What Kind Of Women Do Men Like: Criteria For Choosing A Life Partner

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What Kind Of Women Do Men Like: Criteria For Choosing A Life Partner
What Kind Of Women Do Men Like: Criteria For Choosing A Life Partner
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a girl kneels in front of a guy
a girl kneels in front of a guy

Every girl wants to find a life partner. To do this, she does everything imaginable and inconceivable: follows the figure, exhausts herself with training, buys the most beautiful outfits, creates images that would be the envy of Hollywood stylists. This is often not enough.

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  • 1 What does self-esteem have to do with it?
  • 2 Whom do they avoid?
  • 3 Sad
  • 4 Successful
  • 5 abstruse
  • 6 Ever dissatisfied
  • 7 Overconfident
  • 8 What kind of women do men choose? Smart?
  • 9 What kind of women do men choose? Attractive?
  • 10 What kind of women do men choose? Self-confident?
  • 11 What kind of women do men choose? Grateful?
  • 12 What kind of women do men choose? Sincere?
  • 13 Empathetic

Here sits a girl from whom you cannot take your eyes off, but he still walks hand in hand with another, not even necessarily written beauty. And a single woman can only continue to wonder what kind of women men choose?

What does self-esteem have to do with it?

Russian psychologists and sociologists at Tyumen State University conducted an interesting study to find out whether male self-esteem influences their choice of a woman.

For scientific analysis, men were divided into age groups: 18-24 years old, 26-32 years old, 33-40 years old. The self-esteem of the subjects was measured using the Dembo-Rubinstein method as modified by Yanshin: vertical lines are drawn on a sheet of paper in a horizontal position, indicating the scales of health, intelligence, character, happiness, self-satisfaction and optimism.

First, the experimenter draws the first line - the health scale. The bottom of it is very sick people, the top is the healthiest. The subject is asked to note where he is. Then the second, third, etc. lines are drawn. After determining self-esteem, men were disbanded into the following groups: overestimated self-esteem, high, medium low.

And here are the results. Men with low self-esteem prefer clean, economic, non-vulgar and understanding women.

Those with high self-esteem choose to match themselves: independent, purposeful and with character.

We also found out that the traditional image of a woman for men is “good”, but the modern, more independent, “negative” and they are opposed to each other. Experts note that attractiveness is important for all men.

What kind of women do men choose
What kind of women do men choose

Who do they avoid? 2

Before trying to understand which women men choose, you need to understand who they don't like at all.

Some girls easily find suitors, and even manage to get married. Others are much less fortunate in this matter. Moreover, problems can begin immediately after meeting, when the candy-bouquet period has not yet ended.

That is, when they did not have time to really get to know each other. A partner can simply start ignoring a woman: not answering calls and even avoiding dating, citing constant amusement. If he is not afraid to offend the girl, then he will not come up with excuses.

The search for the reasons for such behavior begins immediately, often in the chosen one, forgetting about himself, his beloved. And if he says “it's not you at all, but me,” then the woman will take it for granted without hesitation, then the situation will repeat itself from time to time. He just doesn't want to explain what the matter is, not letting her understand her own mistakes.

Of course, it may well be that the situation has developed in such an unpleasant way because of him, but most likely, the lady just turned out to be one of those whom the stronger sex prefers to avoid.



She completely neglected herself, lost interest in what is happening around, is constantly in a bad mood, does not even pay attention to her man, but at the same time she can still yearn for her ex. No man will like this, he will try to run away as far and quickly as possible from such a woman.

After all, they are looking for and love something completely different, they want lightness from relationships, so that they can breathe freely and enjoy. And how can you breathe at all, if she is unhappy with everything, be angry about every, even insignificant, reason, sticks out a complex inner world, without thinking whether a man needs it at all.

In addition, such girls often do not consider themselves attractive, telling their partner about this, and if he did not think so before, then he may well start. She digs her own grave with her negativity.

What to do: try to tune in to a positive wave, love yourself and life. Being happy is difficult, in a sense it is a talent. But those women who take possession of him will be able to keep the man close. He will be charged with positive energy from her, which will have a good effect on relationships.



At the present time, the idea of ​​gender equality is gaining more and more followers not only among women, but also among men. The latter are already more relaxed about the ladies who earn more and are able to provide for their families. And yet, the patriarchal order is still preserved in the minds of people and it is not known when it will be completely eradicated.

In the meantime, he exists, that is, men who are afraid of successful women, especially when they greatly surpass them. Such a relationship can cause him unpleasant sensations inside, a feeling of awkwardness, and not far from complexes.

All this will then result in external irritation and discontent. It will seem to a man that he simply cannot correspond to a woman and provide her at the same level, so he will decide to find one with whom he will feel successful.

What to do: give out information about yourself in a metered manner. You don't need to talk about your successes and income right away, otherwise it will frighten him off. It is better to know what he has achieved - this will demonstrate interest in a partner.


Whatever men say there, they are afraid of smart women and, therefore, avoid them. Moreover, according to the research of American scientists, initially it is pleasant and interesting for them to communicate with intellectually developed girls, but after getting to know them better, the attraction begins to disappear. The man negates communication, avoids and distances himself from the woman. The reason is the same: the stronger sex begins to feel uncomfortable, as if their masculinity is being infringed.


