The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs Among Women

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The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs Among Women
The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs Among Women

Video: The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs Among Women

Video: The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs Among Women
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faithful girls
faithful girls

The question of which girl can be called faithful is far from simple. Many factors influence this: from upbringing, character and ending with the zodiac sign. Any man wants a girl to be devoted and faithful to him. Cheating and intrigue insult his honor and dignity. Even the presence of a stamp in the passport will not be a guarantee of marital fidelity and sincere love, who knows in which direction a woman will change. The stars will help you find out which girls are the most loyal and devoted, and which ones are not.

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  • 2 Cancer
  • 3 Scorpio
  • 4 Aquarius
  • 5 Gemini
  • 6 Virgo
  • 7 Astrological results
  • 8 Location
  • 9 How to be sure of loyalty
  • 10 No guarantees

Many people are skeptical about astrology, considering it a madman's ravings. But she still has one plus. You can look at all this a little from the other side, namely from this: to regard astrology not as a thing that predetermines fate, but as a set of common features and qualities of certain people. That is, this means that on the basis of this it is possible to single out in people, for example, those born under the sign of Aries, common features and qualities of character. So you can distinguish people from all signs of the zodiac. It helps to classify and find something in common in people born under a certain sign. Therefore, further you can build on this view.


So let's go. This is a Taurus, get acquainted. Women born under this sign will be very hard on themselves and their partner in terms of relationships. Forgive the betrayal or change yourself - no, and again no. These are women with a gentle character who can flirt, flirt, but cheating or betrayal is alien to them.


Home and family are sacred for women with cancer. They are quite jealous and prone to constant suspicions of their partner in relationships with other young ladies. In general, this is the ideal option for a monogamous man, such a girl is unlikely to deliberately change. The main thing is not to disappoint her, otherwise you can lose a very good girl in your life.

Scorpio 3

A very hot and sexy zodiac sign. Scorpio women will always try to solve all problems mutually, not putting it on public display. Scorpios always clearly choose their victim, that is, the chosen one. Therefore, cheating for them means betraying their beliefs and principles, and this is immoral and disgusting for them. A person must have moral values, so that he does not turn into an animal, driven by ordinary instincts.


A very strange and ambiguous sign, but nevertheless knows how to keep loyalty, and not only in relationships. Perfectionism, love of the high, idealism - all this gets along in the women of this sign.

They have their own ideal of a man with whom they would like to live their whole life. However, it happens that throughout their lives they marry the wrong men, even sometimes more than once. They are also not inclined to betrayals, after all, this is still a dirty business, far from high.


Smart, sophisticated, feminine and beautiful - a description of women born under the constellation of Gemini. Self-dedication in everything: in work, love, relationships with people.

about the most faithful girls
about the most faithful girls

These women are full of enthusiasm, a little naive true, but no big deal! There is absolutely no predisposition to betrayal. By choosing one man they love, they will be faithful to him for the rest of their lives. They can also use men for personal and selfish purposes, you need to be very careful with them.


Ideal? Seems impossible in a non-ideal world to have the perfect girlfriend? Virgo destroys this opinion. The combination of femininity, a wonderful sense of humor, patience and the presence of a brain in the skull give the representatives of this sign such traits as true devotion and loyalty. Very easy to communicate. They occupy the honorable first, but the last in this list, among all the true signs. These are the conclusions of most astrologers.

Astrological results 7

This is the situation with the astrological component. Of course, there are and are exceptions to the above. These are just some average values, not absolute correctness, and even more so not scientific calculations. Such are the cases, in general, no one is safe from treason, and life often slips appropriate tests. It is worth being on the watch.

Everything you wanted to know about the fidelity of a man and a woman, but did not know where to read it already in our next article.

Location 8

A reasonable question: where to look for faithful ladies?

Which girls are faithful in a relationship
Which girls are faithful in a relationship

It is impossible to answer unequivocally, and here is why. By the age of 18, any girl is a fully formed personality, which is simply impossible to remake. It can only be accepted or rejected. In general, girls do not like to be redone. Therefore, we have to adapt. It would seem that it is impossible to find a girl for a serious relationship in a nightclub. Maybe she just came there for the first time or celebrates her birthday. Who knows. Another question is, if she is a regular customer there, then things are different. When choosing a life partner, you should pay attention to girls who lead a quiet lifestyle.

As such, there are no places where good and faithful ladies gather, they are all distributed in equal portions across the Earth, whatever one may say about the universal balance, all things.

How to make sure you are faithful 9

If loyalty and devotion for a man are the fundamental criteria, then the question will arise of how to test it. You cannot become sharply faithful, this is a quality given at birth and subsequent upbringing. Loyal people in any situation are responsible for any of their actions, they cannot do otherwise. The best option would be to wait, just evaluate the person for a long period of time, study his habits and oddities. Further, we can already talk about some predictions.

No guarantees10

No matter how it sounds, there is no one hundred percent certainty that a person will not change, there is only statistics and general information. To the question of which girls are the most loyal, you can also answer from different points of view. Astrology gives its own answer, other people can say that this is all nonsense and the girl's behavior directly depends on her upbringing. Yes, maybe it is. However, there is also a person's culture, his religion and worldview.

A girl leading an easy and dissolute lifestyle is unlikely to be able to become an exemplary and decent wife, although who knows … Life itself will put everything in its place and bring the right people together.

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