Psychological Compatibility Of Men And Women In Marriage, Love And Horoscope

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Psychological Compatibility Of Men And Women In Marriage, Love And Horoscope
Psychological Compatibility Of Men And Women In Marriage, Love And Horoscope

Video: Psychological Compatibility Of Men And Women In Marriage, Love And Horoscope

Video: Psychological Compatibility Of Men And Women In Marriage, Love And Horoscope
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Compatibility of man and woman in love
Compatibility of man and woman in love

As it usually happens in romantic films - they collided, met their eyes, immediately realized that they were meant for each other. Yes, of course, circumstances hindered being together, but they were safely overcome. And then - a long and happy long life.

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  • 1 Why is it so important?
  • 2 Compatibility of a man and a woman in love by horoscopes
  • 3 Why you need to know?
  • 4 Oddities of logic
  • 5 What does belief in horoscopes lead to?
  • 6 Involuntary confessions
  • 7 A scientific perspective
  • 8 The benefits of astrology
  • 9 Can you live without horoscopes?
  • 10 Compatibility of man and woman in love by name
  • 11 Numerology and name
  • 12 Dangers of being carried away by predictions
  • 13 What is left?
  • 14 Psychological compatibility

Life is much more complicated and interesting. Every moment is filled with the power of thought and emotion. But what, largely depends on interpersonal relationships, in which the compatibility of a man and a woman in love plays an important role.

Why is it so important? I

The fact that this question is extremely significant is proved by statistics. Moreover, it is sad not only for the countries of the post-Soviet space, but for the whole world. As a result of the destruction of the traditional institution of marriage and the resulting feeling of loneliness, social problems intensify: alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, prostitution, etc. The problem is not only an increase in divorce rates (in Russia - more than 58%), but also a decrease in the number of marriages. single-parent families (11%), a fall in the birth rate.

The researchers argue that if the situation does not change, the situation will worsen in other areas of life. For example, in a professional one, since a person who does not have a full-fledged relationship cannot work calmly and confidently, perform duties with high quality.

Ideally, a family is a place of rest, bodily and moral relaxation, a pier where a boat, tired after a stormy and problematic day, sticks to it. Home comfort, understanding and support, psychological and physical comfort - any person is waiting for this. Compatibility provides this idyll.

What is the compatibility of a man and a woman in love? And what are the rules of psychological compatibility?

Compatibility of a man and a woman in love by horoscopes2

If you sincerely believe that the stars interfere in human destiny, then compatibility by horoscope is an important component of a successful union. And the fact that people for the most part believe in this is beyond doubt. For example, in some eastern countries, before marriage, young people go to an astrologer for advice, and he gives them a forecast of life together. If it is unfavorable, marriage may be prohibited.

Male and female compatibility
Male and female compatibility

Why you need to know? 3

Astrologers consider horoscope compatibility significant. They argue that when meeting a person shows himself from the best side, but after marriage, when several years have passed, the dark sides of the personality appear. And it is logical to assume that if one knows what bad qualities the other will have, then he will not get involved.

Oddities of logic4

It follows from this statement that the further into the forest, the thicker the partisans. That is, the more serious the number in the passport, the darker the lines appear. It is not clear where the light ones went and where the dark ones came from. In the sense that when two meet, all the dark sides are asleep, but as soon as they get married, this is where it all begins ?! Maybe it's not the horoscopes to blame, but the marriage? You should not get married, then the darkness will not climb into the white light? And the last - aren't the questions too crazy to look for answers to?

What does belief in horoscopes lead to? 5

After reading the articles on compatibility by horoscopes, you will not want to go on any date. Much safer to sit in front of a computer or TV screen. And it will become boring, chatting on a dating site and again on the sofa. Not life, but raspberries! And how did our ancestors manage to keep a family all their lives? So they lived - they held on to each other, but helped as much as possible. How did they, dear ones, cope without horoscopes?

Are man and woman compatible in love
Are man and woman compatible in love

But now it is dear and expensive! Something did not work out, they fled. And one conversation - they themselves are to blame, they did not take into account astrology. How good it is that there is something to blame for your failure! Maybe that's why horoscopes are so popular, you can always find some kind of external force that influenced the relationship. And there is no need to look for the real reason for the failure.

