How To Meet A Foreigner And Attract Attention To Yourself

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How To Meet A Foreigner And Attract Attention To Yourself
How To Meet A Foreigner And Attract Attention To Yourself

Video: How To Meet A Foreigner And Attract Attention To Yourself

Video: How To Meet A Foreigner And Attract Attention To Yourself
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How to meet a foreigner
How to meet a foreigner

Over the past decades, the world has become more open, borders are blurring, and globalization is taking over more and more areas of life. The relationship between a man and a woman is one of them. The stronger sex, including from Russia, is increasingly looking for an answer to the question: how to meet a foreign woman.

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  • 2 Where to start looking
  • 3 Dating sites
  • 4 Abroad
  • 5 Girls are different
  • 6 American
  • 7 German
  • 8 English
  • 9 Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
  • 10 Latina, Greek, Spanish, Italian
  • 11 French
  • 12 Japanese women, Chinese women, Filipinos, etc.

What is needed for this i

Unlike Russians, Western people are more open in terms of communication, especially often in this way they speak about Americans, but Europeans do not lag behind them. So there is always a chance to meet a girl from abroad. However, this business also has its own nuances. What about without them?

First, knowledge of the language is very important. It happens that the language barrier makes communication spice, even a kind of closeness. You have to learn to understand another person practically without words. But such cases are the exception rather than the rule. And only the most successful and imposing men can strike up a conversation, which then grows into something more, without a minimum vocabulary. But later, problems can still begin. Therefore, you need to know at least English to communicate with a foreigner.

If you are planning to meet a woman from a country in which another language is the main one, then it is better to learn it. Especially when there is an intention to immigrate to another state with the help of new connections.

Second, it is equally important to understand someone else's culture. Even with the trend towards integration, differences in people's thoughts and habits persist. What is good for a Russian is bad for an American, and vice versa. You need to have at least a general understanding of the country, customs, gender relations, values and interests of local women. Otherwise, you can run into misunderstanding and make mistakes that will cut off the communication that has just begun.

Blogs of compatriots who have moved to permanent residence are well suited for studying. They talk a lot and in detail about the difference in mentality, habits, oddities, what can and cannot be done.

If you have the necessary knowledge base, it is time to understand where and how to meet a foreigner.

meet a foreigner
meet a foreigner

Where to start your search2

The Internet provides a wealth of opportunities for networking.

Dating Sites3

There are international dating sites, but according to statistics, women are not often registered there, preferring to strike up relationships with men from their country. But you can be sure that all those who are are counting on communication with men from another country.

You can immediately go to local foreign dating sites and platforms, where the chances will be higher. True, there are also difficulties here. For example, registration often requires a local phone number, but this problem can be solved. But with the possible unwillingness of a woman to communicate when she finds out that the interlocutor is a foreigner.

Facebook might be a good option. Its main advantage is that a larger number of foreign women from all over the world are registered there. Only many of them are not sitting on the social network for acquaintance, you will have to spend time to find those who crave communication, especially with a foreigner. You can always try looking for bands created for this kind of thing.

Interest sites are a good platform for both local and international dating. From the pros: there is always a topic for conversation, and it will be easy to tie it, moreover, common hobbies bring people closer. The disadvantages are the same: they do not register there to find a partner.


It is logical, isn't it? This option is really the best one. In personal communication, it is easier to understand what kind of person is in front of you. After all, a man wants to find an attractive, in every sense, girl. Here, of course, the financial situation should allow you to go to another country.


You can meet on the street, in a park, shop, bar, cafe and other places. The reason for starting a conversation will be a request to help find something in the city. The main thing is to prepare in advance and come up with an interesting speech to attract attention. Just saying "Hello" and believing in a miracle is not enough.

Girls are different5

Even in one country, to say nothing of beautiful ladies around the world. Each has its own disposition, in many respects it depends on the place of birth. How to get acquainted with a foreigner taking into account the individual characteristics of her country of origin?


In recent years, scandals related to sexual harassment have been constantly breaking out in the United States. They mistake almost every word or gesture for harassment. Therefore, you should be careful in your actions, or it is better to wait altogether for the American woman to first pay attention and come up to get acquainted. They themselves easily start a conversation.

meet an american woman
meet an american woman


German women prioritize their own development and education, but a man - that's how it goes. Therefore, you need to correspond to her herself: to have high intelligence and extensive knowledge, be able to set goals and achieve them, be financially secure, then the heart of the German Frau will submit.


The ladies of the United Kingdom value courtesy and gallantry. A true gentleman will certainly pay the bill, as well as the called taxi, or he will take her home. Just before parting, you need to remember to take your phone number. The next day, you can send a message that the last evening was wonderful, the Englishwoman, like any woman, will be pleased.

Swedish, Danish, Norwegian9

You can conquer the northern beauties with the help of a sense of humor, energy, openness, tenderness, that is, be the opposite of local, cold men. But it is important to remember that they also have a harsh northern character, and are also prone to feminism, so it will not be easy. By the way, in these countries, persistence can be mistaken for harassment, be careful.

Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian

Latina, Greek, Spanish, Italian 10

Now about the passionate southern senorites who love with their ears. For them, romance is important, beautiful words, and you need to treat them as if they were goddesses. You should not be shy, in any case. They won't even pay attention to a timid, pale man. Why, when there are so many local macho around.


Their romantic nature does not prevent them from being careful and judicious. But there is an approach to them: very often they are looking for a simple man, without the cunning and pretentiousness of local gentlemen. Naturalness is what will help to conquer the unapproachable Frenchwoman. There is no need to be afraid to start a conversation somewhere on the street, at a concert or in a cafe.

Japanese, Chinese, Filipina, etc. 12

East is a delicate matter. In Asian countries, men still treat women with disdain and do not consider them equal. The strategy of winning local ladies is simple: you need to make them feel that they are valuable, special, beautiful. Just remember - they are not interested in fleeting connections.

Japanese, Chinese, Filipina
Japanese, Chinese, Filipina

Regardless of the country, every woman wants to be loved, one and only. Without such an attitude, acquaintance will not grow into something more.

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