Happy Couples Have Sex Less Often! Interesting Discovery

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Happy Couples Have Sex Less Often! Interesting Discovery
Happy Couples Have Sex Less Often! Interesting Discovery

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Happy couples have sex less often
Happy couples have sex less often

One interesting article was published in the scientific journal "Social Psychology and the Science of Personality". It talked about a study that scientists conducted in order to find out how many times a week happy couples have sex.

The content of the article

  • 1 Study of people of different age groups
  • 2 Always in touch
  • 3 Kissing and tactile contact
  • 4 More sleep
  • 5 Say how much you love
  • 6 Diversify your sex

And the results were shocking. It turns out that those who are truly happy in their marriage or relationship only have sex once a week. Those that are less likely to be less satisfied with their lives, and those that are every day have many problems. Let's talk in more detail.

Study of people of different age groupsi

The Kinsey Institute conducted research for 40 years, and during this time, scientists managed to study 30,000 pairs. As it turns out, happy couples who are completely satisfied with their spouse and life have sex only once a week. But this is an average, and it can vary depending on age:

couples between the ages of 18 and 29 have sex more often, about twice a week. And they are happy, they don't need more

From the age of 30, sex becomes more rare, and is approximately 1-1.6 times a week

After 40 years, amorous pleasures attract less and less, and reach up to once every two weeks

Young couples are just beginning to get to know each other, trying to get enough of love, their passion boils, which encourages them to have sex more often. Older people have already “ate” each other to their fill, and now they just feel good together, they are engaged in a common life, share hobbies. And the state of health with age becomes worse, more often fatigue, problems at work and with children overcome.

It's perfectly normal when a couple of years ago you loved each other at least three times a week, and today you are increasingly shirking from fulfilling your marital duty. You can't blame your partner's unwillingness to have sex on the fact that he begins to cool down towards you, it may be in elementary fatigue. If you feel comfortable and comfortable together, then you can be happy with a minimum amount of sex.

Happy couples and sex
Happy couples and sex

Do not compare your number of intercourses with the number of friends. Everyone has their own temperament, some need daily sex, others need once a month.

Scientists have also found that couples who make love every day are simply not satisfied with their relationship or life in general. On a subconscious level, they try to close the "holes" with sex, in other cases they just get bored with each other. And the only thing that holds them together is sex.

Why are couples with less sex happier?

Always in touch2

Despite the busyness, the workload of the day, happy couples do not forget about each other. They want to be aware of what is happening with their partner at the moment, show interest. A telephone conversation in the middle of the working day, SMS correspondence - all this makes them happy.

Kissing and tactile contact3

It doesn't matter how many years you've lived together, the main thing is to maintain tactile contact. Passing your husband or wife, just walk up, hug, kiss, stroke your hand. Hold hands on walks.

Surely, everyone at least once met with an elderly couple walking through the park. Look at them, there is no sex in their life at all, but they walk the path together, holding hands. Isn't that proof?

Discovery about the frequency of sex
Discovery about the frequency of sex

More sleep4

People who don't get enough sleep are tense, they are not happy with anything, everything is annoying, even a loved one. Stop chasing time, let it go, give yourself a good rest. Put aside your daily activities, spend the day off just for yourself, turning off the alarm clock and phone. Stay in bed all day, putting on interesting movies or your favorite TV series to watch, read a book that you haven't got your hands on for a long time.

Fancy taking a nap during the day? This shouldn't be a problem. Try to get enough sleep at least once, and you will feel that you become happier.

Say how much you love5

You have been together for a long time, and you are sure that he / she knows how much you love. But this needs to be constantly reminded.

These simple three words will kindle a spark in the soul of a beloved person. Speak just like that, before going to bed, listen to the words of declaration of love in return, and a smile will appear on your faces. When you know that your loved one loves you, all problems become secondary.

Diversify Sex6

Monotonous, monotonous everyday sex can kill all the desire to engage in it. If you are already satisfying your partner on autopilot, then there is no need to remain silent about it.


The fact is that everyday lovemaking (because it is necessary) for many is a routine, like cleaning a toilet or washing dishes. Delete the word "must" by replacing it with "want". Have sex only if you want to, not to pay off your marital debt. And to make it start to bring new experiences, add variety: candles, romantic dinner, role-playing games, or choose unusual places to make love.

Don't worry about not having enough sex. Do not compare it with real happiness, when two people without sex can be absolutely happy with each other! If, without sex, you do not feel happiness, then this means that the wrong person is with you.

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