Involuntary confessions6

This reluctance to work on oneself and relationships can be seen from the reviews about dating sites. When it's not about services, the stories are similar, like pictures, where you need to find the difference. We met on the site, made friends for some time and fled. Oh, how bad, but nothing, we'll find something else, even better. But it doesn't happen.

In a new relationship, a person carries himself, old, with all the old habits, which led to the break. Without drawing conclusions, he goes to a new circle of relations in order to be in the same place. And in all this whirlwind to look for the reason in the horoscopes? Doesn't it look funny from the side of a more or less thinking person?

A View from the Side of Science7

As you know, scientists do not take horoscopes seriously. And that's why. What does astrology do? The theory of the influence of stars and planets on human destiny. So from the point of view of Big Science, this does not even withstand the whiff of scientific criticism.

The influence of planets and stars on our Earth is so weakly expressed that it makes no sense to talk about it. The only impact that you can even stutter about is the gravity of the Sun and Moon. Because of it, sea tides are formed. But that's all.

Compatibility horoscope
Compatibility horoscope

Some astrologers claim that if a person is 70-80% water, then these hot flashes can occur in the human body. To which scientists answer that all bodies on the planet have weight, and, therefore, have gravity. It is, of course, less than that of the planets, but the distance from Vasya, who is standing nearby, is so small, unlike the distance to the Moon, that the influence of his gravity is almost 1,000,000 stronger than the lunar one.

If the nearest celestial body influences us so little, does it make sense to talk about the influence of distant planets? Scientists have answered this question as well. If we take all the planets and determine their impact on the Earth, then it will be such that it will cause a tidal wave of 0.045 millimeters. A living organism will feel this influence with only one atom.

Another intervention by scientists. In the late 60s of the 20th century, a psychologist at the University of Michigan decided to answer the question about the influence of horoscopes on happiness in marriage empirically. He studied about 3,000 couples and 500 divorces, compared the predictions of astrologers and real data. No matches found.

All this information is in the public domain and has been known for a long time. Why do predictions continue to be popular? And all because I want to believe in something, and even more I want to push the responsibility for my unhappy fate to a distant star. Why, in this sense, some kind of scientific truth? What is needed is not it, but faith that explains and supports. Why not believe in horoscopes?

What zodiac signs are compatible
What zodiac signs are compatible

The benefits of astrology8

Real scientists agree with this statement. That is, they quite definitely say that astrology can in no way be called a science, but … But then there are tricky verbal phrases, the meaning of which boils down to one thing - no matter what the child is amused with, just not to cry. That is, if a person is comforted with the help of horoscopes, then okay, if only he does not engage in suicide, drugs and other oddities.

Can you live without horoscopes? 9

Sites that advertise free compatibility horoscopes have one nice thing - recognition. So they write - of course, there are couples who don't care about astrology from the highest sequoia and have been living quite happily for many years. Like this! So if they live, maybe others can? And how is this recognition combined with the assertion that it is imperative to look back at the horoscope? It's somehow illogical.

From all this, only one conclusion can be drawn - the average person in terms of personal growth is at an extremely low level of development. Like a small child hoping for something big to come and save or explain. And in case of failure, he will stroke the head and shake his finger somewhere to the side.

Boyfriend and girlfriend compatibility
Boyfriend and girlfriend compatibility

Well, the time will come when a person will mature enough to take responsibility for his own destiny. In the meantime, use horoscopes in the hope that they will help him determine the compatibility of a man and a woman in love.

Compatibility of a man and a woman in love by name

Evidence of the influence of the name on the compatibility of a man and a woman in love is also illogical. On the one hand, it is argued that yes, this is very important and must be taken into account without fail. On the other hand, conditions are set. The forecast will be correct if there are others - astrological and psychological. If so, there is no point in mixing names into compatibility.

Numerology and name11

Belief in names is supported by numerology. Each letter corresponds to a number, the sum of numbers brought to a natural value, and is considered the number of the name. And each letter has its own meaning. All things considered, your head will spin.

