The Unique Appearance Of Asian Women. What's Their Secret?

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The Unique Appearance Of Asian Women. What's Their Secret?
The Unique Appearance Of Asian Women. What's Their Secret?

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beautiful asian
beautiful asian

Beauty is beautiful in its variety of forms. Today, uniqueness in appearance is appreciated more and more. It is possible to associate the desire of fashion for uniqueness with the fact that the world is already fed up with the same type of faces of old Hollywood. Today I want to see not just another sleek blonde, but a girl whose appearance I want to look at: a crack between my teeth, numerous freckles, a nose with a hump, an unusual eye shape.

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All this sets the mood and makes you gaze at the picture, and not just thoughtlessly scroll through, moving on to the next one exactly the same. Hence the growing popularity of models and actresses of the East: Asian girls have not yet had time to become familiar either with the fashion world, or the film industry market, or the common man in the street.

Oriental beautyi

asian beauty
asian beauty

Intoxicated with magical slanting brown eyes, the poets said enough on this topic, but speaking of the natural magnetic and mysterious beauty of Asians, one cannot fail to mention their eyes.

It seems that in these eyes of oriental women there is a fairy tale and the promise of all the miracles that the imagination is capable of. Who knows if this is the influence of literary heroes or a sincere craving for the exotic, but Asian girls, owners of truly enchanting brown and honey shades, are famous primarily for this particular zest of their appearance.

Asian girls themselves depreciate their natural beauty and strive in every possible way to resemble European women. And in general, of course, there is nothing wrong with this and a woman is free to choose how she looks, but the unification of beauty standards deprives the world of unique beauty.

Asians belong to the Mongoloid race, which is characterized by the following distinctive features: darker skin, compared to Europeans, with a yellowish undertone, a wide face with a heavy chin, thin small lips, a wide and flat nose, and slanted narrow eyes.

The beauty standards, under which the girls of Asia are trying to fit themselves, seem to be a direct protest to everything that nature has awarded. Since ancient times, it was believed that light skin is a sign of belonging to the ruling class and an indicator of a higher status, which forced Asians to whiten their skin in all available ways.

The development of plastic surgery has led to an even greater desire for women to reshape their own appearance to please the standards. Today, even such a concept as Asian plastic has appeared - a set of basic surgical changes in appearance, which Asian girls most often resort to.

Asian plastic2


The nose is the main headache of a girl of any nationality: everyone wants to shorten it, then narrow it, then remove the hump. Asian girls have gone the farthest on this issue (and for a European owner of a purely Jewish profile, this sounds especially wild) - they lengthen their nose and make it narrower and sharper.

Rhinoplasty is very complicated by the fact that the nose of Asians is quite flat and it is necessary to almost completely redo it to get the desired result. During the operation, a narrower and thinner nasal septum is created, and to lengthen the tip of the nose, both autologous material (tissue for transplantation is taken from the patient himself) and various silicone implants are used.

Another very popular procedure is maxillofacial plasty. According to the canons of beauty adopted in Asian countries, the most beautiful is the pointed shape of the chin and the oval of the face, tapering downward. The problem is that anthropologically, the structure of the jaw and facial bones in Asians is exactly the opposite: a wide and heavy jaw and a round, poorly defined contour of the face.

Such operations are further complicated by the fact that the face of Asians is more prone to the accumulation of a layer of subcutaneous fat than that of any other race, and the surgeon is forced to take this into account, and the girls of Asia after the operation must very closely monitor their diet in order to avoid the need for repeated surgical intervention.

The charming eyes of Asian women seem so attractive, it seems, only to Europeans and lovers of exoticism, while Asian girls themselves willingly lie under the knife of a plastic surgeon to change the shape of the eyes, make them larger and more noticeable.

Although the plastic of the eyelids of the Asians is not much different from the plastic of any other race, there are also its own peculiarities: for the Caucasian race, for example, such plastic is an exclusively age-related necessity, while Asians have been dreaming about it since childhood. How to remove excess fat on the eyelids.

Thin lips, anthropologically laid, also prevent Asians from living in peace. Although they are not interested in Julia Roberts' smile, they still strive to make their lips more plump and plump.

So it turns out that now the standard of beauty, under which the initially insanely beautiful girls of Asia are striving to fit themselves, more and more resembles a strange mixture of European beauties and anime heroines. Big eyes, plump lips, porcelain white skin, a small pointed nose and a truly childish face make the inhabitants of Asian countries look more like dolls than people. Although, admittedly, pretty pretty dolls.

Asian makeup3

asian makeup
asian makeup

Plastic surgeries are very common in Asian countries, but not everyone can afford such a radical and costly transformation. That is why Asian girls have become real makeup gurus. They manage with the help of cosmetics to paint themselves a practically new face.

Cosmetic companies are taking full advantage of the self-doubt of an entire nation of women and are actively producing foundations with super-overlapping properties, various methods for home lip augmentation, false eyelashes of every imaginable and inconceivable shape.

Beauty bloggers are especially popular in Asian countries who can tell you how to turn yourself into a new standard of Asian beauty with the help of cosmetics and various tricks, without resorting to the services of plastic surgeons.

Another way cosmetic companies can make good money by imposing beauty standards is with various bleaching products. In Asian countries, they are used not only by the beautiful half of humanity, but also by men, especially young ones. Whitening creams and masks are the best-selling product in the Asian market.

