How To Easily Kiss A Guy On The Lips First. Rules For Girls

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How To Easily Kiss A Guy On The Lips First. Rules For Girls
How To Easily Kiss A Guy On The Lips First. Rules For Girls
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girl kissing
girl kissing

No one will deny the fact that both men and women love to kiss. Why might a girl be interested in kissing a guy on the lips first? Most likely, she is already dating a young man she likes. But, for some reason, he doesn’t take steps forward. If a girl really likes him, then she must definitely decide to kiss the guy first. There is nothing shameful in this, the main thing is to be able to do it with dignity.

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Kiss on the lips

Why is it necessary to kiss the guy you like on the lips? On the cheek, on the forehead or on the nose, too, is it possible? It is not that simple. A kiss on the lips demonstrates a romantic interest in the person. This is a way to express loving moods and affection. On the cheek, you can kiss one of the relatives, other guys just as gratitude. Many people misjudge this gesture, believing that any kiss is a manifestation of romantic interest. This is not true.

The guy and the girl walk for a while, go on dates, communicate, but so far no one has taken the initiative on their part? Disorder! Especially if it is noticeable that both people are interested in the continuation. If the guy doesn't go first, then the girl needs to take the initiative. There is nothing shameful and unpleasant in this. This will only prove to the man that the woman has truly sincere feelings for him. The prejudices about "he is a man, he should" simply do not work here. If you wait too long for the first step from him, then you can be left without anything at all.

Why a guy might not kiss a girl when there is definitely sympathy between them:

  1. Perhaps this will be his first kiss in life. He does not know how to do it correctly, is afraid to push away and offend the girl with his sudden manifestation of tenderness.
  2. He can be timid and insecure. It doesn't even depend on past kissing experiences. Even if he has already kissed before, then in a new relationship, everything cannot be like the first time.
  3. The guy is not very interested in the girl or he already has a partner. In this case, walking and socializing, as well as "dating" for him will be simple communication.
How to kiss a guy
How to kiss a guy

Yes, there are few options. This question is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The girl should either show that she will not mind the kiss from the guy. Or, of course, kiss him yourself.

Rules for a girl2

Of course, the fact that the girl takes a step forward and thinks about how to be the first to kiss the guy on the lips correctly speaks of her determination. But just the desire to give a kiss to a person you like is not enough. If you do it wrong, you can scare him away or, worse, introduce himself to him as an easily accessible girl. This is a very delicate moment that requires knowledge and restraint from a woman.

What is important for a girl when she is about to take the first step in a relationship that has just begun and be the first to kiss her partner:

  • You need to look great and well-groomed. And be sure to take care of the taste of lipstick and fresh breath. This will leave the partner only positive kissing impressions.
  • It is necessary to let the partner understand in advance that the girl is very strict in choosing a companion in life. In this case, a kiss on her part will look like a sign of serious interest.
  • It is also necessary to very thickly hint or even say directly that the girl is not easily accessible. And the kiss itself should be moderately emotional and moderately restrained.
First kiss rules
First kiss rules

Movie "Dear John"

No need to rush to kiss. Better to give both yourself and your partner some time. For the first time, the days of a relationship can be overwhelming - you have to wait it out, and a guy may take time to gather strength. Maybe you won't have to kiss him first

When "the time has come" and the heart tells you that you need to kiss right now - it is worth doing so. There is no need to hesitate for a long time. This can create unnecessary doubts that make the situation awkward or even unpleasant

In any case, nascent relationships need to be treated with simplicity and ease. It may well be that the first kiss will be the last. For some reason, the young man may refuse to continue the relationship. Also, don't overestimate the importance of a kiss.

A man can decide that such a reaction from a girl is his one hundred percent "victory" and after that he can do whatever he wants. You need to tell him as clearly as possible (but not in a rude form) that a kiss is just a kiss. A sign of attention and sympathy. No more and no less. Read more about how to kiss a guy here.

Overcome the fear of kissing
Overcome the fear of kissing

You should also avoid unnaturalness. You do not need to portray passion, a storm of emotions, it is best to just be yourself. The guy will definitely appreciate this modesty and restraint, he will not have any vulgar thoughts. But if the girl literally hangs on his neck, then he can make a choice in the direction of continuing the action and take advantage of the situation.

More often than not, the consequences of such a man's decision may be very displeasing to the girl. Of course, if she is really crazy about a guy and does not want anything but one-time sex, then you can not be shy and show all the emotions and passions that you want.

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