What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like In Appearance And Character? Girls' Opinions

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What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like In Appearance And Character? Girls' Opinions
What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like In Appearance And Character? Girls' Opinions

Video: What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like In Appearance And Character? Girls' Opinions

Video: What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like In Appearance And Character? Girls' Opinions
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paint flows over the girl
paint flows over the girl

There is no denying the fact that girls love sex. And they have an intimate attraction to a wide variety of people and situations. Sociologists interested in studying this issue conducted a study in the course of which they identified the categories of men who are most often objects of sexual interest for girls.

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  • 1 "Bad Boys"
  • 2 Lera, one of the participants in this survey, will tell about this:
  • 3 Stars
  • 4 Athletes

And they found out from whom and why girls flow in most situations. The results were pretty predictable, but nevertheless very interesting and rich in details that were previously hidden from the eyes of people. This information will be useful for both men and women, because it can be found in a huge number of uses.

Bad Boys i

Many ladies responded during the survey that they are quite attracted to men who fit the stereotypical description of the "bad guy." That is, arrogant, self-confident, rude, strong, dangerous. At the same time, according to the girls, they are sensual, passionate and emotional in bed.

They are the perfect example of what a dominant man should be, which many women desire. Many women are confident that sex with such men will be just insane and very memorable. But it's not just about sex - something about these guys attracts girls just as strongly.

Lera, one of the participants in this survey, will tell about this: 2

“I would like to be with such a man. An image of how it should be formed in my head, so I flow from any guy who is at least partially like him. The fact is that next to him I will constantly be in some unusual and adrenaline-filled situations.

These guys love experiments, travel, some unusual actions and outdoor activities. And from the thought that he will share all these thrills with me, I experience very strong pleasure. I am pleased not only to sleep with such a guy, but also just to be with him, because this is a real adventure."

Unfortunately, women also report that in practice they have hardly ever met the good "bad guys". This is especially bad in Russia. A “bad” guy in this country is usually “bad” in the literal sense of the word - he has a lot of bad habits, an unpleasant character, does not respect women, does not take care of himself and does not know how to satisfy women in bed. It is easy to agree that such a man is far from what the girls who are turned on by the "bad guys" represent.

from whom the girls flow
from whom the girls flow


Probably, every girl at least once wanted intimacy with some actor, musician, athlete or other famous person. And this is quite normal, especially for young ladies. Often, it is the representatives of this age category that are much more willing to fall in love and get fanned by some popular personalities.

Unfortunately, this fact has an unpleasant effect on young men - they see that their peers, classmates and classmates give their preference to popular and cute artists, and this undermines their self-confidence. Why does this happen with girls?

At an early age, all people, both men and women, feel aroused sharper and stronger. So much so that girls cannot resist this feeling and allow him to control themselves and choose those partners who are attractive externally and sexually.

Over time, the hormonal background in women becomes smoother and more stable, they get used to the feeling of arousal, therefore it becomes easier for them to resist its pressure. And when they get older, young and cute stars cease to be of interest to them in an intimate sense as much as in adolescence.

from whom the girls flow
from whom the girls flow

Why do popular people get their attention? Firstly, these stars do their best to be stylish, attractive and in demand among young people. They become idols, they are imitated, they are loved. Their job, in essence, is to attract as many people as possible to them with their creativity or something else.

Therefore, not particularly strong minds give in to such manipulation and allow fantasies about a cute and handsome singer or actor to rule their lives. The higher a person's mental stability, the easier it is for him to resist such influence. And young girls simply do not know that such influence can be dangerous for them, therefore they hardly resist.

Secondly, a rather interesting reason why girls flow from celebrities is their fascination not with the person himself, but with his environment. Often, these girls do not know anything about the everyday life of such people or only know what they show themselves. And over time, they develop the idea that popularity is a shortcut to pleasure at all levels of life.

That is, to wealth, prosperity, delicious food, entertainment and sex. All this leads to the fact that among girls, popularity begins to be associated with sexuality and pleasure. Therefore, they may even feel aroused by the fact that they are paid increased attention.

for whom the girls flow
for whom the girls flow


The third category of guys who are most sexually attractive to girls are athletes. And not those who are engaged in some special kind of sport. It's just that those who go to gyms, swing, run, generally lead a healthy lifestyle. Here the reaction of the girls is quite simple and understandable - they see a man in front of them who is absolutely strong and healthy.

He can provide them with strong and healthy offspring. He can protect the girl in case of danger. In general, the natural instinct, which has developed in women for many thousands of years, is mainly involved in this work. Evolutionarily, it turned out that the fair sex chose the strongest and healthiest men as partners in order to guarantee the continuation of their family and ensure the survival of their children.

It is rather difficult to argue with this, because women have lived with such an instinct for thousands of years. Here is what Natalya, another participant in the opinion poll, said about this:

“I've always liked pumped-up, athletic guys. Moreover, I only recently realized why this is. The point is that we women naturally have a desire to live with the best possible man. Moreover, it doesn't even really matter to me how he looks, if a guy leads a healthy lifestyle and can stand up for himself, then I unconsciously start to get excited by his sight.

girls' desires
girls' desires

However, this is not a simple desire to sleep. During sex, I try on the role of his future wife and evaluate how I feel with him in bed. Usually I am not disappointed, and therefore it is so difficult for me to choose the one for myself, because they are all good."

To summarize all of the above, it becomes clear that girls are flowing from popular, strong and healthy guys. However, they do not always realize that they are attracted to them sexually. It is quite expected that it is precisely these categories of men that received the greatest amount of attention from girls, because the fact that they perceive male sexuality through the prism of their instincts has long been a known fact.

Therefore, if a man wants to seduce a girl, then he will most likely have to demonstrate to her the features of a person belonging to one of these categories of men.

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