Why Are Men Taller Than Women, Or Just A "high" Gene?

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Why Are Men Taller Than Women, Or Just A "high" Gene?
Why Are Men Taller Than Women, Or Just A "high" Gene?

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Why are men taller than women
Why are men taller than women

Many of you have never wondered why men are taller than women and how it happened? Unfortunately, modern science still cannot give an unambiguous answer to this question, but it nevertheless brought out several interesting and quite plausible theories. It is these theories that you can learn by reading this article and choose the most attractive one for yourself.

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  • 2 Back to the roots
  • 3 Gene is the head of everything

Some statistics

Absolutely in any city, any country around the globe, if you ask the question who is higher, men or women, they will answer you - men. But whatever you have to carry out such a strange experiment and pester strangers with stupid questions, there are statistics that will confirm this.

For example, in China, the average height of men is about 1 meter 70 centimeters, while women have only 1 meter 58 centimeters. In Russia, the height of men is approximately 178 centimeters, while that of women is 166. In Norway, men are as much as 182 centimeters, and women are only 168. In Mexico, the average height of men is only 169 centimeters, but women are even less, only about 154 Well, the tallest men live in the Netherlands, their average height is 184 centimeters, and for women - 171.

As you can see from the statistics, the average height of people in different countries can vary greatly, but one thing remains unchanged, men are always on average 15 centimeters taller than women. Of course, you can say that you know a woman who, walking down the street, bumps her head at traffic lights, and you can be absolutely right. But the statistics say about the average height of people, and if there is such a woman, then there must be a man somewhere who simply knocks these traffic lights off with his head.

And from all this we can conclude that the growth of people depends on their countries of residence and part of the globe. And this conclusion leads us smoothly to the first theory of why men are taller than women.

Going to the roots2

Studies of many scientists have shown that living conditions, work, health and, in particular, nutrition are very important factors in the growth of any organism. Thus, if a person does not receive enough food, then the brain distributes energy precisely to maintain the vital activity of the body, while growth will stop.

why men are taller than women
why men are taller than women

Also, some scientists suggest that the large growth of males can give an advantage, for example, in hunting, when fighting other males, conquering and attracting females (well, as practice shows, women still prefer larger and healthier men).

Everyone knows that at a time when mammoths walked the earth, and people still did not know how to cultivate the land, the only source of food was hunting. And, as you know, it was men who hunted. Therefore, height and larger physique can be a direct inheritance of our ancestors.

Men also needed to eat more to maintain their shape, and he had more opportunities for this. This led to the so-called food discrimination, which negatively affected the growth of women.

But if earlier it was a matter of life and death, now it is more of a social order. People do not notice this, because they are used to taking it for granted. Stereotypes tell us that girls should eat less than boys, although it happens that from childhood they are not inferior to the stronger sex in activity.

Gen to all the head3

The next theory, which will try to answer the question "Why are guys taller than girls," will be related to genes and their differences.

men are taller than women
men are taller than women

Growth is influenced by many different factors. These can be natural, external, internal and, in particular, genetic factors. Everyone knows that if parents are tall, then there is a high probability that children will not be deprived of them. From this we can conclude that certain genes can influence growth, unfortunately, which ones have not yet been identified.

One of the answers to the question "Why are men taller than women?" offered to us by scientists from the University of Helsinki. In their opinion, the X chromosome is to blame for everything, or rather, the fact that women have two, while men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. As a result of the research, scientists found the ITM2A gene, which is located on the X chromosome.

This gene, according to experts, is responsible for greater or lesser growth, and also participates in the development of cartilage tissue, and the longer it develops, the taller a person can grow. But one of the variants of this gene, according to scientists, can lead to short stature. That is, the intensive work of the ITM2A gene at a certain level can even block the growth and development of cartilaginous tissue, which in turn leads to growth arrest.

high gene in a man
high gene in a man

Since women have two X chromosomes, this gene works twice as intensively, and this may be the reason that the growth of women stops earlier than men. It also happens that at 10-11 years old girls are taller than their peers boys, but by the age of 14-15 their growth begins to slow down, while boys continue to grow actively.

And if a woman is taller than a man? Is it Noma or not? You can find out in our article further on the link.

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