Pickup Girls On The Internet As A Remedy For Male Melancholy

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Pickup Girls On The Internet As A Remedy For Male Melancholy
Pickup Girls On The Internet As A Remedy For Male Melancholy

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Pickup girls on the internet
Pickup girls on the internet

Why does a modern person need the Internet? To keep abreast of the latest events in the world, learn something new for yourself, read books, listen to music, etc. But what about communication, if in real life there is not enough time or just courage? How to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet if, in personal communication, a man experiences a certain shyness and fear of being rejected?

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  • 2 Where to start a pickup
  • 3 Simple system of pickup girls on the Internet

Many people think that online dating is much easier than in real life. But one acquaintance is not enough, it is also important to keep the interlocutor and to make the correspondence grow into something more. Pickup girls on the Internet is not an easy thing, but quite interesting and promising. Let's figure it out - what is a pickup truck!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Datingi

With the advent of the Internet and various portable devices, it has become much easier to communicate virtually. On the one hand, you see the interlocutor, but still a certain unknown attracts. Dating girls on the Internet is not an easy task, which has both disadvantages and advantages:

  • saving time - you can correspond virtually simultaneously with several interlocutors, which significantly saves time;
  • saving money - in real life, to meet a girl, you must at least invite her somewhere, and this requires financial costs. On the Internet, you can communicate as much as you like without spending a penny;
  • overcoming fear - it is much easier for shy guys to take the first step and write to a girl on the Internet than to be the first to start a dialogue on the street;
  • distance - using the Internet, you can easily meet girls from other cities and even countries;
  • it is nice to leave - if the interlocutor does not like or no longer arouses interest, you can stop the annoying dialogue without explanation.

Despite the clear advantages of dating girls on the Internet, this kind of communication has its drawbacks:

  • during virtual communication, it is quite difficult to understand the real emotions of a person on the other side of the monitor;
  • beautiful girls are very popular among guys, so you need to make a lot of efforts to interest the beauty;
  • as a rule, girls post their photos on social networks after special processing, so in real life a girl can be very different from the one who smiles at you from the monitor screen;
  • many girls are not ready to meet in real life, so even after a long correspondence, communication may never go to a new level.

Where to start pickup2

First of all, you need to understand for yourself what purpose is pursued when meeting a girl. Are you looking for a companion for life or just a girl for pleasant meetings, do you just want to chat or find new acquaintances, a direct pickup and hone masculine skills in communication with the opposite sex?

Pickup on the internet
Pickup on the internet

Once you decide on a goal, the circle of potential girlfriends will narrow to a few people. Now it's time to register on any of the social networks or dating site and create a personal profile. In order for girls to pay attention to your profile in the future, you need to fill it out correctly:

  • the questionnaire should be informative and interesting, and in addition to standard data, for example, age, name, city of residence, it may contain funny quotes or just your favorite expressions;
  • there is no need to indicate the criteria by which you select women. Although this will add informativeness to your search, it can scare off a potential acquaintance;
  • if your goal is not just to pick up girls, but also to meet them in real life, post the most successful photos in your profile. No need to upload a dozen of the same type of photos - it's boring and not interesting. Let the pictures be few, but they will be taken in different places, which can say about your interesting and exciting life;
  • if the purpose of acquaintance is precisely a pickup with subsequent sex, you do not need to write about this in the first lines - you will scare the girl away. First you need to try to interest the interlocutor, and only then test the ground and the girl's attitude to free relationships;
Dating a girl on the Internet
Dating a girl on the Internet
  • for the pickup to be a success and the long-awaited meeting to take place, choose girls' profiles not from the top positions of the site. They are not deprived of male attention and do not willingly dare to go to real meetings;
  • do not delay the correspondence, after a few sentences it will become clear whether there is contact between you. If everything goes according to plan, you can go to the next level and offer to talk over the phone.

A simple system for picking up girls on the Internet3

When a virtual acquaintance has already happened, you need to interest a new girlfriend. It's enough to talk for just a couple of hours. When the stage of trust has been passed, gently ask the girl if by chance she has a free and pretty girlfriend. If so, gently hint that you really want to get to know her and make a good impression. At this stage, two stages of the development of events are possible:

1. The girl really sincerely wishes her friend happiness and will gladly recommend you to her as a potential groom.

2. The girl will not want to lose such a macho and will make every effort to meet with you herself.

Now the job is done - the girl is trying on outfits for the first date and is eager to meet you, although only a couple of days have passed since you met. This is the internet pickup rules. The method is very simple in nature, but it is very effective and works almost always.

How to meet online
How to meet online

What exactly did you manage to hook a girl who spends a lot of time on the Internet? As a rule, if a girl has an attractive appearance, she is not deprived of attention. She receives hundreds of monotonous compliments and messages every day, and it is very difficult to remember something really worthwhile. And now, among all the monotony and typical SMS, you appear, and you also ask about a lonely girlfriend. Of course, jealousy will work for any girl, because why is a girlfriend better? Better not to lose this option and go on a date with the macho herself.

To hook the girl even more, there are several more methods. Not every representative of the fair sex can take a bite on them, but still worth a try. Now, remember what girls catch us with? Its unpredictability! For example, you communicate, everything seems to be fine, but suddenly she disappears from view for a couple of days, does not answer phone calls and SMS. It makes you angry and annoying, on the other hand, it hits your pride and you are attracted to the girl even more. You can try this method with a newly-made girlfriend.

After a week of communication, when you have a mutual interest, do not write to her for several days. After all, you have other important things to do besides social media and the Internet. Arrange a few days of agonizing silence, making her look forward to your arrival. Then return to communication again, arguing the heavy workload. Many girls are crazy about guys who disappear for a certain period of time.

How to meet a girl on the Internet
How to meet a girl on the Internet

As you can see, picking up girls on the Internet is a fun and simple activity that can provide an excellent alternative to live communication, as it has a number of advantages. Having mastered this technique, you can permanently get rid of embarrassment when meeting women, feel confident and understand the subtle female nature.

We will tell you in detail about all the intricacies and possibilities of pickup trainings in our next article.

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