicious, timid, doubting and just curious - facts, figures, intelligence.

  • in the United States of America, online dating has long ceased to be something scary, mysterious and incomprehensible. More than forty percent of Americans (of all ages) regularly use dating apps and sites. Tinder, still little accustomed to Russians, is already familiar to Americans and studied from all sides.
  • The good news for girls in search is that on most platforms, there are more male users than women.
  • An interesting fact - the most interesting for the male half of users is a girl aged 21-23 years.
  • A twenty-five-year-old girl has more offers to meet and responses to her profile than her male peer.
a man in a mask and a cap
a man in a mask and a cap
  • More than half of users lie about height, weight, age, place of work and income.
  • A fifth of all users ask their friends to help them design their profile.
  • In large metropolitan areas, the number of singles is greater than in small provincial cities.
  • More than 20% of our contemporaries found their match over the Internet.

As you can see for yourself, numerous sites and applications are so popular precisely because they do their job. Even if the matter does not end with a wedding, you can make pleasant new acquaintances and finally walk your new dress on a romantic date.

Where to go? 3

On which site to meet a man for a serious relationship, which applications to download? We answer.

  • Tinder is an app that everyone has probably heard of. A man can be found literally at arm's length, exchange a couple of messages and make an appointment at a nearby cafe. Popular mainly among young people under thirty.
  • Badoo is a popular application among our compatriots. You've probably heard about it from your friends or seen ads from popular bloggers. An intuitive interface, a large number of lonely handsome guys of all ages.
girl to man
girl to man
  • Mamba is a fairly well-known site in the vastness of Russia and the CIS countries. A large number of users, but also a lot of negative reviews. You need to use it carefully (as well as any, even drowning in positive reviews, sites).
  • eDarling is a very caring site that selects the Dream Man for you. More than thirteen million users and passing the registration test increase your chances of a successful love search.
  • OneAmour is a good resource to use. Allows you to find the other half outside your home country.
  • LinkYou wins over with a pleasant-looking and clear interface, the ability to filter candidates by profession, as well as a large number of serious users.

Dating on Instagram is also gaining popularity, read more about this in the article at the link.

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