Money Is A Man's Strength, Or Why Should He Earn More?

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Money Is A Man's Strength, Or Why Should He Earn More?
Money Is A Man's Strength, Or Why Should He Earn More?

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a man must earn
a man must earn

If you are sure that you can build a relationship only on feelings alone, albeit strong and mutual, then you are greatly mistaken. The reality is slightly different from your expectations and not always for the better. For some reason, everyone for some reason immediately forgets about feelings and strong love when it comes to money. Not every girl is ready to come to terms with the fact that her young man is not able to feed her family and make everyone live in prosperity. That is why it is generally accepted that money is the strength of a man.

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  • 1 1 reason. Don't let the girl get nervous
  • 2 2 reason. Take care of yourself
  • 3 3 reason. You will not need to account for your income
  • 4 4 reason. You can do what you want
  • 5 5 reason. You won't feel obligated

There are many reasons based on which we can conclude that a man in a family should earn and provide for himself and those with whom he shares life. And then we will find out what these reasons are and analyze each in more detail.

1 reason. The girl should not be allowed to be nervous1

All girls, without exception, dream of strong and strong love, so as in books and films, because everyone knows that strong love can help overcome any difficulties. But will such a girl put up with the fact that you cannot provide for her, despite how strong your feelings are? Of course not. Love is love, and jewelry and gifts will not buy themselves, therefore, in addition to strong feelings, a man should also have a fat wallet.

Of course, in the first few months of a relationship, few girls will allow themselves to encroach on their partner's wallet, but over time, when the rose-colored glasses fall, it will become clear that the relationship will not last long without money. Few people want to be in a relationship for several years and during all this time do not budge from where they started. And it is almost impossible to move somewhere without money.

If your girlfriend begins to hint to you that it's time to start earning more and provide for her, then this does not mean at all that she has turned from a cute girl into a bitch. She just looks at the world realistically and understands that with the income that you have now, you will not go far. Just understand that everything in this world is changing, nothing is static. Also with relationships - they develop, and priorities could have changed.

This is why questions and hints may suddenly start up that you are not making much. Understand that money is a man's strength and sexuality. If a guy knows how to make money, then he is definitely doomed to success in all areas of life.

Let's take a look at all the reasons a man offers money to his woman in our next article.

A girl can endure your helplessness and inability to earn big money for a long time, but sooner or later everything comes to an end. Even with the most steely nerves, one cannot live long in such conditions. The girl will start to get nervous, worried, perhaps, she will become depressed and on this basis she will start to make scandals.

rich man
rich man

If nothing is done, then soon your partner will turn from a young, beautiful and cheerful girl into a tired, shabby life and far from such a pretty person. If you want to avoid this, then think now how and for what you will support your couple.

2 reason. Take care of yourself2

If your mental and physical condition is important to you and if you want to enjoy a good life for a long time, then the search for a more promising and highly paid job should be your main goal. Of course, if there are any financial difficulties, the girl can take over the expenses, but after a few months, if not earlier, she will get tired of it. She will understand that you and herself alone are not clear. But first, he will start to worry, worry and get angry over every little thing. This will affect your relationship as well.

She can severely limit you in sex, since all thoughts will be occupied by far from this. She will most likely stop taking care of herself as before, since there simply will not be time for this. As a result, you will get an embittered and unkempt girl, well, and a nervous breakdown at the same time, since all this time you will be relentlessly "nailed" for bringing her to such a life.

Therefore, in order to prevent such a development of events, try to think in advance what you will do in the event that some unforeseen circumstances happen that can leave you without finances. It will also be useful, under no circumstances, to allow the girl to work for you and shift the payment obligations onto her.

Reason 3. You will not need to report your income3

If there is enough finance, then there is no need to convene a family council each time and think about how to distribute what you have earned to pay for all the necessary things and services. When a girl knows that her boyfriend earns enough, then she will not even meddle in his financial affairs, so as not to disturb the order. She will see and understand that if you can afford to buy not the cheapest foodstuffs and give money to a girl for shopping, then your pocket is definitely not empty. But no matter how empty it is, it's not hers. The main thing is missing.

Even a man himself understands that if he earns a lot, then this instills in him confidence in the future and that no matter what happens, he will be able to solve it anyway. In addition, he does not have to prove and explain why he needed to buy this or that thing, which in the woman's opinion is useless. He can answer that he just wanted to, and the girl will understand him, since both know that they can afford it and this purchase did not affect the family budget in any way.

rich man
rich man

In addition, the girl will understand that to some extent she is dependent on you. If she objects, you can just tell her to leave if something doesn't suit her. And she just has no choice but to accept or lose the opportunity to live well and leave your home.

4 reason. You can do what you want4

When a man has a high income and he provides for himself and his family without any problems, then as a reward he can allow himself to do what he wants. Would you like to go on vacation to the village, and not to the islands? You are welcome! No one can forbid him, because he fulfills his duties as men, so why not allow him to rest as he pleases?

Objections, as a rule, simply cannot be, since both partners understand everything, and the girl simply has no right to stop him and dissuade him. In addition, in the event of a categorical refusal of such a vacation, a man can offer the girl in exchange a new dress or something that she has wanted for so long and then anger will be replaced by mercy. Everything is very simple. That is why money is a man's strength.

5 reason. You won't feel obligated5

When the family does not have enough money, the girl begins to go over to an active offensive and scold the man for not fulfilling his duties, because everyone knows that providing for the family is the direct responsibility of any representative of the stronger sex.

rich man
rich man

To avoid conflict and further clarification of the relationship, men are forced to change jobs and look for ways that can help earn as much money as possible, so that they will never find themselves in such an unpleasant situation again. When a man has the means and in abundance, then such unpleasant conversations will never arise, and he himself will not be tormented by his conscience for the fact that he could not realize himself as a man and not fulfill his duties. They will know that they have achieved and achieved everything, which means that there is simply nothing to conflict with them.

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