Looking For Dating Without Obligation: How To Make The Right Choice?

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Looking For Dating Without Obligation: How To Make The Right Choice?
Looking For Dating Without Obligation: How To Make The Right Choice?

Video: Looking For Dating Without Obligation: How To Make The Right Choice?

Video: Looking For Dating Without Obligation: How To Make The Right Choice?
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Looking for dating without obligation
Looking for dating without obligation

The phrase I'm looking for acquaintance without obligation, has several meanings at once. The most ironic is that each person, due to their individual character traits, perceives it in their own way. As a result, the “free” ones manage to start reproaching each other and eventually “fall apart”. But not everything is as gloomy as it seems at first glance. There are many benefits to this form of non-relationship relationship.

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What to mean i

Indeed, each person understands the phrase without obligation in different ways. In principle, you can try to systematize the types of such sentences:

  • Only sex, that is, even without the obligatory dates, romance and other attributes. Banal satisfaction of the physical needs of two people.
  • Relationships in the form of watching TV together, having fun in bed, going to a cafe. There is no future in the form of weddings, cohabitation and acquaintances with a close circle.
  • A typical union of two people without marriage, but with the condition that both partners have complete freedom. You can meet with anyone, you can leave at any time. People are free - no mutual grudges and debriefing. Dedicated to adherents of polygamy.
  • Relationships without a future. People just enjoy each other, but into something more, it will not develop. The couple will break up as soon as one of the people finds their soul mate (or one of them gets tired of a partner).
  • Intimate conversations with the right person to talk to. Yes, yes, such searches are not always reduced to sex. Sometimes a person simply has no one to talk to normally.

First of all, if you want to find a man or a woman for a one-time meeting, you must clearly understand: no one owes anything to anyone. This is the foundation of such an unusual union. Often, those who wish do not fully realize what they want, meaning by the absence of obligations such things as not driving to a restaurant, not cooking, etc. Or the partner's intentions were initially misunderstood. There are also good examples when people are happy with everything.

And only a small percentage of "not obligated" couples over time turn into happy basic units of society. This can be called a paradox, because wanting to avoid such an ending, two people find a life partner in each other. But this is rare.

find a partner just for sex
find a partner just for sex

Golden Rule2

Before choosing this form of relationship, you should follow two simple, but very important rules:

  1. Be clear about what exactly you want. Whether it's quick sex, looking for a full-fledged lover / mistress for a long time, a relationship without any restrictions of freedom, or something else.
  2. Also clearly state your conditions to a potential candidate. Try to make sure that these terms are not only accepted but also understood correctly. Here one cannot be afraid of offending or upsetting the “applicant”; it is very important to correctly understand the desires of both parties.

It so happens that having lost passion in a few months, one of the couple begins to consider the other person as something more than a sexual partner (if this particular form of union was chosen). Against the background of such thoughts, not only reproaches (why we do not go on vacation together) can begin, but also attacks of jealousy. But initially, no one made promises about the future. A typical situation in fact.


Why do people abandon ordinary alliances, choosing freedom? Boys and girls of young age (18-25) are simply afraid of responsibility.

Looking for dating without obligation
Looking for dating without obligation

Moreover, this fear affects not only personal life, but also other areas. After all, it is easier to find a brother for intimate preferences than the notorious soul mate.

Older people, those who have experienced more than one painful breakup, simply do not want to participate in it again, hope for another. It is not always possible to show trust again after the failure of your plans and hopes. And although both sides are to blame for almost all breaks and divorces, this does not negate the main thing - not everyone wants to plunge into the whirlpool again. But bad luck, human needs have not gone anywhere.

The form of an open relationship, when a person is looking for dating without obligations, is ideal for those who are burnt and unwilling to start a family. With the right approach, private dating for sex brings only positive emotions, impressions and pleasure:

  • There is no need to rack your brains over gifts, important dates, and other things that make up the union: “You forgot when my mom’s birthday” or “what we have for dinner” is a nightmare of many adults.
  • The conscience can sleep well. Light flirting on the side to raise mood and self-esteem, peeking at members of the opposite sex - now all this can be done without fear.
  • The absence of such a thing as jealousy.
partner for sex without obligation
partner for sex without obligation
  • The inadmissibility of reproaches from both sides, because any obligations were not implied initially.
  • Adequate amount of free time.
  • Due to the above reasons, the integrity of the nervous system.

All that is needed for this is just to find a person suitable for your own requirements and explain your desires to him. And then you can enjoy life without restrictions. But don't forget about banal security. Nobody canceled sexually transmitted diseases, it is better not to show trust in such cases, contraception is our everything.

Be careful in love4

If such an offer came from a person to whom a guy or a girl is experiencing unrequited love, you should not agree to it. And there are reasons for that. Now I will agree to an open relationship with him (her), he (she) will see his soul mate in me, we will get married, we will have children and a happy seed - these thoughts are just self-deception.

This can lead to sad evenings in an embrace with a pillow or bottle (who likes what), and a lack of understanding why this free person is in no hurry to prostrate himself and beg for a wedding.

about dating without obligation
about dating without obligation

The proposer initially has no serious plans for you. Do not indulge yourself with illusions to trample pride and agree to the conditions put forward. Only if they really fit, and the person is sure that he will keep himself from trying to tie a free partner.

Where to look? 5

The Internet is just replete with dating sites, where thousands are looking for such connections. But do not forget about the features of network communication. You never know who can hide on the other side of the fiber optic line. It is better to hold the first meeting in a public place and take a close look at the candidate.

As for the rest, free dating for adults is tied up in bars, clubs, thematic places that are associated with various hobbies (exhibitions, museums, cinemas).

But sometimes … _8230

Sometimes there comes a period in life when you don't want to burden yourself with the constant presence of a “close” person. I want more loneliness and quiet evenings. The reason for the onset of such moments can be work, especially if it is associated with constant communication, and other similar irritants.

about dating without obligation
about dating without obligation

At such moments, a person needs quality sex without great feelings and romantic promises. There is no need to get used to the characters, to endure the "peculiarities" of another personality, to come to terms with the shortcomings.

People who are self-sufficient are increasingly opting for no-obligation relationships. Until they feel that they are ripe for trying to start a family.

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