How To Find A Mistress For A Married Man. Where To Look, How To Hide Her From His Wife?

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How To Find A Mistress For A Married Man. Where To Look, How To Hide Her From His Wife?
How To Find A Mistress For A Married Man. Where To Look, How To Hide Her From His Wife?

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how to find a mistress
how to find a mistress

Too fast pace of modern life has almost deprived men of the opportunity to freely meet girls on the street or in transport. Today it has become bad manners. Guys are actively looking for a good reason for dating and dream of finding a mistress, but most of their attempts go unnoticed by girls.

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  • 4 How to hide a relationship on the side of your wife

If we are talking about a married man who is tired of everyday life, a grumpy wife and always dirty dishes, then the search for love relationships on the side for him becomes a matter of principle. It is very difficult for a married man to find a suitable candidate for the role of mistress. Firstly, not every girl is capable of engaging in sexual relations that will not end with a wedding, and, secondly, such relationships morally exhaust both partners.

Online datingi

The most relevant way is online dating. If 10 years ago, in order to start communicating with girls through dating sites, guys needed constant access to a personal computer or laptop, today, thanks to modern technology, they can conduct dialogues with the girls they like around the clock. After all, most dating sites have a mobile application and are freely available.

In order to start communicating with a girl, a young man needs to register on a dating portal. The choice of such sites is impressive in scale. You can register on the first one you like or choose a few of the most popular sites.

Registration will not take long. Usually, in order to become a member of the site and be able to post your profile on it, you only need an email address and a high-quality photo.

If a guy prefers not to "shine" his personal data on dating sites and view the profiles of promising mistresses in incognito mode, he will have to fork out and buy the paid version.

Thanks to the VIP status, which the young man will receive after depositing a certain amount of money into the bank account of the site, he will be able to use the photo hiding function. This function blurs the pictures posted in the profile. Thanks to her, curious girls who visit the guy's page will not see his face.

If a man decides to look for a mistress on the Internet, he needs to adhere to the following rules, otherwise he risks spending all the remaining evenings alone.

  • Sense of humor. You should not fill out the questionnaire using only abstruse phrases. Dilute the lines with light humor. Even if a girl can see a real photo of a man, she will not always pay attention to him. In this case, good, light jokes are a great solution!
  • Don't get carried away with long sentences and texts. After all, you are looking for a mistress, not a dissertation partner. But this does not mean that information about yourself can be presented with mistakes in words. Girls like smart guys. Smart men are considered sexually attractive to the weaker sex, as they are associated with success and financial independence.
how to find a mistress for a married man
how to find a mistress for a married man
  • Be clear about the purpose of your site visit. If you are looking for a mistress, then this fact must be indicated in the information about yourself. Don't cheat on girls. Believe me, there are a lot of girls on the Internet who are looking for free sexual relationships without obligations.
  • Describe the desired appearance for the girl immediately. Firstly, it will reduce the time it takes to find a sexual partner, and secondly, it will immediately weed out unnecessary candidates for this role.

Communication takes place through correspondence on dating sites. If in real life, a girl can be led by the handsome appearance of a guy or his natural charm, then on the Internet you will have to show your best sides by means of correct speech turns.

Don't be banal and don't write phrases to the girl that she has to read for the hundredth time today. In order to be original, carefully study the profile of the chosen one. From the photos of her profile, you can make a preliminary conclusion about her hobby. Start correspondence with topics of interest to her. This will increase your chances several times.

Having established a full-fledged dialogue, tell the girl that you have come to this site with the purpose of dating and want to find a mistress who will meet your basic requirements. It is not necessary to immediately notify her of your marital status. If the girl is not embarrassed by your straightforwardness, then most likely she is in search of such a relationship.

find a mistress for a married man
find a mistress for a married man

There are dating sites that specialize in procuring kept women with sponsors. Most of the men who sign up on such platforms are not free - they are either married or in strong long-term relationships.

Anyone can post a profile on most of these sites. The administration of such platforms does not require men to confirm their financial capabilities. The guy just needs to register and designate himself as a sponsor. Moreover, the larger the monthly subsidy a man indicates in his profile, the more girls will pay attention to him.

On dating sites for kept women, men can often expect a surprise as disappointment in the external data of the chosen one. The fact is that photos are also not subject to moderation by the site administration. That is, any participant in the correspondence has the right to upload other people's photos. This, of course, is prohibited, but it is difficult to establish the fact of deception. Therefore, you should be prepared for the fact that a girl comes to a romantic date who does not live up to your expectations.

But there are more closed sites that specialize in finding kept women. Registration of men for them is paid. Moreover, the amount of the initial payment is not within the power of everyone. The site administration is taking such drastic measures in order to weed out the pseudo rich. As a bonus, a member of the dating platform will have access to the profiles of the most beautiful and sexy girls.

why does a man need a mistress and wife
why does a man need a mistress and wife

Paid pimping sites also differ in their privacy. A married man can be sure that his photographs and personal data will not become public. The fact is that the questionnaires of the kept women are freely available for viewing. And information about the sponsor's data is available only after the approval of the owner of the profile.

