How To Get The Girl You Like: The Key To A Woman's Heart

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How To Get The Girl You Like: The Key To A Woman's Heart
How To Get The Girl You Like: The Key To A Woman's Heart

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How to get a girl
How to get a girl

Happy people meet right away and start a relationship without any games. But not everyone is so lucky. How do you get a girl you like if she doesn't notice? Here you need to understand the situation, maybe the answer lies on the surface. Well, or you have to do a little work on the project. But remember that the main thing here is self-confidence, communication skills, and adequacy. You don't have to portray them as someone who you are not and behave strangely.

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Why mom's friend's son can be left without a girlfriend

Your friend got a job at Gazprom himself, he has a new BMW, he rocks, looks after himself, and has a mortgage been approved for him? Make sure he isn't lying. This is exactly what the girl thinks, to whom the next son of her mother's friend rolls up. Therefore, no one asks you to radiate despair and pain, and pretend to be a beggar, but you do not need to play a rich guy either if you do not yet have your own parking space at the main office of the city.

Are you working? Great, you're better than most of your peers who don't work. By the way, even if you earn in an online game or somewhere else, it's still better than a friend who sits and waits for grandma's pension.

Do you have a car? Wonderful. Just don’t tell her that “it’s better than a trolleybus”. Treat your property with respect and don't look like you're driving this car to pay off your loan. All.

Don't be too perfect, you might have an ex, not the most paid job, and not the most expensive car. But if you are sincere, witty and reliable, everything will be fine.

We will tell you whether to achieve girls and how exactly to do it in our next article on the link.

Reliability is the key to a woman's heart2

Let's say she caught a cold. A reliable guy will go to the pharmacy and buy a cold remedy, and some juice, and bring her. Or take her to the institute if she desperately needs it. In general, it will help. Regular - will write messages on social networks wishing a speedy recovery.

Or her kitchen tap leaked, and the landlady is in no hurry to fix it. A reliable guy will fix it, but "just a guy" will sympathize. In general, the idea is clear - you need not to subtly sympathize and support, but to help. You can do this even if you have little money yet. And this is much better than another movie or a walk. Reliable guys do not remain without girls.

conquer the girl
conquer the girl

Yes, you don't have to think that this is how she subdues you or something. It is unlikely that you will be left alone if you get sick, or, for example, you cannot do something yourself. This is what the relationship is about - mutual help, support.

Special effects3

Of course, you need to look decent, but you don't have to buy all the trending goods. Take a closer look at what she likes. Maybe she hates bearded lumberjacks in plaid shirts and vapes. Or maybe the opposite. Appearance is important for a man, but not enough to blindly follow trends.

How to look after a girl? Of course, you will have to invite on a date. Yes, and you pay for it too. We haven't reached the heights of feminism yet, when the offer to split the bill from a guy doesn't sound like a personal insult. If a girl offers herself, this is good - it means that she is adequate in life, and you can rely on her. But anyway, you better pay it yourself

But dragging a lover of, for example, rock music to the trendiest lounge bar is not at all necessary. Better take her to where her favorite bands play. Likewise with a hookah lover. Choose not the most expensive institution, but the one where your girlfriend would go herself. It will seem that you understand her, and that's half the battle.

get the girl
get the girl

Who starts and who wins4

A beautiful girl may well have a couple of boyfriends to look after, and that's the norm. In such a situation, you have to behave as if you are alone. Yes, there is no need to constantly reduce conversations to the fact that another fan has a better car, and he studies decently at the university. Pretend that everything is fine with you, and there is no one around you at all.

How to win a girl who likes you if she doesn't really care about you? Do not rush and wait for an opportunity. She may need some help, or you may have some case that you find yourself together. Then go for it.


From the very beginning, make it clear that you like her as a girl and not as a friend. Behave like a man, don't try to be friends. Communicate, but don't be intrusive. And of course, do not forget about the pleasant little things. Gifts for the holidays, offers to give a ride, help with something, and so on - only at first glance is nonsense. Otherwise, this is a completely normal option if you want to start a relationship.

Be correct with her girlfriends. If one of them is trying to establish a relationship, refuse. Tell me directly that you already like the other girl. Perhaps she likes you too, and the collective wisdom of women just tests you. In general, be yourself, act quickly, be reliable, and good luck.

fall in love with a girl
fall in love with a girl

But if you are very often unlucky with girls, and the question "why girls don't like me" already arises in my head, then you should pay attention to our next article!

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