How To Get A Mistress And How To Hide Her From Your Wife

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How To Get A Mistress And How To Hide Her From Your Wife
How To Get A Mistress And How To Hide Her From Your Wife

Video: How To Get A Mistress And How To Hide Her From Your Wife

Video: How To Get A Mistress And How To Hide Her From Your Wife
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How to get a mistress
How to get a mistress

At all times, men have taken lovers for themselves, now it's your turn. Do you also lack something in your married life, and would you like to shake yourself up? Then it's time to figure out how to find a mistress and why these connections are dangerous.

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  • 1 Why does a man need a mistress?
  • 2 Where to find a mistress?
  • 3 Rules for relations with a mistress
  • 4 Types of mistresses
  • 5 How to hide such a relationship?
  • 6 What if the mistress blackmails?
  • 7 What do men think of mistresses?

Why does a man need a mistress? I

Sexuality. A man needs variety. He may well be fed up with his wife or continue to want her as before, but she, tired of everyday problems or simply being constantly “not in the mood”, does not want to please him in bed. This is a good motive for a leftist. When you can get in touch with an attractive, relaxed and cheerful girl.

Jealousy. If a wife does not give her husband a pass with eternal reproaches of infidelity, then, as soon as a suitable opportunity comes up, he will not miss the opportunity to commit adultery. If you really suffer, then at least for the cause.

External appeal. When a wife turns into a sexless creature, just a housewife with mats on her head, walking in a washed dressing gown, it is not surprising that the husband wants to have someone on the side.

Lack of attention. No wonder they say that men are like children. They love to be praised and looked after. If they do not see admiration and adoration in the eyes of their spouse, they will go where they do not like to save money on warmth.

Female despotism. Men prefer women who are weak and defenseless. If the spouse is used to commanding, solving family issues and not asking for the opinion of her hubby, then he will most likely look for his delicate flower somewhere else.

Where to find a mistress? 2

If you are looking for the easiest way to meet a girl, go online. With the help of special sites and social networks, you can select several of the most attractive persons and start a correspondence with them. In the course of communication, you can get a photo and find out what the girls expect from such an acquaintance. When the choice stops on any one, you can plan a date.

How to get a mistress
How to get a mistress

Many sites do not require the provision of personal data, so it is possible to keep incognito. Despite all the accessibility and simplicity of this method, it is necessary to show originality and interest the girl, because fans like you, she may have a whole carriage.

A classic male working novel. Men appreciate such official connections for the fact that they can combine the useful with the pleasant, and a beautiful mistress is always at hand. But in this case, do not forget that you yourself become the object of close attention and observation. Such "close" colleagues can easily both help each other in the service, and harm. Risks include gossip among colleagues and the complexity of a beautiful parting. In addition, wives begin to look for mistresses first of all among colleagues, because it is at work that men spend most of their time.

Married ladies are a safe bet if you don't run into a cuckold husband. As a rule, women who are married do not require long courtship. They do not count on gifts, since they will not be able to explain to their husband the nature of their origin. Other people's wives do not claim your time, just as they do not allow theirs to be wasted. With them, you can not worry about the fact that the secret will become clear, it is not in their interests.

Rules for relations with a mistress3

If you want to have a young mistress, but do not know how best to do it, and at the same time do not want to risk your own marriage, you just need to follow these rules:

Decide on the age of the chosen one. As a rule, the younger the girl, the more wealthy a man she is looking for. With age, women's material appetites dull. They are more interested in understanding, support and attention from the boyfriend. In addition, older ladies are more relaxed in bed and they probably have something to surprise their partner with.

Mistress for a guy
Mistress for a guy

Determine how much you can spend on a mistress without harming the family budget. Dating a mistress requires finding a place that needs to be paid for. In addition, any girl is pleased to receive gifts, because many of them believe that the larger and more expensive the gift, the better the suitor treats her.

Learn to plan your time correctly. Delays after work, frequent absences from home and business trips will surely raise suspicions in the wife. Get ready for rare and short dates.

Be careful. Try to keep communication through gadgets to a minimum. Even if there is an urgent need, it is better to carry on correspondence or conversation in a dry formal style. Delete correspondence and calls immediately. Forbid your mistress to be the first to get in touch. If you want to please your passion with a gift, pay in cash so that there are no doubtful expenses in the payment history of your card.

Part beautifully. If the relationship with your mistress has exhausted itself, you need to arrange the separation so that your mistress does not have resentment or misunderstanding about this. The revenge of an insulted woman is terrible and destructive. Therefore, you need to explain everything very clearly, but at the same time gently enough so as not to hurt other people's feelings.