However, there is always a caveat here - the name matters, but love means more. All constructions are broken about this clause. As well as the one in which it is said that numbers do not carry positive or negative energy. Then why all?

The danger of being carried away with predictions12

But the following remark leads to serious thoughts. Women are often addicted to something that distracts them from the gray everyday life. If she suddenly calculated and decided that her name and the name of her husband did not coincide in any way, then psychological processes were turned on - fears, expectations, obsession.

Boyfriend and girlfriend compatibility in love
Boyfriend and girlfriend compatibility in love

They can lead to sad results that will allow her to say: “I knew it! Nothing good could come of it, because we are not at all compatible by name."

Such frankness of the guru of numerology opens up serious problems in the hobby for such things for the psychological health of a person, mainly for women, and the family climate.

That is, belief in the influence on the compatibility of horoscopes and names is not only not beneficial, but can be harmful. She will lead to divorce, psychological breakdown, neurasthenia, depression. But this cannot be called innocent pranks.

Another deviation. Yes, a particular name has a certain personality structure. And in an alliance with a different name, a problematic situation is created. And then there is a passage, incredible for hypocrisy! There are many ways out of this situation, and only the person himself determines which way to go.

Wait, what does the name have to do with it? That is, in this situation, the main role is played by a human decision, and not by a name or a horoscope ?! And every time a person is free to choose a new path, not predicted by the laws of the name? This remark discourages any desire to believe in defining compatibility by name.

Numerology compatibility
Numerology compatibility

And what about the proposed solution to the problem? If something does not suit the partnership, then you can change the name! So, with a slight movement of the hand, all problems are removed.

Based on the analysis of the texts on the compatibility of a man and a woman in love in accordance with the name, only one conclusion can be drawn - it all depends on the human decision and behavior. Any Svetlana or Victor, despite the similarity of names, behave differently in the same situation. Which is irrefutable proof that the name does not play any role in building a happy relationship.

What remains? 13

What are the criteria for determining the love compatibility of a man and a woman? Those conditions remain that have an impact on our whole life:

  • psychological compatibility;
  • life experience;
  • intuition.

Life experience provides us with guidelines that help us build new relationships, or instills fear that prevents them from developing. It depends only on the person, in favor of which he will make a choice, and what will be guided in the future.

Strong, self-confident individuals rely on intuition, people who are used to trusting themselves and the world around them.

But there are many components to psychological compatibility.

Psychological compatibility14

There is no consensus among psychologists about what psychological compatibility is. The definitions are different, as well as the components.

Psychological compatibility
Psychological compatibility

It is believed that when all these components converge, then a man and a woman feel a sense of comfort being near. If only irritation and tension are discomfort. Then they talk about psychological incompatibility.

The following factors can be considered as components of compatibility:

Spiritual connection

Scientists say that if there is a deep spiritual connection, moral satisfaction from communication, compatibility goes beyond intergender. Such a connection helps to maintain the union even when there are disagreements in other areas.

A man and a woman become not only husband and wife, but also real friends who support in difficult times and share joyful moments. This kind of spiritual closeness is rare and is worth its weight in gold. Perhaps there are those who will not agree to call this type of connection the main one, but its importance is difficult to overestimate.

Physiological compatibility

This feature must be paid attention to when you meet. Numerous studies have proven that if one person does not like the smell of another, then no matter how much perfume he pours, he will not become more attractive. According to statistics, not a single union in which there is a similar problem lasted long.

Physiological compatibility in love
Physiological compatibility in love

Sex is another component of physiological compatibility. Practicing family psychologists claim that they have not seen a single family in which all the fragments of family life were in order, except for the sexual one. Sexual problems inevitably destroy other aspects of life.

Sex is influenced by the general comfort of the relationship. But there is also what can be called sexual incompatibility. These are forms of sex. If one person likes whips and whips, and the other does not accept this in principle, problems are inevitable.

Sex is the aspect that must be determined even before marriage or a long-term relationship, then there is no need to wait for danger from this side.

Matching life goals

This component is important mainly for young people. When life goals and priorities are just being formed, and relationships are being built, it is very important that there is a coincidence. If one strives to create a strong family, and the second is only interested in career growth, then nothing will work.

