When Something Is Wrong With The Relationship: Common Problems

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When Something Is Wrong With The Relationship: Common Problems
When Something Is Wrong With The Relationship: Common Problems

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When there is something wrong with the relationship
When there is something wrong with the relationship

Home is a full bowl. At work, everything goes on as usual. And in relationships, small skirmishes constantly occur. Often we cannot understand our partner, because we do nothing bad, receiving complaints and grievances in return. Little things, including household ones, in 80% of cases lead harmonious couples to parting.

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  • 1 Speak out of business
  • 2 Watching and reading nonsense
  • 3 Generalization is the path to collapse

How to understand that a storm is brewing in your relationship for a long time? Pay attention to the nuances, maybe this will save the quivering feelings. Today we will talk about three commonplace signs of an impending family disorder, which we most often turn a blind eye to.

Talking out of the way i

Has this ever happened in your relationship? You are discussing having a son with a close family friend, reading books, or a conflict with a colleague at work. You express your usual opinion, which you have already shared more than once. In response, you hear a negative reaction from the other half.

She swears at your conclusions. It seems to her that the opinion that you expressed is stupid and incorrect. And so it can go on forever. The chosen one reacts sharply and angrily to each remark. This is the first clear call that love and admiration for a partner has passed.

You watch and read nonsense2

We do not deny that you can really watch your favorite TV show 10 times a year, which does not carry any useful information. But your loved one will always be polite and correct in your habits and rituals.

If she is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy, the reaction to reading Dontsova's books is really understandable. In the case when the chosen one herself does not hesitate to watch Russian serials, her reproaches for your preferences in literature seem strange.

causes of relationship problems
causes of relationship problems

Generalization is the road to ruin3

Let's say you've agreed to go to a restaurant after work. You were a little late, a slight 10 minutes late. The girl has the right to be offended, but she is quite capable of accepting reasonable arguments.

If you constantly hear the phrases: "you are always late", "you never pay attention to me", "you always lie" - this is the beginning of the path to the bottom of the relationship. Generalization means that bitterness and resentment has accumulated in your partner, which she has been accumulating throughout your life together.

Almost all relationships change over time. From passion we come to friendship, partnership and support for each other. It is not worth putting up with something that is unlikely to be returned. You have to work on relationships for a long time and hard, and this is understandable and desirable not for every person.

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