Charles Manson Is A True Story Of Life And Death. How Did The Founder Of The "Family" Sect End?

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Charles Manson Is A True Story Of Life And Death. How Did The Founder Of The "Family" Sect End?
Charles Manson Is A True Story Of Life And Death. How Did The Founder Of The "Family" Sect End?

Video: Charles Manson Is A True Story Of Life And Death. How Did The Founder Of The "Family" Sect End?

Video: Charles Manson Is A True Story Of Life And Death. How Did The Founder Of The "Family" Sect End?
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Charles Manson
Charles Manson

Not one story has caused so much hype, has not caused such a storm of angry emotions as the story of Charles Manson. The American murderer, the charismatic leader of the family crime commune, has committed a lot of bloody and super cruel crimes during his long life. Despite the fact that the terrible events are more than half a century old, the stories of the atrocities of the gangster sect still excite the minds of people.

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  • 1 No name, no childhood, no mother
  • 2 Prison and family
  • 3 The origin of a criminal sect
  • 4 Own religion
  • 5 Life of the "Family"
  • 6 Gruesome Crimes
  • 7 The sect before the court
  • 8 Long years in prison

No name, no childhood, no matter

Every maniac and killer has his own sad story associated with childhood or bitter early memories, which disfigured a person's personality, turning him into an insensitive monster. Charlie Manson's childhood is no exception.

The boy's mother was a sixteen-year-old reckless Kathleen Bayer - Cavender. The birth of a child was absolutely not included in the plans of a young disorderly girl, and the unfortunate baby spent a couple of weeks being "without a name." After a certain time, the newborn was named Charles, writing down the surname "Manson" in the column.

William Manson, a dry cleaner, was living with Kathleen at the time, but he was not the child's biological father. There is a lot of controversy about who was the real father to the boy. According to one of the versions, this is a factory guy practicing fraud, who escaped from a walking girl after hearing the news of her pregnancy, or some African American Walker Scott, who has the "honor" to know the hapless "mother".

The appearance of the little man did not affect Kathleen's life in any way. The young lady drank, fervently engaged in prostitution and was indifferent to the growing offspring. The boy was left in the care of various nannies, and at this time the girl, in the company of her dysfunctional brother Lufer and his passion, were engaged in booze and robbery.

One of the dark deeds was revealed by the police and a company of "hooligans" was arrested. Charlie's mother was sentenced to five years in prison, sending the boy to be raised with relatives in McMacan.

But even there, the unhappy boy did not live well. Uncle sent the boy to school, dressed up in a girl's dress, which amused the peasant extremely. But not the boy himself. Within the walls of the school, Charlie was closed, intimidated, unsociable. He practically did not communicate with anyone and was very unhappy.

Kathleen is released shortly. The windy parent came to her son and hugged her offspring tightly, and this moment was imprinted in Manson's head as the happiest moment in his entire life. The momentary weakness of the walking mom flew by in an instant, and life went on as usual: drunkenness, a series of men, drugs.

The boy was sent to a boarding school for uselessness. Charlie ran to his mother, she sent him back and gradually the child began to turn into a wolf cub. Following the example of his parent, he began to engage in robbery and at the age of 13 ended up in a correctional school.

Charles Manson family
Charles Manson family

Outside the walls of the establishment, Manson had a hard time. He was humiliated and raped by other "pupils", and according to Charles, one of the workers encouraged and facilitated the actions of the rapists.

Trying to defend himself, at one point, Manson began to pretend to be a madman, screeching, waving his fists, and this method really scared off opponents. Finding the strength and courage, Charlie fled from the institution with two boys. The newly minted gang began to rob shops, cars, which led to a colony for minors.

Until the age of 21, Manson was in different educational institutions. Following the example of his former offenders, he began to use force, engage in homosexual relationships and forcibly coerce other "inmates" into intimacy.

Prison and family2

Released, Charlie acquired a young wife, Rosalie Willis. The young family lived in California. To provide for his wife and himself, the guy was engaged in part-time jobs and car theft. He was soon sentenced to five years in prison. While behind bars, Charles learns about the birth of a son, whom he never raised. Rosalie left her husband and left for another town, away from the past.

Charles Manson's girlfriend
Charles Manson's girlfriend

Further, the life of a bandit rushed "monotonous succession." Marriage to prostitute Leone Stevens, another imprisonment in places not so remote. Within the prison walls, Charles took guitar lessons. He dreamed of becoming a rock musician, but unfortunately changed his life goals.

In 1967, Manson is released from prison and meets a young girl, Mary Brunner. The young lady becomes the first follower of Charles, who decided to create his own clan called "Family".

The origin of a criminal sect3

Charles Manson collected stray adolescents, young people "thrown into the trash heap" and invited them to the created commune. Soon 18 women were huddled with him and his girlfriend under the same roof. The propaganda of free morals resembled the fashionable hippie movement at that time, but gradually the worldview in the clan acquired a different color.

Manson was a very charismatic leader. He proclaimed himself the union of Jesus and the devil, called the members of the clan brothers and sisters, and the crowd of fans grew incredibly.

Charles Manson in prison
Charles Manson in prison

Charles Manson took the place of the chief spiritual guru. He preached his own philosophical views, quoted "clever speeches" and said that soon the Devil and God will be reunited to judge mankind. In the sect "Families" there were moments of Christianity and devilry.

Members of the "Family" performed rituals, sacrifices and sex orgies. To get into the commune, each girl had to have sex with its leader, directly with Charles Manson.