Types of mistresses4

Useful information for men who want to have a mistress. Depending on what a man lacks in marriage, he looks for it on the side. It might be variety in bed, beautiful appearance, lack of commitment and much more. To understand how a man has a mistress, and more specifically, which girl is more suitable for them, psychologists have decomposed them into certain types:

Where to find a mistress
Where to find a mistress

Shy guy. Such domestic and shy girls are usually taken as wives if they do not want to doubt the loyalty and unpretentiousness of the spouse. It is a stretch to play the role of a mistress, since it will never show any special tricks in bed, but, as you know, a tit in the hand is better than a crane in the sky

  1. The hostess. Always strives to serve a man at the highest level, but, unfortunately, only not in bed. Love joys with her, reminiscent of marital sex. But the rest of her are in complete order: the house is clean, the table has delicious food. She will always ask about business and give her advice.
  2. Business lady. Often married women and self-sufficient ladies who are not satisfied with their own sex life fall into this category. They are very punctual and independent. In bed, they do not like long foreplay, preferring to do everything quickly.
  3. Young and inexperienced. This option is one of the most risky. Despite all the attractiveness of such girls, relationships with them are built either on feelings or on commercialism. However, in either case, they do not plan to part with their boyfriend. With such girls, you can easily "sleep" and be left without a family.
  4. A lover by vocation. It is simply impossible to find flaws in such a woman. She is irresistible and sexy, knows how to behave and what to say. Possesses an extraordinary mind and abilities. He does not invade someone else's personal life, but they also do not allow him into his own. In bed, it's just an explosion of emotions and pleasure. The most dangerous type of women, as they break up families, without even attaching special importance to it.
Get a mistress
Get a mistress

How to hide such a relationship? 5

If you want to have a mistress, but at the same time not lose your wife, then for this you need to be at least "agent 007". It is possible to sit one booty on two chairs only by observing all the rules of conspiracy.

Never fall in love with a mistress. Such a serious feeling can turn a pleasant affair into a difficult relationship, which is simply impossible to hide. It is very likely that everything will end in divorce. But whether your mistress can compensate for such a large loss is a big question.

Do not take a fool, a psychopath and a young girl as your mistress. All these women are very unpredictable. Most likely, everyone who should remain in the dark will know about your connection. Relations with them will be like being in the neighborhood with a powder keg, ready to explode at any moment.

Keep everything secret. Most of all, men compromise themselves by introducing their mistress to friends, colleagues or acquaintances. The same effect will have a joint appearance in public places where acquaintances can meet. At the same time, it does not matter at all who you present her. Being around a pretty young lady is provocative in itself, not to mention the atmosphere that surrounds lovers.

Most men do not know how to lie, therefore, the less you tell your wife about your affairs, the less chances you will be punctured by little things. But to be silent in a guerrilla way is also useless. Dose information, tell what is impossible to verify.

Pay attention to details. Women are very attentive creatures, so much so that they can recognize cheating by a hair on their clothes, a woman's scent of perfume and even a suspicious gleam of eyes.

A guide on how to have a mistress
A guide on how to have a mistress

He who is forewarned is armed. Remember that not only can your wife control you, but you can also control you. Call her periodically and find out where she is. She will be pleased that you are constantly thinking and worrying about her.

Best offense attack. Pretend that you, too, are jealous of your spouse. If she thinks that you are "herding", then she thinks that you simply do not have time for amorous adventures.

What if the mistress blackmails? 6

If a former passion has appeared in your life, or your current mistress does not want to put up with resignation, they use the most formidable weapon for a married man - blackmail. Nothing scares a man so much as the fact that his spouse will be introduced to the course of his campaigns "to the left", because then everything will go on the knurled one: scandals, divorce, condemnation of acquaintances and friends.

This means that the man made a mistake and did not understand how to start a mistress correctly, now it is important to understand why these ladies, instead of quietly replenishing the ranks of the “former”, begin to drink the blood of their ex-lovers:

Many lovers are sure that they are much better suited to their gentleman than his spouse and only with them will he be happy. So, they repeat the words of the man himself, who lied to get the girl's attention.

It is possible that after you the girl already tried to build a relationship, but when they failed, she decided to renew the old one. Also, maybe she did not want to start a new relationship, preferring to squeeze everything out of the old.

After the girls are abandoned by their lover, they feel offended and envy the one that is more needed.

Very often, girls are guided by a sense of revenge for wasted time and wasted opportunities. This is possible if a man made deliberately false promises and prevented girls from building other relationships.

How to gently start a mistress
How to gently start a mistress

If your mistress is trying to blackmail you, you need to explain to her as clearly as possible that there is no return to the past and will not be, that all feelings have long faded away and her attempts to return you are only irritating. Try to convince her that she is still young and attractive, that she will still have many opportunities to improve her personal life.

If such methods do not affect her, then try to disarm her, tell her that you yourself will explain everything to your wife and try to settle family relations. If even after that she does not want to put up with her position, then it is best to explain to his wife personally, not allowing her to learn about your adultery from the lips of a vengeful girl.

What do men think of mistresses? 7

A survey of men on the topic "what is good about relationships with mistresses?" showed that in addition to common truths such as sex, novelty, risk, etc., most men named the lack of responsibility as one of the main factors attracting them in relationships with mistresses. As they explained, they like it when there is a young and attractive woman in their life, to whom they do not owe anything.

They do not need to bring her a salary, take care of her comfort and health, and raise and raise children with her. Another pleasant point is that in case of any problems with her, you can easily say goodbye and forget about her existence. They don't really care who she is or what she is. For men, it is much more important what she can offer them and how they will feel at the same time.

How to get a mistress behind the eyes of your wife
How to get a mistress behind the eyes of your wife

The most important thing is not to grow horns in the pursuit of mistresses. As you know, your wife is also a woman, and she may also lack male attention.

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