Is It Worth Seeking A Girl After A Refusal: How To Achieve Location

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Is It Worth Seeking A Girl After A Refusal: How To Achieve Location
Is It Worth Seeking A Girl After A Refusal: How To Achieve Location

Video: Is It Worth Seeking A Girl After A Refusal: How To Achieve Location

Video: Is It Worth Seeking A Girl After A Refusal: How To Achieve Location
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Do you want girls
Do you want girls

Should you strive for a girl if she does not want to date and the reason is not clear? First of all, find out the reason. Courtship for someone you like can take years. Especially in their younger years, everyone thinks that they still need to study, build a career, get married early, since children will appear, you will be tied hand and foot for fifteen years, or even more, because children will also have to be taught.

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  • 1 You refused me twice, I don't want to, you said, you are such an infection, the girl of my dreams
  • 2 The crown has grown into the head and squeezed the brains of the poor boys
  • 3 During courtship, you should consider a few simple rules
  • 4 Life examples of true love and stupid youth

That is, if the girl has nowhere to go, her parents are not interested in her, they don’t think about teaching, then the direct way to get married, so she will not refuse, she will be glad that the chance turned up to arrange her fate. Most often this happens, early marriages, early children and then, as luck would have it, the guy turns out to be serious, then the family will take place, and in the opposite case - divorce and maiden name. The girl doesn't want a relationship? So what, whether to seek a girl for a guy if she is proud and knows her worth.

You refused me twice, I don't want to, you said, you are such an infection, the girl of my dreams

A man is in love, he wants her, and there is a sea of fans and everyone is vying with each other to offer their services. Usually a woman gets lost in such cases, does not know where to stop. And interestingly, the winner is the one who quietly stands on the sidelines and waits.

All applicants evaporate rather quickly, someone, due to self-doubt, seeing the competition, disappears, others try their hand at other facilities that are more accessible, and some simply change direction abruptly.

That's all, the way is open, you can start courting - this time.

Whether it will lead to success - no one knows, these are, unfortunately, two.

The most important thing is to hit on her friend and you will know absolutely everything. The girlfriend with great pleasure will lay out all the information about her beloved, what she loves, what she strives for, what are the preferences in boyfriends, what she likes, what to give. Why are friends doing this? They themselves do not know, but they always give out information one hundred percent - this is an axiom that does not require proof.

Pay attention to yourself: no stuttering, remove the frightened look. Better not to say anything, so as not to stutter, stand by and get used to her company, as you get used to, then act without a shadow of doubt, girls love decisive, courageous, strong husbands.

When you already know what she is interested in, study the issue and take an interest yourself, then there will be something to talk about on dates, the contact will work out by itself.

Take care of your appearance, be neat and well-groomed, which means attractive.

Life over the years changes views and priorities, the appearance of muscles and cubes gives way to a kind, caring attitude.

The candy-bouquet period never ends when there are interested persons. When a man achieves a woman, he will never take her off the pedestal and will do everything to make her feel worthy.

A good attitude can lead to the fact that you will be registered as friends, then the transition will be difficult, since you can stay in friends forever, which is also not bad. Everything in life can change.

Maybe you do not inspire confidence in her mother or friends, then you need to find out what exactly does not suit them and try to win their sympathy.

Should the girl seek after refusal
Should the girl seek after refusal

Or maybe she does not know at all what you like, then she needs to confess and give time to get used to the thought.

Excessive pressure can also ruin the case, she will think that she is being persecuted and will begin to be afraid of any inadequacy.

Any young touchy person dreams of a cheerful, enterprising young man and if he does not correspond to her ideas, then he may well refuse reciprocity. You need to find the strength to read several books, take an interest in modern culture, maybe even ask her to advise him where to go and what to see.

Then there will be an opportunity to go with her, and the situation will improve. You don't need to think that she is locked up at home herself and that you cannot reach her from any side.

Women quickly get used to attention and care, it is difficult to refuse the benefits that communication with those interested in her promises. The main thing is not to go too far, just be there in difficult times. Otherwise, you might not expect reciprocity. Why girls do not give, while not responding to any courtship - this is another conversation, which we will consider in the next article.

Some representatives of the strong half of humanity believe that it is not worth seeking a girl, since it is very easy to turn into a slave. You will do everything for her, and she will accept it without a shadow of doubt and gratitude. Particularly different are those who are afraid of becoming henpecked, he sees the humiliation of their own dignity everywhere.

