Where To Meet Girls For Serious Relationship?

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Where To Meet Girls For Serious Relationship?
Where To Meet Girls For Serious Relationship?

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meeting girls
meeting girls

It is unlikely that you will find a girl who would need a relationship for an hour or a week. Almost all young women, consciously or not, are ready for marriage, family, everyday life and children. Therefore, if you have already moved on to the stage of searching for your future wife, then the question arises, accordingly, how and where are dating girls for a serious relationship.

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  • 1 Steel eggs
  • 2 Trap per female
  • 3 Street will help
  • 4 Cultural rest
  • 5 Everybody dance
  • 6 Shopping isn't just for girls
  • 7 Tell the masks no
  • 8 This is not a joke, we met on the minibus
  • 9 Virtual reality is real
  • 10 Experienced pick-up artist advises

Steel eggsi

Sometimes society overestimates men, calling them the stronger sex. Even a very brutal-looking macho may not have steel balls in his scrotum. And when he meets an interesting girl, he begins to stutter and blush, like a teenager in puberty with acne on his face.

So, many guys and men simply refuse this business, preferring to spend time alone or with friends. Someone even decides to change their orientation, concluding that girls are not for him. Those who dare, fail after failure, and soon fail too. In addition, every guy has such a friend who is not at all difficult to get acquainted with a girl for a serious relationship with a girl.

In order for a modest and shy man to overcome his fear and strengthen his eggs with a bulletproof vest, you need to remember a few rules.

  1. "Never lose patience - this is the last key that opens all doors." This is what the famous French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery said.
  2. A competent and carefully designed assault will take down any obstacle.
  3. Even an experienced pick-up artist has setbacks. What can we say about the guy who still lives with his grandmother or plays the violin, like the third violinist in the village orchestra.
  4. Refusing to give you a phone number or name is not a reason to wash the rope or throw yourself headfirst off the escalator.
  5. And the last thing. Don't wait six months for the right moment. Wherever you meet your nymph, come now and there and then. Exception: the toilet is a place for single use.

So, armed with these simple rules and tips, you can start exploring hunting places. Remember, you are a hunter - she is a prey that you either eat or keep for yourself as a winning trophy for life.

Female trap2

Where and how to find a girlfriend for a relationship? In fact, it can happen absolutely anywhere. Therefore, when you begin to choose a place where you can put a trap on a female, do not dwell on one thing purposefully.

Any location is suitable, be it a tram or parking near the construction market. In addition, any hunter knows that when setting a trap, you need to take into account the state of the bait. In this case, the man himself acts as the bait. So it is necessary, first of all, to put yourself in order. And these are clean things, not necessarily world trends, and a clean body. A man who smells of sweat or fumes from a mile away has almost no chance of meeting.

So, we washed, shaved our armpits and went hunting. And these are the places where dating with a girl for a serious relationship is carried out most often.

meet a girl
meet a girl

According to statistics, couples who met on a male initiative met:

  • on the street or in public places - 31%;
  • at work or business meetings - 20%;
  • at school or university - 16%;
  • at a meeting with friends, through relatives - 14%;
  • on social networks - 11%.

The remaining 8% did it in other, unexplained situations.

And now you can examine in detail those locations where cupids like to launch their love arrows.

The street will help3

Someone claims that it is difficult to get acquainted on the street, since many are in a hurry on business and have no desire to stop halfway for communication or acquaintance. Someone, on the contrary, says that the street is an ideal place to meet, since you don't have to use your finances or your brain to stop a girl you like. Both sides are right to some extent.

Yes, often people are in a hurry. But in any city there are places where the townspeople love to relax in the evenings or on weekends. These are parks, squares, grounds with fountains, etc.

Walking along the streets of the central park, you can certainly meet more than one girl with whom you can meet and ask for a number for future meetings.

meet a girl
meet a girl

In addition, force majeure often happens on the street. For example, a car stalled, the handles of a bag with groceries were torn, a wallet dropped. In this case, immediately run to the rescue. No girl can resist a truly noble deed.

On the street, you can always ask a passing beauty how to find your way to a certain place. With a creative approach, the chances increase many times over. And in the end, no one will chop off your head if she refuses to give a number to continue communication. It means that it is not destiny for her to become a girl of such a macho as you.

Cultural rest4

Dating girls for a serious relationship can be done in more noble locations. For example, exhibitions, museums or concerts. If you want to meet a girl - show your erudition and ingenuity!

As a rule, girls do not attend such events alone, so you can invite a single friend with you. In addition, such places are visited by girls who do not have parties or clubs in mind, but more serious things. Young women who are under or over 30, divorced ladies are the main contingent of those who visit museums or exhibitions.

You can hook up younger girls at a concert of some fashionable group. You can also choose to exhibit something unusual, such as weird gadgets or vintage cars. So you can immediately find common topics for conversation, and the acquaintance will smoothly develop into a first date.

Plus, don't rule out more mundane places like libraries and bookstores. When you see a girl you like, pay attention to the book she is interested in. Perhaps you also read it, which means that a reason for dating has already been found in itself.

meet a girl
meet a girl

Everybody dance5

Of course, at parties in clubs, you are unlikely to find a girl for a serious relationship. Such acquaintances usually end after a night spent together in a drunken stupor. Sometimes in the morning you can't even remember the name of the one with whom you talked so actively and danced all night.