This part is also important for strengthening the union. Having a common goal connects better than anything else. Empirical data from psychologists show that sometimes this very component plays a decisive role. When the goal was achieved, interpersonal problems arose.

Compatibility in love between two people
Compatibility in love between two people

For example, a family really wants to move to a new home. In anticipation of this event, everything else fades into the background. When the goal is achieved, it turns out that people have nothing more to strive for. It is then that peeping, mutual reproaches and suspicions begin, which ultimately have a destructive effect on the union. Better to decide on a new goal.

Coincidence in the system of values and priorities

There are cases when people filed for divorce without agreeing on political views. At first glance, it sounds funny. But from a psychological point of view, this is a mismatch in the value system. If the wife's grandfather and great-grandfather fought for the Soviet army, and the husband's relative was a policeman, then even in this case, a conflict may arise. An internationalist husband will never understand a racist wife, and a cat lover will never understand a person who kicked an animal.

In situations like this, people just need to communicate more. This will help to get to know each other and determine priorities, which ultimately will have a beneficial effect on the strength of the union.

Coincidence in cultural and educational level

In the Soviet Union, it was believed that discrepancies in these levels did not play any important role in happy family relationships. However, psychological practice, as well as life experience, indicate that these components sometimes play a decisive role.

In 1986, a Turkish-made film "White Bicycle" was released, which showed the story of an educated and wealthy young man who fell in love with a simple girl from the provinces, took her as his wife and transported her to the capital. The ending of the story was sad. Unable to fit into the rhythm and environment of her husband, as a result of strong emotional experiences, the girl ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

How to know if you are compatible
How to know if you are compatible

Of course, a slightly exaggerated situation and story, but very revealing.

Ignoring a partner's educational and cultural level is a tactic that is not aimed at success.

Recently, psychologists have started talking about the level of personal development. The situation in which one partner develops and the other does not, almost always ends in divorce. Only when both are moving, albeit at different speeds, can we talk about harmony. Moreover, this is akin to goals. That is, when there is movement, other aspects of compatibility may not affect the luck of the union as much.

Matching temperament

In this case, it is successful when temperaments do not match. Options "choleric - choleric" or "melancholic - melancholic" can lead not only to sad, but also tragic consequences. But "sanguine - melancholic" or "choleric - phlegmatic" are successful combinations in which people help each other to develop and improve.

Distribution of roles

Experts say that traditional interpersonal relationships are becoming obsolete, new ones are taking their place. What are the priorities and values of the emerging relationship, no one can say.

And each couple must decide for themselves all the nuances of the relationship, not relying on the experience of parents and traditions. It so happens that a man and a woman agree on all the intricacies of life together and successfully plan their lives. But more often than not, the lack of clarity in the distribution of roles leads to conflicts that negatively affect the family.

Scientists are talking about a new model of the family - egalitarian. This is when there are no specific roles, and instead of them there is a constant dialogue, a search for compromise options. This model requires a high level of intellectual and moral costs from the spouses, but it gives positive results.

Temperament compatibility of men and women
Temperament compatibility of men and women

Household compatibility

Here the Jewish mothers were right, who paid special attention to which family the chosen one was from. The everyday habits that were developed in the parental family will go into the new one. And the second half will have to live with them for many years. If a husband or wife has daily activities that greatly annoy the partner, it will be very difficult to live together. The comfort of being is an important criterion for the success of a relationship.

Experts agree on only one thing - there is no definite answer to the question of compatibility. There is no certainty even whether it is worth looking for a suitable partner, or trying to find common ground with who is.

Psychologists still advise not to get carried away with the search for perfect compatibility. Will it be possible to find, there are no guarantees, but the time lost will be a pity.

They also recommend being more tolerant of people, of their weaknesses and desires. Then it will be easier to accept yourself. If there is no compatibility in some area, but there is in something else, then it is possible to keep the union.

Other scientists argue that the compatibility of a man and a woman in love is not a given that needs to be expected and sought, but something that needs to be created and developed with your own hands and joint efforts. Then success is assured.

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