Why Asians Don't Get Old4

youth of asians
youth of asians

It is generally accepted that Asian girls are not subject to the passage of time and simply do not age. They somehow magically jump from the age of "somewhere around twenty" to the age of "give granny a place."

Although it is impossible to protect yourself from mimic wrinkles, this stereotype is partly justified. Asian women spend a lot of time on skin care. The skin of the inhabitants of Asia is, in principle, thicker and more elastic than that of other peoples, which allows you to delay the appearance of wrinkles in principle, and competent multi-stage care allows you to prolong youth even more.

Japanese skin care, for example, consists of an average of 12 (just think) steps, which, in addition to removing makeup and applying various nourishing creams and serums, also includes self-massage and exercises to maintain the oval of the face.

In addition, it is worth recognizing that, in general, Asian girls lead a healthier lifestyle: it is very difficult to meet an Asian woman in a public place who would smoke a cigarette or drink alcohol, unlike those Europeans for whom a cigarette and a glass of wine are integral companions of the evening. … In Asia, such behavior, firstly, is condemned by the culture, and secondly, Asians themselves are so worried about the safety of their skin that they are afraid of bad habits like fire.

An important factor is the quality of decorative and care cosmetics. Most of the substances that make up the composition are natural and take care of the skin as carefully as possible. It is no coincidence that Asian cosmetics are actively capturing the European market today. The quality of the products does not give rise to any complaints.

Attitude to the body5

asian bored
asian bored

Asians themselves are rather short, especially in comparison with Europeans. And naturally, this could not but contradict the canons of beauty. Today, there are tons of different ways to visually add height to yourself, ranging from truly epic heels to various fashion tricks and silicone overlays on shoes.

If in relation to women the standard of growth is even more or less flexible, then in relation to men the criteria are quite strict: the higher, the better, and do what you want.

In addition to growth standards, there are truly model weight standards in Asia. In order to look even more like porcelain dolls, Asian girls constantly monitor their own weight, the thinner and louder the young lady is considered more beautiful.

Relations with sports are also very peculiar: a pumped-up relief body is considered ugly even for men, let alone women. The doll must be fragile.

The nature of the Asian women6

character of asians
character of asians

In the modern world with its emancipated women, men are increasingly looking towards Asian beauties. Indeed, in the countries of Asia, the patriarchal way of life is still preserved, and the man to some extent remains the self-proclaimed king of the young family.

Of course, this applies only to remote villages, where the progress of society has not yet reached, as well as to the older generation, which absorbed the predatory way of life with mother's milk. On the other hand, young people are becoming more and more socially active. Young girls in Asia are just as active as their sisters from all over the world are fighting for their own rights and for equality in general.

The most famous girls in Asia7

This is not to say that all Asians without exception strive to reshape their own appearance. Today, among Asians there are many models, successful film actresses and TV presenters. Of course, each of them bears little resemblance to Korean pop idols, because unlike the Korean women, each has managed to maintain its uniqueness and authenticity.

Asian girls, although not spoiled by adequate representation in the cinema (well, when the last time there was an Asian on the screen playing a non-tattooed mafioso, or a rebel girl with the obligatory purple strand in her hair), step by step they move in the fight against stereotypes.

Liu Wen8

Liu Wen
Liu Wen

Among all Asian women, the most successful and famous is Liu Wen. Born in China, Liu Wen is truly a role model for all girls in the East. She is a kind of guide for all Asians into the world of the modeling business. Today, the model is on the sixth line of the list of the most beautiful and successful models, according to the site

In addition, Liu Wen is the first Asian to advertise cosmetics, as well as among the Victoria Secret Angels.

Zhang Zilin9

Zhang Zilin
Zhang Zilin

If anyone won the genetic lottery among Asian girls, then this is the most beautiful Chinese woman - Zhang Zilin. It combines all the canons of beauty according to the Asian version: big eyes, relatively plump lips and, what is most outstanding, the height of 182 centimeters.

Zhang Zilin is the Miss World title holder. And by the way, she was the highest contender for the crown at the competition. An exciting challenge to stereotypes!

Tao Okamoto10

Tao Okamoto
Tao Okamoto

Another increasingly popular fashion model is Tao Okamoto. A native of Japan, the girl gained popularity thanks to her own bright appearance, indescribable charisma and excellent sense of style. Today she works with such fashion houses as Zac Posen, Ralph Laurent, Saint Laurent.

An unusually short haircut for a Japanese woman and an impeccably chosen unisex style glorified the Asian beauty all over the world and secured a contract with the Elite modeling agency.

Lucy Liu11

Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu

It is impossible to make a list of Asian beauties without mentioning Lucy Liu. Although the actress was born in the United States, it's hard to deny that the daughter of expatriates from Taiwan has a magnetic Asian appearance.

The actress has appeared in many films and for a long time has been practically the face of Asian girls in Hollywood and their only representation that has managed to avoid the stereotypical reflection in the cinema. Today, the actress is 50 years old, but she only confirms the opinion that Asian girls do not age in principle - she is as beautiful as in 1992, when she was just starting her career.

Beauty lies in detail and uniqueness. We can only hope that over time, women around the world will learn to value their own authenticity and be beautiful not as a model from the cover, but as themselves. And in conclusion, we recommend that you read the following article about girls in Italy and their features.

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