But it's not that simple. With stupid dummies, guys are not at all interested. In fact, men avoid arrogant females, not those who have intelligence. It's unpleasant when she puts herself higher, tries not to show her intelligence, but to crush and almost crush a man with it.

What to do: Don't brag. Truly smart ladies will never belittle their chosen one. His ignorance is not at all a reason to grin and roll his eyes, giving explanations like a small child. If he wants to know, then he will find all the information himself or you can do it together with him, directing, but not forcing.

Always dissatisfied6

A man tries for the sake of a woman, gives her gifts, shows signs of attention, earns money, and in return receives only reproaches. Everything is not enough for her, like that old woman from the tale of the goldfish, which remained at the broken trough. Greed and perpetual discontent can easily destroy love, no matter how strong it is. You should not take what is there for granted.

What to do: not be the ruler of the sea. Men want to be knights in shining armor for their beloved. They are really willing to treat them like princesses or even queens. But this does not mean that a woman should behave like a spoiled especially blue blood. A man should not feel obligated, he will soon get tired of this attitude.

In general, it is already possible to draw conclusions about the female features attractive to men. It remains only to summarize and sort everything out in order to understand which women men choose.

What kind of women do men choose
What kind of women do men choose


Yes, the stronger sex does not like it when a woman is so self-confident that she begins to belittle her partner. However, low self-esteem does not appeal to men either. First, you need to find a middle ground, and second, understand that confidence is not equal to self-confidence.

Girls who know their worth are automatically placed in the eyes of men on a level higher than others. It is interesting to achieve such ladies, besides, the partner will be charged from her self-confidence. This is especially important for successful men.

Men don't want to hear the constant nagging about a woman's complexes. Sooner or later, but they will say: yes, that's how it is, you need to get better, good luck in this matter, and I'll probably go.

Who attracts male attention:

What kind of women do men choose? Smart? 8

No, there are no contradictions here. Men choose smart women who are able to maintain a conversation and can pleasantly surprise. According to opinion polls conducted in 30 countries, men value intelligence more than external data. This is especially noticeable in developed countries. A man with a higher education is looking for a companion to match. This is understandable, because he will simply be bored with a beautiful, but ignorant girl, they will have nothing to talk about.


In addition, smart ladies themselves know very well not only how to win a man, but also how to keep him. And they never demonstrate their intellectual superiority, realizing how important it is for a man to be in charge.

What kind of women do men choose? Attractive? 9

There is no getting away from this. Men still love with their eyes, and the first thing people pay attention to is their appearance. A woman may not have long legs, a thin waist, a wide bust and other data of models from the covers of glossy magazines.

But she should still always look well-groomed. It is not even necessary to spend thousands of rubles on personal care. You can create a stylish wardrobe from the simplest things. You can always find a way to tidy up your hair too. A woman does not need to change herself, only to give her appearance a little gloss, grace and charm.

What kind of women do men choose? Self-confident? 10

It is important that they are confident, not overconfident. If she wants to be loved and desired, then first of all she needs to love herself, as she is. A woman should understand that she is worthy of happiness, then it will itself be drawn to her. Confidence makes you walk with your head held high, a straight posture, thanks to it, a smile appears on the lips, and the eyes shine.

This alone adds half of the attractiveness to a woman. Alas, but often behind the external bravado is hidden an internal insecurity, which will still make its way out and others will feel it. You can often see a plump lady around whom men curl, admired by women, because she literally exudes confidence, charm, and inner energy.

What kind of women do men choose
What kind of women do men choose

What kind of women do men choose? Grateful? 11

We remember that men are offended when a beloved woman either ignores his accomplishments made for her, taking them for granted, or, even worse, demonstrates her "fi" There is no need to say or even hint, "This is not enough for me, give more and better", nobody will like this.

Men, no matter how strong they want to appear, want to be praised for what they do. The opinion of the woman they love is especially important to them, and her approval is the best reward for him.

Do not believe that the stronger sex does not need compliments, everyone is pleased to receive them. It is also important for them to feel their importance and value in the eyes of the chosen one. Smart women know how to compliment without words, often an admiring look or an approving smile speaks much more.

What kind of women do men choose? Sincere? 12

There is no need to try to manipulate a man, resort to threats, refusal of sex, tears, screams, tantrums. This behavior will not lead to anything good. Most likely, the result will be exactly the opposite. He will be scared, will not want to deal with the one from whom you do not know what to expect, when her mood changes from bad to good and back. In the end, the chosen one will simply run away.

Men choose those women who will not drip on their brains, play in silence, making them guess desires and feel forever guilty. For the same reasons, he will give preference to an honest and balanced young lady.

They like it when they speak directly and explain what the problem is. This shows a high degree of trust in a couple, established contact between two people, and the ability to communicate.



Listening is a very valuable quality that not all women possess. Often they dwell only on their own problems, forgetting that there is someone nearby who, too, may not have everything going smoothly. Men also feel bad, they want to speak out and feel support from their beloved. No matter how beautiful or smart a woman is, if she is unable to support a loved one, she will not be able to win a man for a long time.

To be loved you need to be able to love: yourself and the one who is near. Now you know which women men choose.

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