17 Ideas On How To Have A Good Time With A Girl

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17 Ideas On How To Have A Good Time With A Girl
17 Ideas On How To Have A Good Time With A Girl

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how to spend time with a girl
how to spend time with a girl

Remember the saying "with a lovely paradise and in a hut?" Simply put, it is good for two in love everywhere: under the starry sky, on the river bank, or just on a park bench. Today we will share ideas on how to spend time with a girl and make romantic memories of it.

The content of the article

  • 1 Romantic
  • 2 Excursion and cognitive
  • 3 Entertainment - gaming
  • 4 Sports for two

Evening by candlelight has long been out of favor among today's youth. Guys and girls prefer to have fun, using their slang "to fire to the fullest."

If we mentally divide the possibilities of spending time together, then we can single out the groups:

  • romantic,
  • sports,
  • entertaining - gaming,
  • sightseeing and educational


Flower party

All girls love surprises. So arrange it! For example, invite your loved one to a flower party in her honor. All songs that sound for her will be associated with a flower theme and should end with a donated flower. During the dance, do not miss the opportunity to give flowers too. At the end of the party, your chosen one should become the happy owner of a gorgeous bouquet.

Childhood memories

If the weather is gloomy and uncomfortable, it makes sense to spend a romantic evening at home or indulge in childhood memories, including children's cartoons, which they once loved to watch. And if you combine watching with eating your favorite ice cream, washing it down with soda and bubbles, you will certainly be overwhelmed by a wave of nostalgia.

Under the starry sky

Remember when was the last time you admired the stars. And this is so romantic. By the way, and informative, because remembering the school course of astronomy, you can find the constellations of Cancer, Gemini, Virgo … Find the brightest star in the sky and, calling it the name of your beloved, give it to her with the words "Now this star is yours and she will always light your path." …

We rode on a boat …

If you don't know how to spend time with a girl, spend it on a boat trip. A smoothly gliding boat along the water surface of the river brings a romantic mood. It is clear that boat management will not be your only responsibility. You must entertain the girl with an interesting conversation on a topic of interest to her, therefore, be careful, because, being carried away, you can violate safety precautions and, having made a mistake, be in the water with your beloved.

Meeting at the cafe

On the one hand, the idea is standard, on the other - a win-win. It is better if the cafe is not crowded, with quiet sounding music. It's great if you have the opportunity to merge into a slow dance. Good cuisine will improve your mood.

Excursion and cognitive2

Corner of Russia - father's house

If you are city dwellers, take the opportunity to get to know better the corner of Russia where you happened to live. Surely not all museums have been honored with your visit. Did you manage to see all the monuments? Isn't it worth filling in the gaps and spending time with benefit for two?

what can you do on a date
what can you do on a date

Car trip into the unknown

If you are an adherent of adventurism and unpredictability, this option is for you. Refuel a full gas tank of your personal car. Take food with you. Sit your girlfriend in the next seat and … forward in a straight line. Where? And wherever the eyes look. Stop at the places you like. Have a mini picnic in a birch grove. You will return tired, but happy, with a lot of the most incredible impressions.

Ecological picnic

A tourist ecological trip will give you the opportunity not only to better explore the reserved places of your native land, but also give you a gift in the form of the opportunity to be together for a whole day (or better two). You can attract friends to the trip, it will be even more interesting. Bonfire under the starry sky, songs by the fire and the atmosphere itself will remain in your memory for a long time.

Entertainment - gaming_8212

Games for two

Why not play together? There are so many fun and interesting games! You don't even need to invent them, since everything was invented before us:

  • Lotto.
  • Twister.
how to have a good time together
how to have a good time together
  • Monopoly.
  • Tic-tac-toe.
  • Sea battle.
  • Dart.
  • Board games.

You can come up with your own games, the main thing is that they are fun and carry a semantic load.

Amusement park

Visit it without fail. A lot of exciting experiences are provided for you. What are the roller coasters worth? Age will not allow to sit on horses. But the chain carousel, Russian races, the Ferris wheel and other innovative atro - entertainment will definitely add the right touch to the romance of your relationship. Firstly, you are together, and secondly, and thirdly … and in the hundredths - you are together! And this is the main point!


If the girl can swim, suggest spending the whole day at the water park. The atmosphere of a summer holiday, an abundance of exciting rides (which only water slides are worth!), Spray and water fireworks will not leave anyone indifferent. And as a bonus for you - the opportunity to enjoy the figure of your beloved during the day.

how to have a romantic time with a girl
how to have a romantic time with a girl

Dance floor

How long have you been dancing? Most likely, a long time ago, since it is not known for what reason the fashion for dancing, with the exception of club parties, has outlived its usefulness. Talk to your parents. They will tell you so much about the time spent on the dance floor. Ask the girl what dances she prefers. Pay for a one-time lesson to teach this particular type of dance at the dance club. For a girl, this will be very unexpected and pleasant. And having received a charge of vivacity and a stunning mood, she will certainly thank you … with a passionate kiss.

Sports for two3


Billiards is popular among young people. If the girl is familiar with this game, it is quite possible to have a good time in an institution where billiard tables are installed. If not, there is a reason to teach her the intricacies of the game. In any case, your companion will appreciate the efforts and have a lot of fun.


Many municipalities have designated rollerblades in parks that can be used by renting skates there. By inviting your beloved to go rollerblading, you can have fun. Lack of skills will not prevent you from laughing at your naughty legs. Well, sometime, in the end, you need to learn this.

where to go on a date
where to go on a date


An interesting and quite addicting sports game. Having received balls, equipment and weapons in the form of a pistol specially designed for the game, you are looking for a worthy opponent for yourself and arrange a real battle. In the game you will have the opportunity to show your beloved that she is in good hands, since you will gently protect her from the balls. At the end of the game, tired, but happy from the knowledge that you have won an almost real battle, you can afford to rest in a shady clearing.


What Russian does not like football! Surely your chosen one is no exception. The atmosphere of the game, the general excitement in the stands so captures those present that it will remain in the memory of your companion for a long time.

Bike ride

For outdoor enthusiasts. A walk with your beloved on bicycles through the picturesque places of your region will please not only the girl, but also you. After all, this is, first of all, the opportunity to stretch your muscles, secondly, to admire the beauty of nature, and thirdly, just to be alone.

If a spark of love and sympathy has already run between you and your beloved, you, by and large, do not care where and how to spend time with a girl.

how to spend time with a girl
how to spend time with a girl

It is important that you enjoy the communication and the opportunity to just be together.

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