When they get married, they try not to fulfill any of her requests, to show their big ego. It is so difficult to live with and it is good that they will not strive because they will torment them with nagging and remarks.

if the girl refuses
if the girl refuses

The crown rooted in the head and choked the brains of the poor boys

The peasants are divided into two halves, those who are able to please and those who are ready to compose hymns about themselves, they have a crown even more abruptly than a woman's. So he walks from one to the other, like a rolling pennant of a champion for quarrelsomeness.

It is they who believe that after asking once about a girl's desire and hearing a negative answer, never approach her again, not humiliate yourself and stay away from her. And if she showed interest, then she needs his money, and he does not want to share, not enough himself. They sincerely believe that let her come running.

Hence, there are two opposing opinions.

  1. It is necessary to achieve by all known methods, the best go to the bold and decisive, and weaklings and whiners - only bulkheads.
  2. You can't get a girl. Obsession will push her even further, only those who keep their distance can like it.

Currently, guys are not very interested in courtship problems, invited on a date and believes that she already agrees to everything, and does not agree, which means there will be another. Men behave like an endangered species, everything is allowed to them and everything is available, let women worry about creating a family, and they will proudly defile showing themselves from all sides.

what to do after two refusals
what to do after two refusals

This is partly to blame for the weaker sex, which has emancipated and is by no means a weaker one, they can easily come up themselves and ask for a phone number from someone they liked, make an appointment and take over the entire program of the evening, or even pay for dinner at a restaurant. Then we'll throw SMS with compliments and successfully marry him, having planned out our life together in advance. As a result, the reins of government and all the hardships of family life can be shifted onto the fragile shoulders of the wife.

It is not worth taking on a lot from the very beginning, so as not to be in the role of both the breadwinner and the keeper of the hearth and have another child instead of her husband, only rude and boorish. And it is not possible to teach them a lesson and teach them anything good.

The value of the relationship plummeted. A woman may well live alone, there is no need to protect her from wolves and bears, she earns an hour more than a man, civilization has provided everything necessary, as well as a lonely man.

During courtship, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind3

How, then, to make sure that you reciprocate? Some rules must be followed:

gain trust, be sincere and honest in your feelings and attitude

what to do after being refused
what to do after being refused
  • have a good sense of humor, which is highly valued and is able to cheer you up, be able to make any laughing laugh;
  • eyes should radiate love and admiration, any heart will melt from such a look;
  • romance has not prevented anyone yet: walking around the city at night, cafes, visiting megacities with the purchase of surprise gifts, but not often, so that this does not become the main incentive in a relationship, you need to fall in love with yourself, not with gifts;
  • make decisions on their own, girls like decisive ones.

If there are still indestructible romantics who are able to achieve their beloved and take her under their protection, then these are only a few. But fortunately they are, not all is lost in the sublunary world. And, having made a mistake in their youth, they are ready to atone for it, even if in old age.

It also happens that, without appreciating the beloved, without showing due respect or perseverance, lost at twenty, but gained at an advanced age. Quite often you hear such stories, about examples of long-term fidelity and finding your true happiness already at the end of years.

Examples from life about true love and stupid youth4

It happened in the last century. Cheerful joker Shurik, today at work was silent and had a somewhat solemn appearance. Someone asked, what is happening to our merry fellow?

what to do after refusal
what to do after refusal

He was told that he was going on a date with Vera. In a cafe, probably, but no: she will go to some preparatory courses, and he will stand on the corner of the house and see her off, maybe he dares to walk a couple of meters behind her. That's all the date. And so every Thursday, six months. Then the army for two years, without letters and promises. But as a result, there was a wedding and they live happily ever after. Years of expectations were met.

The beginning of the relationship was long ago. Young green, at school they were friends, after school they quarreled, she quickly married anyone and in return he married. It turned out two families, but separate. Years passed, the children grew up, and the other halves simply died corny. And at the age of 60, all classmates received an invitation to a wedding, two lovers were finally ripe to live together.

No one was even surprised, they were very happy, but the grown-up children were in shock, because they could not even think, not a single hint in their entire life. Further meetings of classmates are held at the "young" home. Things are good!

Another couple. At school, he did not dare to speak to her. But at 50, the time has come. On the avenue among the crowd of people, he blocked her way and finally, said everything he wanted. And the second youth began, full of amazing adventures, despite the fact that life had already battered both, and the holiday of the soul continues.

how to get a girl after refusal
how to get a girl after refusal

Whether to seek a girl is a moot point, it all depends on why a woman does not want a man and does not accept his courtship. Someone patiently waits and achieves, someone only after years realizes their mistake. This happens everywhere and there is no definite answer to the question, everything is decided by His Majesty the case, which is not even accidental, but a predetermined event.

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