How To Ask A Man For Money And Is It Worth It?

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How To Ask A Man For Money And Is It Worth It?
How To Ask A Man For Money And Is It Worth It?

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girl with a shoe
girl with a shoe

For centuries, women have sought equality, and when they got their way, the rear-wheel drive toggle switch turned on. Do we need it? They ask now. After all, when the question arises of whether to ask a man for money, most of them become muslin young ladies looking for a mother to ask for advice.

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  • 1 Caution, the sapper is working
  • 2 Assessment of chance
  • 3 Plan "A"
  • 4 Plan "B"
  • 5 Fatal mistakes

Caution, the sapper is working

Financial relationships between partners resemble a mined field. And the woman, like an inexperienced sapper, tries to build the correct step so as not to step on a mine and not be blown up. After all, one wrong move or word can lead to the fact that a woman will earn herself either the glory of a mercantile bitch, or a simple kept woman, or even a fallen personality. Moreover, any girl wants to save face, dignity and honor with this action.

Of course, there is hope that the partner himself will understand and take care of the needs of his lady of the heart. But it often happens that even a husband, giving his wife a budget for tomatoes and eggplants, forgets that in addition to this, she also needs stockings, socks and heel cream. What can we say about the situation without a stamp in the passport. It's good if at least in a restaurant a girl doesn't have to pay for a portion of shrimp herself.

The most favorite type of women is such a male investor. This one will not spare bills for his baby, he will tune in full. Here she has spas, hairdressers, and shopping in Milan. As a rule, these are fairly wealthy representatives of the stronger sex and it is important for them that there is a well-groomed companion next to them.

So, before going on the stage of an impromptu theater, you should make sure that this requested amount is really necessary and evaluate the chances of a positive answer.

A man gives money
A man gives money

Chance score2

First, a woman needs to decide on the position of herself in a man's life. If only a couple of days have passed since the beginning of the relationship, then you should not count on a villa in the Canary Islands. Here even a glass of sunflower seeds from the granny at the metro is questionable. But the status of a wife, a permanent mistress or a beloved girl with experience, it is quite possible to count on receiving a certain amount for yourself.

However, before starting the "Y operation", you must also assess the financial situation of your man. If he is an average worker in any firm, then he will hardly be able to fork out for more than a couple of gold earrings. A representative of the golden youth or diamond daddies is able to give his beloved even a car. Well, if this is a guest worker from sunny Tajikistan, then pardon me, write letters.

If, after a careful analysis of the odds, the question "whether to ask for money from a man" is answered in the affirmative, it's time to start the offensive. First you need to act according to plan A.

Is it worth asking a man for money
Is it worth asking a man for money

Plan "A" 3

The action of the petition scene consists of direct communication, so to speak, face to face.

“- Tell me, what is the secret of your success?

- Patience, my friend, patience.

- But I can name a thousand things where no patience will help.

- For example?

- Carry water in a sieve.

"You are wrong, you just need to take a sieve and have patience to wait for winter."

  1. The whole secret of this plan is patience. It is necessary to fill his pockets full and wait for the man to be in a great mood. Under no circumstances should you talk about money if he came home from work or, even worse, hungry. And if his favorite football team lost, then run, at least to the next room.
  2. It doesn't matter what the woman asks, the plane or new shoes, the main thing is the tone. He should be even, calm, not ingratiating. You can preliminarily say the mantra "I am calm like a boa constrictor" - 3 times.
  3. Before you appear before his beautiful eyes, it is worth watching the cartoon "Shrek" for the 150th time. The moment where the cat dilates its pupils in a mute request is worth remembering thoroughly and repeat with precision.
How to ask a man for money
How to ask a man for money
  1. If we are talking about a large amount, you definitely need to say exactly why. Men do not know what a woman wants to say, even when she sincerely thinks that she is hinting quite transparently, saying this phrase: “Our neighbor has a new fur coat, but it doesn’t suit her at all, but it would suit me”.
  2. We must try to justify this or that acquisition at his expense. For example, if we are talking about a car, say how hard it is to get to work in the subway, that beautiful legs get tired, that there is not enough time to prepare a delicious dinner for him, etc.
  3. You definitely need to thank the generous man. No, no, you don't need to wash your feet or sew up your socks, but a simple sincere thank you, an expression of joy and a wide smile will surely please him and will be a real reward. Okay, dumplings will come in handy too. Better yet, thank him in front of guests, highlighting his generosity and concern.

If, for some reason, plan A cannot be implemented, it's time to move on to plan B.

How to ask a man for money
How to ask a man for money

Plan "B" 4

"I am writing to you, what more …"

Oh, Tatiana knew what she was doing when she wrote that letter to Onegin. Why not repeat her feat in such an emergency situation as asking for money from a man. It is not necessary to send the letter by Russian post. Otherwise, it is unlikely that this letter will ever reach the addressee. But you can think of sms, mms or a sticker on the refrigerator.

For example, a photo from a magazine where expensive perfume is advertised can be left on his table or nightstand. And then attach a note to it with the following content: "If my loved one finances this purchase, then he will have the pleasure of inhaling an amazing scent every night."

Another way involves some trickery. For example, you urgently need a new dress, but it is insanely expensive. You can send SMS as if by mistake, supposedly to a friend. Pour out his soul in him, complain about the bitter fate and lack of money, and so I wanted to surprise my beloved. Then immediately write to him that there was an unfortunate mistake. If he is not Ivan the Fool, then soon the dress will be hanging on a hanger in the girl's closet. Anyone will understand such and such a hint.

Asking a man for money
Asking a man for money

Fatal mistakes5

Whether to ask a man for money - yes, but by making certain mistakes, a woman runs the risk of being left without money and without a man.

  1. Requests in the form of an ultimatum will get you nowhere. The phrases "You owe me" or "I demand" will go, at best, into space, at worst, into the epicenter of a showdown.
  2. Sometimes horses need to be slowed down. Frequent requests, resentment about refusal will anger the potential sponsor in the end, and there is a risk of being left with nothing.
  3. A woman who decides that she is a puppeteer is unlikely to achieve a positive response to the request. Such strings as “You don’t love me since you don’t give money” will only offend a man. He will not appreciate a girl who measures his love with money and tries to manipulate him.
  4. You cannot categorically touch his mother. To say that since he gives a certain amount to his mother, then he is obliged to her, will lead to the complete collapse of everything. Especially if the action takes place on House 2, under the cameras. Mom will see and hear everything, and even Olga Buzova will not save her from her righteous anger.
Ask for money
Ask for money

With the right approach to her man, almost any woman can achieve what she wants. The main thing is not to overdo it and not turn into a huckster with a consumer attitude. And to give him care, warmth and comfort every day is a sacred duty that will definitely be rewarded.

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