But more solemn events for these purposes are perfect. Weddings, anniversaries, christenings - these places are filled with young people, where the celebration itself already sets you in a serious mood.

Examine the guests, choose the one that you like and invite to a competition or dance. Compliments accompanied by good jokes will not leave girls indifferent. Just be careful not to confuse the bridesmaid with the bride herself or her mother. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain your intentions to the groom later.

Shopping not only for girls6

From urban forests, hunting grounds can be converted to stone jungles. Clothing stores, footwear stores, supermarkets - they provide great opportunities for dating serious girls.

Do not give up when you see a girl in louboutins if you are wearing sneakers from the Cherkizovsky market. Even millionaires can be led to a beggar if he has a tightly hung tongue. And he, in this case, is your best assistant.

Nothing can stop you from approaching a girl with a question or for advice. Ask for help with choosing the style or color of the tie, because you need it to match your extraordinary eyes. You may be asked to choose a perfume, a shirt or any other thing.

meet a girl
meet a girl

In a grocery store, starting a conversation is also easy. After choosing a suitable object, blow directly towards it and immediately begin the offensive. Ask if she knows the recipe for making ready-made dumplings, because you are alone and you have no one to help with such a question. Girls love guys with humor, so don't be afraid to joke. However, here you should know the boundaries. If you are sure that Pavel Volya is not suitable for you, then most likely you have problems with a sense of humor. Ask someone you know to test you so you don't get screwed up later.

Tell the masks - no_8212

Sport - is life. And indeed it is. Not only will you strengthen your health and masculinity by visiting various sports clubs and gyms, you also have a great chance to meet your future bride here. Undoubtedly, this method of acquaintance has great advantages. These are joint activities that you love, and a good figure for a potential wife. If she is still far from perfect, you at least already know that she is on her way to him.

And one more big and bold plus. When you meet in the gym, on the sea beach or in the pool, you will see her real appearance. Without a ton of foundation, fake eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, etc. In addition, all the delights of her figure are in front of you. This is cellulite, and an extra fold on the abdomen, and a scar after appendicitis. Therefore, surprises in the form of pimples or a crooked toe can not be expected. The pig in a poke, in this case, is not your story. You will know exactly who you are aiming at.


This is not a joke, we met on the minibus7

And this is really no joke. Many couples, according to surveys, did meet on public transport. Someone took a chance at the first meeting and was able to get to know the girl. And someone watched for a while for the person she liked and was soon able to find topics that interested her and made it possible to continue the conversation outside the transport.

Virtual reality is real8

And of course, the most common, probably, today type of dating girls for serious relationships is the Internet.

First, it's a very convenient way for shy guys. Even if you turn red like a tomato at a fair, no one will see it. In addition, it is much more convenient to take the first step. You will not be vomited into her sandals, only the keyboard can suffer from this.

Secondly: Internet communication saves important resources - time and money. And even if you like a foreigner, not knowing the language will not be a problem, translate to help you right on the spot and for free.

In virtual communication, most of the obstacles that would stand in your way in reality are automatically removed, which makes this type of dating more popular from year to year.

meet a girl
meet a girl

You can initially collect information about a girl, thanks to her photos, posts, hobbies and groups in which she is a member. This also gives you the opportunity to start communication. Visit various forums, group chats, specialized sites, etc.

Just do not forget to clean and edit your personal page before you start besieging fortresses. If you posted posts with accusations of female deceit, urgently delete. Porn pictures, vulgar jokes, obscene songs and ditties - everything is in the furnace. Remove all the dirt that can only be on the page.

And of course, don't forget about dating sites. Find a couple of verified addresses, fill out the form and start looking. Remember, on such sites, most girls are also looking for guys for a serious relationship and, accordingly, indicate this in the questionnaire, putting a tick in the "purpose of dating" section. Take the trouble and you put the same mark, this will significantly reduce your searches.

Yes, and do not be sure that in 5 minutes you will meet the woman of your dreams, in a month you will get married, and in another year 10 little legs will be running around your house. No, as there are many scammers on the Internet. Therefore, if you have already had the first communication, and on the second one she asks to send 15 thousand to operate on grandmother's heel, feel free to throw it into the ban. They just want to spin you for loot.

You will find all the subtleties and nuances about girls and relationships with them in our article at the link.

An experienced pick-up artist advises9

And finally, some tips from experienced men and pickup artists.

All girls love confident men. No need to piss with boiling water, even if you have already fallen in love and dream of running to the registry office.

meet a girl
meet a girl

Say compliments correctly, in an adequate way, avoiding phrases like this: "For you, I am ready to climb the highest mountain and throw myself down, shouting your name."

Show attention and care even at the first meeting. If she's cold, offer your socks. Open the doors to a pretty girl, make room on the curb in the park, or give her a handkerchief to wipe the pigeon excrement from her hair. And then any girl will agree to give you a phone number and a code from the safe where her heart lies.

For details on how to find a beautiful girl, follow the link in our article.

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