Hug Language: Secrets Of The Right Hugs For Strong Men

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Hug Language: Secrets Of The Right Hugs For Strong Men
Hug Language: Secrets Of The Right Hugs For Strong Men

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Hug language
Hug language

People have figured out body language long ago. Non-verbal messages are perhaps the most sincere signs. The person will lie, the body will not. In a couple's communication, hugs are always present and are not a secret. But there is a category of hugs, which is not given to everyone correctly and is capable of overthrowing a man from a pedestal. Yes, hugs are the very first thing to learn.

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Hugs i

Hugs are different: friendly, welcoming, farewell, kindred and loving. And if everything is clear with the first, then with love it is more complicated. This is especially true of the very first, timid touches.

Surprisingly, men are much less proficient in hugging techniques than women. Apparently, the problem lies in the very essence of the emotional component of men. Very often, on the first date, hugs turn into blunt pawing. This is a fiasco. You can immediately dump into the sunset and no longer appear on the horizon. And you can do everything so that the girl herself will stick, like a fish-sticking.

Hugs are an integral part of communication. They are capable of falling in love and annoying, instilling a sense of confidence and providing support, comfort and cheer. In general, this is a universal way to say a lot without words.

Basic hugs2

You can hug as you like: standing, sitting, lying. Well, on the first date, hardly anyone fits, although there are some brave and unprincipled ones. This is not the point.

The main ways to cuddle include the following:

  • Crosswise. This is the most innocent and common hug. The partners' hands clasp each other, crossing each other.
  • Waist - shoulders. The girl's hands are located on the shoulders of the man, who in turn wraps around the waist of his friend. A very convenient way for a man to grip his partner tighter.
  • The same thing, but vice versa. The guy embraces the girl by the shoulders, then he can touch the hair and stroke the top of the head, and the girl hugs the guy around the waist.
  • Hugs from behind. The most intimate and gentle hug. Loved by absolutely all girls and is considered the sexiest of all.

In general, learning to cuddle as an adult is a bit weird. But nevertheless, it is necessary.

importance of hugs
importance of hugs

First time3

You need to be able to hug a girl on the first date. In general, the most cunning way to check whether a lady is against and whether a slap will fly in is to imitate protection from external factors. For example, a healthy dog ​​is walking towards. You should confidently grab the girl around the waist, squeeze her and gently remove her to a safe distance.

Such a situation will show both concern and attention, but at the same time it will not look intrusive and rude. At the same time, the girl's body will respond very unequivocally: she will either press down or drop her hand. Do not bite your lip, this is normal, and the girl is not at all touchy.

After such a moment, the hand can be held on the girl's body, and if she does not mind, then she is very lucky. You can continue to walk with all your appearance showing ownership.

The first touch should be light, gentle, unobtrusive.

Or you don't have to reinvent the wheel and just show courage. Only now you should pay attention to some signs of a girl's readiness.

the secret of the correct hugs
the secret of the correct hugs

How to understand that a girl does not mind4

In general, if we talk about the first date, then it is worth mentioning that it can be between people who have been in the friend zone for a long time and decided to leave it, transferring their relationship to a new stage. Then you shouldn't worry too much about the first hugs. Most likely there were already a million of them, and it is unlikely that the girl would come to mind to play a princess out of herself.

As for people who knew each other in absentia, then, of course, you shouldn't let your hands go. This can be done when people have already got used to each other, and the girl will show with all her appearance that she is ready to put “greedy hands” into her zone. So:

  • The girl is very playful. She jokes a lot, laughs, flirts
  • Constantly preening: ironing hair, straightening clothes, brushing away dust that does not exist
  • She seeks to shorten the distance: she always touches the guy lightly, then removes a speck of dust, then finds a thread, then straightens the collar of his shirt
  • In contrast to playfulness, the girl, on the contrary, falls into a slight sadness, telling sad stories one after another. At the same time, it assumes the appearance of universal sadness.

All these are clear signs that it's time to hug your friend.

why hugs are needed
why hugs are needed

Hands removed! 5

No one is immune from mistakes. So hugs sometimes lead to fatal consequences. In what cases can this happen?

  • First date with a complete stranger. Here you definitely need to keep your hands to yourself
  • The girl categorically withdraws. It is possible that not only is she not in the mood, but she is not yet physically ready either. Elementary: did not have time to take a shower
  • If the weather is cool, and the girl is clearly frozen, you should not immediately open your arms. It's easier to offer to warm up in a cafe over a cup of coffee or offer your own jacket
  • Hugs in a public place. Sometimes it looks very ugly from an aesthetic point of view. Especially if the guy takes liberties
  • Touching intimate areas. Pressing a lady too closely to yourself or brazenly lowering your hand on your buttocks means signing your own death warrant.

That's all the simple rules for the first hugs. Observing them, you can safely count on the fact that the girl herself will look for them more and more often, and then she herself will take the initiative. Then it's definitely in the bag.

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