Night club2

An ideal place for men who want to have a mistress. The second most popular way to find a mistress is to go to a nightclub. I would like to note right away that this method is very expensive, since girls in such institutions tend to pick up a rich man. If you are not, but really yearn for a hot night with a hot mistress, you will have to pretend to be a successful man with a fat wallet.

Girls who come to a nightclub in order to find a rich lover are accustomed to the fact that men treat them to the most expensive dishes and exclusive spirits. Therefore, you need to take a considerable amount for going to the institution.

why does a man need a lover besides his wife
why does a man need a lover besides his wife

If you played your part well, and the beautiful girl who sits at the same table with you is ready for an erotic continuation of the evening, you need to think about the place to which you will lead your chosen one. It makes no sense to bring the beauty to your home, because there she will immediately expose your financial condition. The only way out is to rent a good apartment for the night.

If a man is ready to pretend to be a successful businessman, he should be aware that the girl he met only got to him for one night. Further communication with her is impossible due to high costs.

Meeting on the street3

Another way is to meet on the street. This is an unlikely way. There are very few chances of finding a mistress in a nearby park. After all, girls who are satisfied with free sexual relations, in most cases, are looking for a man who can provide them with a comfortable existence. Such girls are ready to sell their bodies only for money. You can, of course, meet a beautiful young nymphomaniac in the park, but this is unlikely.

But in any case, you won't know until you try.

finding a mistress for a married man
finding a mistress for a married man

The disadvantage of such acquaintances is excessive openness and publicity. It is common for married men to hide flirting on the side. Therefore, if you decide to find a mistress in this way, you should be extremely careful.

How to hide a relationship on the side of your wife4

If you are good with your wife, perhaps even love her in your own way, but are insanely tired of boring family life, most likely you are determined to keep the family together. Relationships on the side in such a situation are nothing more than a dangerous adventure for you.

In order to protect your legal spouse from anxiety, and yourself from unnecessary stress, we recommend that you listen to the following tips:

  • Never give your mistress home and work phone numbers. Keep in touch with her only through your cell phone.
  • Do not sign your mistress with a man's name in the phone book. Better to name the contact with the girl's real name and complete it with the name of the profession. For example, Lena Accountant.
find a mistress for a married man
find a mistress for a married man
  • Under no circumstances should you bring your mistress home. No matter how she persuades you, you don't need to make concessions. First, you are under the watchful eye of your neighbors. Secondly, no matter how hard your passion tries to assure you that an open relationship is to her liking, she, like any girl, wants stability. Most likely, the mistress dreams that you would part with your wife and leave your children. Believe me, once at your home, she will do everything possible to hint to her spouse about your infidelity. For example, forgetting lipstick.
  • Do not forget to fulfill your marital duty in a timely manner, then it will be much calmer to sleep. But if sexual contacts with your wife become rare guests in your bedroom, she will immediately suspect you of infidelity.
  • Check your items thoroughly before putting them in the wash. As mentioned above, every mistress dreams of becoming a lawful wife, so at any opportunity she will “put tags on you”. It can live on a lipstick print on a shirt collar, a few hairs on underwear. Many girls sprinkle their perfume on their lover's clothes on purpose. The wife, while sorting the laundry for washing, will definitely notice the marks of her mistress.
  • Don't mess with stupid women. No matter how sexy your mistress is, no matter how good it is with her in bed, but if she is stupid, it is better to end the relationship. Such girls will definitely violate the conspiracy regime. They are trying in every way to get to your wife's phone number and figure out your home address in order to reveal your connection. Therefore, always lock your phone and never divulge your home address or the address of the company you work for.
how to find a mistress for a married man
how to find a mistress for a married man
  • Have your own money savings, which in no way affect the well-being of the family. There is a rule - money for a mistress should not come from the family budget. Otherwise, your spouse will immediately begin to suspect you of treason.
  • Always protect yourself. It is advisable to come to a meeting with your mistress with personal condoms. Women in love are capable of many things. There are such persons who do not disdain the most holy - children. They calculate the day of possible ovulation, invite you to an intimate date, before which a condom is pierced with a needle and, voila, you will soon become the dad of an illegitimate child.
  • Control emotions and feelings. If your family life is really dear to you, try to keep your feelings in check. A man in love is too vulnerable. He cannot deceive himself or others. His emotions are visible to the naked eye, and an alert spouse will immediately understand everything.

To start or not to start a relationship on the side, it is up to the man to decide. Nobody can influence his choice - neither his wife, nor children, nor his inner circle. But before deciding to lead a double life, it is worth considering whether you can financially provide for two women and whether your psyche will withstand constant moral stress.

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