Own religion4

Manson declared to his followers that he was Christ and Satan in the same guise. He shared his impressions "what it is like to feel nails piercing through the palms." Manson's "parishioners" blindly believed every word and listened to the leader with their mouths open. He predicted a future apocalypse, talked about an imminent racial war, introducing mystical facts into his fables, and “brothers and sisters”, opening their mouths, absorbed every word.

Charles Manson needed recognition for his authority and easily got things done. He lived with the "Family" on the Stan ranch, traveled with "sisters and brothers" around the world by bus. Instead of seats, the transport had a pile of pillows and blankets. The sect sang songs with a guitar, engaged in sexual orgies and strange rituals.

Charles Manson family
Charles Manson family

The life of the "Family" 5

In 1968, Manson became friends with drummer Dennis Wilson. Dennis supported Charles's musical endeavors. Soon a whole sect was housed in the musician's mansion. They recorded music, threw parties for Wilson's finances. At that time, Dennis spent a pretty penny on the needs of the commune.

The next home for the "Family" was the ranch of a half-blind old man who allowed the commune to huddle on one condition: the girls would satisfy his sexual whims. Charles Manson gave the go-ahead and the little girls jumped into the old man's bed, as they did not dare to contradict the “great guru”.

However, this factor did not bother them. The "Family" sang Manson's hymns, arranged group sex, devilish rituals, and used drugs. They slaughtered animals, got drunk and smeared themselves with the blood of animals, considering themselves the highest race.

Terrible crimes6

Gradually, Charles taught his "students" to kill. The first victims were drug dealers. One of them sold a low-quality product, the other did not want to forgive the debt. Both poor fellows went to the next world. The members of the "Family" began to treat crimes as something commonplace. On their account there were many brutal murders, but the massacre that took place on August 9, 1969 is considered the worst.

Charles Manson and his wife
Charles Manson and his wife

Manson suddenly recalled old grudges against music producer Terry Murcher, who had once called Charles' musical compositions "talentless." The "great guru" decided to get even with the offender. He instructed the follower Tex and the three girls to arm themselves with knives and go to the specified address. The "teacher" ordered "not to spare anyone and to punish everyone who is not lucky enough to be in the house."

An hour before the crime, Manson receives information that completely different people live in the mansion. Now the building belonged to the director Roman Polanski and his beautiful pregnant wife. This news did not at all embarrass the sect leader and he did not cancel his cruel decision.

A gang of thugs at the specified time climbed over the gate, broke into the house and cut everyone present: the pregnant Sharon Tate and her guests, of whom were two women and a young boy. While leaving, one of the bloodthirsty killers wrote the word "Pig" in blood on the front door.

Manson calmly awaited the return of the "students" to the ranch. After the horrific crime, the girls and Manson danced naked on the table, enjoying the drugs and the nighttime atmosphere. Charles asked one of the criminals if she regretted what she had done, to which the “Family” member refused.

Manson and the students
Manson and the students

The sect before the court7

The next day, the city was numb with the terrible news. The cops ran off their feet trying to unravel the crimes, but no one could find evidence or traces. The house was covered in blood. Charles Manson was dissatisfied with the actions of the "pupils".

On the same day, he said that you need to act carefully, and he will teach them how. He goes with a small company to the house, chosen at random, in which the couple lived. The criminals broke into the house, tied up the couple, robbed the building and dealt with the unfortunate.

Three times the serial murder shocked the townspeople. After another robbery, one of the followers falls into the hands of the authorities and confesses to the murders. Manson believed that he was rented out by the rancher, where the commune lived. Members of the "Family" dealt with him too.

In 1971, the Manson Family was brought to trial. Even in the courtroom, the followers listened to every word of the "master". They took the blame upon themselves, copied his gestures and supported the "god" in every possible way.

They, along with Charlie, were sentenced to death in a gas chamber, but soon the death penalty was changed to life imprisonment.

Charles Manson Court
Charles Manson Court

Long years in prison8

The followers of the "greatest teacher" ended up behind bars, as well as the leader of the criminal gang. Charles Manson insisted until the very last moment that he didn’t regret it.

One of the members of the sect shared her memories of the atmosphere in the "Family". Manson, under the influence of drugs, preached that there is nothing terrible in death, because murder is not a sin. Charles had an intimate relationship with each of the followers, reveling in sex, and the young girls were madly in love with him.

They were jealous of each other and indulged in joint caresses, believing that each of them has a piece of Charlie. The members nicknamed themselves "Charlie's girls" and did whatever their adored leader desires. Following his example, they shaved their heads, carved out a swastika for love and sacredly believed every word of the "teacher".

While behind bars, each of them asked for early release, but not one petition was approved. Some associates of the "Family" fell into religiosity, begging for sins, but this factor did not affect the further fate.

Members of the "Family" commune to this day sit behind bars, displaying a pitiful image of emaciated old people, or have left the "mortal world".

Charles Manson the jester
Charles Manson the jester

In prison, Manson moved into the lyrics. He released a music album, wrote an autobiographical book, and even started an affair with a young fan, from whom he received a lot of letters. A girl named Afton Barton begged for a date with a sensational killer and won Charlie's heartless heart. As a result, the 80-year-old Manson and the 26-year-old young lady sealed the ties with an official marriage.

A year later, the old criminal asked for a divorce. The news reached him that the young wife, after the death of the faithful, would make a "scarecrow" out of his body and put it on public display for a certain amount of money. Looks like Charles met a woman to match himself, only a more charitable person.

In 2017, Charles Manson left the world, going, apparently, to his brother, master or faithful servant, His Majesty the Devil. Being in hellish torment, they will decide for themselves who has whom.

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