Types Of Lesbians: What Are 17 Types Of Lesbians?

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Types Of Lesbians: What Are 17 Types Of Lesbians?
Types Of Lesbians: What Are 17 Types Of Lesbians?

Video: Types Of Lesbians: What Are 17 Types Of Lesbians?

Video: Types Of Lesbians: What Are 17 Types Of Lesbians?
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There are different types of lesbians, depending on the image, role in the relationship. To classify women with a non-traditional orientation in a certain category, special terms have been created. The list of 17 types is formed based on the words of the representatives. These stereotypes - from funny shorthand to affectionate words - are just a small slice of the many tastes in the LGBTQ community.

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  • 1 Lipstick lesbians (femmes)
  • 2 butch lesbians
  • 3 Lesbians Stone Butch
  • 4 Soft booch
  • 5 Combat style
  • 6 Emo
  • 7 Hasbian
  • 8 bossy lesbian
  • 9 "Lesbian until graduation" (LUG - Lesbian until graduation)
  • 10 Sport dyke
  • 11 baby dyke
  • 12 lesbian gold star
  • 13 "Lonely Star"
  • 14 lesbian blue jeans
  • 15 Lesbian activist
  • 16 Pillow Queen
  • 17 Lesbian Vegan / Hippie

Fondant lesbians (femmes) i

They challenge the stereotyped image. Tiptoes are not averse to wearing tight-fitting dresses, long, loose hair. They like women and lipsticks - where the type's name comes from. According to Wikipedia, "Lesbian lipstick is a slang expression that exhibits more feminine gender attributes than other types."

Butch lesbians2

Women with short hair, assertiveness, and other traditionally masculine traits are counted. Among the celebrities, the type includes: Jane Lynch, Tig Notaro, Seuss Orman. Representatives of the category are called active - women prefer active recreation (motorcycle, diving). At the same time, they look belligerent, cool.

Lesbian Stone Butch3

Women like "don't touch me." The name refers to generous representatives who prefer to give their partner more pleasure than receive. They experience heavenly satisfaction knowing that their partner has reached orgasm. Not a bad tandem!

Soft butch4

This is a cross between masculine and effeminate representatives. They wear ties, classic men's trouser suits, but also heeled sandals and lipstick - they are in the middle between gender norms.

lesbians soft butch
lesbians soft butch


They prefer to look like a man. They love to establish warm relationships with older women.

Lesbian fight style
Lesbian fight style


Knowing who are emo and what they are addicted to (a style of rock music with emotional connotations) and who are lesbians (women who are attracted to women), it will easily become clear who are emo lesbians. Typical signs of emo lesbians include wearing heavy eyeliner, dyeing their hair bright colors, and jumping off to hardcore music.

Emo lesbians
Emo lesbians


The term refers to a woman who previously identified herself as a lesbian but is now in a heterosexual relationship or identifies as bisexual / hetero. You can not call the representatives of the category liars. As actress Anne Heche says, “You fall in love with a person, not sex,” about a three-year romance with Ellen DeGeneres, with whom she had her first and only lesbian relationship.

Anne Heche
Anne Heche

Anne Heche

Bossy lesbian8

As the name suggests, powerful / bossy lesbians are ambitious, fearsome women. They are powerful, competent and simply elite. Their power is drawn from various fields of activity - actress, sports, journalism, politics. They remain domineering as long as they are accompanied by success in professional affairs.

"Lesbian until graduation" (LUG - Lesbian until graduation) _ LUG_Lesbian_until_graduation

Similar to Hasbians, these are women who identify as lesbians before changing their orientation. They are viewed as experimenters looking to get a taste of the relationship with a girl in high school or college. But usually they do not have serious, long-term relationships with representatives of the same sex.

If you're in a bar and hear someone calling you LUG, that's not a compliment. Typically, LUGs are the type that is viewed with skepticism. Shorthand is used not only for lesbians: BUG (bisexual before graduation) and GUG (gay before graduation) - both denote hidden heterosexuality in bi or gay.

Sport dyke9

Lesbian Haven describes the term as follows: "sport dyke is a gay person who identifies with an athlete." Think of the legendary soccer star Abby Wambach or the basketball champion Simon August. These women are obsessed with their favorite sport.

Abby Wambach
Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach

Baby dyke10

This type includes women who have recently come out, who have just started to join the LGBT community. Unlike other types, this term is not assigned certain criteria, features of behavior.

Lesbian gold star11

Some of the labels above aren't all that flattering, but the Gold Star title should definitely be considered a badge of honor among lesbians. Queers United defines this type as "a lesbian who has never had sexual relations with a man and does not intend to." She is a lesbian to the core - and proud of it.

"Lonely Star" 12

According to the Urban Dictionary, such a woman has sex with a man, but only once. She tried it, understood the system of heterosexual relations, and returned to her beloved ladies. In some alternative definitions, a lone star means a woman has sex with one person, regardless of gender.

two girls hugging
two girls hugging

Lesbian blue jeans13

This is a subset of women who prefer to wear jeans. Hence the name. These girls are usually known for preferring comfortable clothes. You won't find women blue jeans wearing skirts or dresses, at least according to the Urban Dictionary.

Lesbian Activist14

Viva la revolution! These enterprising girls are marching in Washington, boycotting homophobic incidents and petitioning lawmakers to bring about real and positive change for their brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community. Equality does not come out of nowhere, and lesbian activists recognize that their voices will be heard and their rights protected, provided they actively fight for their rights, where freedom and justice are available to every person equally.

Lesbian activist
Lesbian activist

Pillow Queen15

Women in this category are accustomed to only having fun, not feeding love or affection for a partner. How else? Her Majesty is used to loving only herself! Such natures love to be worshiped and do everything so that they receive pleasure.

Lesbian Vegan / Hippie16

They are all about peace, empathy and the public good. One blog post entitled “Being Vegan Is So Gay” argues that the LGBT community is recruiting vegans and vegetarians to fight for minority rights together. Progressive thinking and tofu fry are stereotypical names for this type. Gay and vegan - it would seem, what do they have in common?

On this score, Ari Solomon - a writer for Girlie Girl Army - has his own opinion: “I'm gay. I am vegan too. For most people, these two things have nothing to do with each other. For me, the connection is as clear as day. This is not a picnic for vegans and lesbians, these are two completely atypical ways of life in modern culture.

Lesbian vegan
Lesbian vegan

In the end, there is no right or wrong way - there is only your own way. These 17 types of lesbians are just terminology that lesbians have used to describe themselves and their kind. The beauty of the LGBTQ community lies in their rainbow of personalities and views. Whichever type you choose, just make sure you wear it proudly.

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