How To Approach An Unfamiliar Girl And Not Spoil Everything At Once?

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How To Approach An Unfamiliar Girl And Not Spoil Everything At Once?
How To Approach An Unfamiliar Girl And Not Spoil Everything At Once?

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Sometimes it seems that being a man is easier than a girl. This is most likely the case. But not about dating. Here the man bears all the responsibility, because it is accepted that men are most often the initiators. How to approach an unfamiliar girl, how to strike up a casual conversation and communication? Such questions torment the guys, preventing them from making up their minds and taking the first step. And perhaps it was at this time that fate slipped out of hand.

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How to overcome fear and take action? I

The main enemy at first is fear. It is he who prevents you from deciding to approach a beautiful stranger in a club, on the street, in a cafe, and anywhere. Probably, it just won't work in the library, because there should be silence in the library. Guys are confused by a potential refusal, because after unsuccessful approaches, self-esteem definitely does not rise. And also thoughts are swarming in my head, and what to say to the girl and how to start a conversation.

Fear is the main problem, but not everyone knows that it can be solved in an elementary way. You just have to take it and do it. The main thing to understand for yourself: you can approach any girl and in any setting. At first it will be creepy and inconvenient, but only practice will help here.

To combat fear and improve communication skills with the opposite sex, there is a wonderful exercise or some kind of challenge. For 15 days, it is necessary to approach two different girls every day in order to establish an acquaintance. Regularity is important in this exercise, so you cannot give yourself indulgences. In the first 3-5 days, you will be preparing for the approaches for a long time, during this period, withdrawal and the desire to quit will begin. Don't give up in any way. Already in the first week, you will realize that there is no fear and refusals do not make you feel horror and powerlessness. Just don't stop. 15 days will help turn your attitude around and strengthen your confidence: you will become a different person.

5 rules for a successful tackle5

So, you move on to action. For a successful acquaintance, you should reconsider your behavior and make adjustments to it. The efficiency will increase significantly:

go up to an unfamiliar girl
go up to an unfamiliar girl
  • Smile. Spontaneous dating is stressful for both you and the girl. Place her to you with your smile. It will help to add some lightness to the conversation, and a sincere smile and attitude are very contagious;
  • Loud and confident voice. This manner helps to demonstrate masculinity and confidence on your part. And who else can a girl need no matter how confident a man is ?;
  • Make eye contact. You have selected an object and keep your eyes on it. Just remember to blink;
  • Keep your distance. Choose a comfortable distance and don't get too close. A confident voice and look will do their job by themselves;
  • Clear and calm speech. Don't try to give out your entire speech in one minute. Speak clearly and take your time, pause and add accents.

A natural and confident demeanor is another key to success. If today is not about you, then practice and improve your skills.

Different places, different ways2

In different places and in different situations, there are nuances of how to approach an unfamiliar girl and start communication. If the meeting took place on the street, then it is necessary to act decisively, otherwise the object of interest may quickly disappear. Also, consider the weather, sometimes it plays on your side. Rain can be both negative and positive if, for example, you provide your potential friend with your umbrella. It is more difficult for beginners to navigate in a rapidly changing environment.

go up to an unfamiliar girl
go up to an unfamiliar girl

It is much easier to strike up an acquaintance with the one that you regularly see, but still did not dare to approach. Maybe a colleague or student from your institute. Prepare in advance for the fateful and "accidental" meeting. Find out where she goes, what she enjoys and go there too. A common interest always helps in rapprochement. You will need more time for such maneuvers, but if the result is worth it, then why not.

A simpler option that does not require lengthy preparation is to face it. Literally. To depict a collision, to apologize, to refer to absent-mindedness today, to find out the name further and to offer to make amends.

A more relaxed man can apply for a successful acquaintance in the club. In such an atmosphere, it is important to feel confident and communicate with different girls. Such a guy will arouse interest in the opposite sex, so when that one meets, there will be no question of how to approach her.

It is not always important what you say, it is important to start acting. Stop planning a detailed conversation in your head, because very often everything in life does not go according to plan. Refusal is neither bad nor good. It's just that either you turned out to be different, or the girl today has her own reasons that have nothing to do with you. Develop, improve your manners and communication skills, and you will succeed.

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