Free Marriage: The Impossible Is Possible?

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Free Marriage: The Impossible Is Possible?
Free Marriage: The Impossible Is Possible?

Video: Free Marriage: The Impossible Is Possible?

Video: Free Marriage: The Impossible Is Possible?
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Free relationship in marriage
Free relationship in marriage

Currently, there are different types of marriage: civil, church, fictitious. Many people live separately for work or due to other circumstances, but still maintain a marriage bond. Can there be an open relationship in marriage that does not destroy it?

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  • 1 Choice: open relationship or divorce?
  • 2 Is an open relationship in marriage necessary?
  • 3 Why does the family choose this solution to problems?
  • 4 What problems does an open relationship solve?
  • 5 Agreement on free relations: nuances

However, what is most important in marriage? Of course, love! And while a fire of passion burns in their hearts, and partners respect and support each other, any kind of marital bond - except fictitious, of course - will be a real marriage.

Choice: open relationship or divorce? I

Experts say that love lives for three years. But not everyone can and wants to throw a partner just because the previously sweet and quivering feeling flew away somewhere, like a busy fairy. And that Cupid, too, flew away somewhere, and his stock of arrows is limited.

So an open relationship in marriage can become that zest or peppercorn that will play the role of seasoning in the long-boring oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So when family relationships resemble this very oatmeal: healthy food, but terribly tasteless and almost inedible without seasonings or additives, perhaps it is an open relationship in marriage that can fix everything.

When the family boat begins to sink, almost any means is good for those who really want to save their marriage. Usually mistresses wonder why their boyfriend, who, according to him, does not love his wife and has not slept with her since the collapse of the USSR, does not abandon his annoying wife.

But a couple is held together much stronger than any feelings, almost gluing finances and mutual interests to each other. Common property, business, children. So in such a situation, each family member can have their own personal life without destroying the marriage union.

How to start living a civil marriage and successfully translate it into a legal one, read in our next article.

Is an open relationship in marriage necessary? 2

Polygamy in relationships
Polygamy in relationships

Freedom in relationships came to us from abroad. Enterprising foreigners have long understood that it is possible to improve personal relationships in the family by expanding and modernizing the golden cage where they voluntarily imprisoned themselves.

And then there will be no desire to get out of the dungeon by any means. And if you find a key from this "cage" and from time to time go out into free swimming, then then it will be much easier and easier to return to the previous coexistence in a pair.

And in this case, the married couple will still:

  • Lead a joint life, have sex and conduct common financial affairs;
  • Everyone will be officially allowed to have connections on the side without jealousy.

Why does the family choose this solution to problems? 3

A person is so arranged that he constantly wants something new. Men are generally so polygamous. And everyone compares their partner with new acquaintances. It happens instinctively.

Polygamous marriage
Polygamous marriage

Therefore, those married couples who decided to keep the marriage, but allow each other to cheat, can always return to each other, to see the partner from the best side after romance with other people.

In addition, almost everyone cheated in marriage. And if you do it not secret, but control it, then you can neutralize negative feelings due to betrayal. Then both will not be offended, because everyone can find someone else for themselves.

If in a couple someone cheats, and the second finds out, then the relationship can irrevocably deteriorate. And if both go "to the left", then there can be no claims to each other.

What problems does an open relationship solve? 4

When family life is on the verge of an abyss and only a step remains to fall into that abyss, freedom in relationships can glue the broken boat of family relationships and even send it swimming again across the ocean of life.

Official permission to have your own personal life outside of marriage will help avoid heavy divorces and division of property. In addition, children will grow up in a complete family and inherit from both parents.

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The Delights of Free Relationsh5vwog1qfr921o1_1280

TV / s "The Vampire Diaries"

It is important for every child that parents are together. And if they still do not swear and do not have claims to each other, and also maintain a strong relationship, then the children grow up happy and mentally healthy.

From boredom in personal life, everyone can do stupid things. And if you control this process, then the marriage can be saved.

Cheating is not always a lack of love for your partner. Most often, the desire to prove to oneself their attractiveness - especially true for mature people - to diversify their sex life, to feel like a winner and conqueror again. And if you agree in advance about the opportunity to have sex with other people, then the destruction of the marriage bond can be avoided.

Free relationship agreement: 5 nuances

First of all, it is important to obtain the consent of both parties and determine the acceptable lines of conduct. It is important to develop a plan for a wide variety of events. Someone may fall in love with another person, someone may demand at any time that there would be no more cheating. All this should be discussed in advance.

When tension builds up in family relationships, which can result in a thunderstorm with tears instead of rains, thunder and lightning, then sex on the side can help relieve tension, rethink important moments of family life, and even reunite spouses with strong feelings.

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