Why Do Girls Often Cry? Sensitivity Or Female Manipulation?

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Why Do Girls Often Cry? Sensitivity Or Female Manipulation?
Why Do Girls Often Cry? Sensitivity Or Female Manipulation?
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why girls cry
why girls cry

Many people want to know why girls cry. Popular sources say estradiol and progesterone are to blame. And also prolactin. This nasty trinity makes women sensitive, emotional and inclined to express their sadness in tears. And also - women, because we are talking about sex hormones.

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  • 1 Why guys don't cry
  • 2 Strong and independent
  • 3 When emotionality is a hindrance
  • 4 Tears as a way of manipulation
  • 5 Tears and family problems
  • 6 How do women respond to manipulate tears
  • 7 When hormones are really to blame

But little girls are more likely to cry than adults. And their hormonal background is still different. Maybe the reason is not only in the state of the body, but also in something else? Let's try to figure it out.

Why guys don't cry

"Don't shed tears, you're a man!" This is approximately what a boy hears when he breaks his knee in the street and comes home. Or if they do not buy him some kind of archival piece in a chain store. Why is there physical pain and mental suffering. He hears this for any reason. Over time, special behavior develops. The guy stops showing emotions. Society welcomes this, it is not considered strange.

On the contrary, a boy who constantly bursts into tears will have a reputation as a weakling, even if he can pull himself up 25 times on the horizontal bar and beat everyone who offends him. Tears are generally understood to be a marker of weakness. They don't have to "show up" if you want to be seen as strong.

Strong and independent2

The trend has changed recently. If in the 80-90s girls wanted to be strong and independent, looked for work in “traditionally male spheres” such as the army and law enforcement agencies, and were doing normal, not “female” business with might and main, today it is no longer in vogue.

Read women's publics. The irony about work, career and the fact that all this is the lot of not very beautiful girls. Sarcasm that even an unhappy sense of humor and natural optimism can cause a girl to be left alone and spend her life with a cat. Endless advertisements for trainings on how to become feminine, soft, and addicted if you were raised ordinary.

Why do girls cry? It is no longer shameful. The builders of communism did not cry when they bought identical and not pretty coats in stores. Not a single tear was shed, and when I had to spit on mascara to make up my eyes. And the need to go to work if the child is in the kindergarten was not such a terrible reason for a bad mood.

Today, they cry at almost every corner. And if not tears, then whining. And if not whining, then the expression of emotion. In general, no one particularly scolds girls for tears. After all, this is such a feminine attribute.

When emotionality is a hindrance3

It's great if the mood changes, like the weather in March. She cried, calmed down, went about her business, laughed. And it's not at all good if the girl is crying all the time, and she drives herself into depression.

The human brain is designed as a "accumulator of problems":

  • Crying over a broken nail;
  • Makeup spreads, mascara gets into the eyes, it takes longer to collect;
Why do girls cry
Why do girls cry
  • The mood is worsened by a missed pair;
  • Then it seems that everything is terrible - they will be expelled from the university, the weather has not worked out either;
  • You start looking for flaws in yourself;
  • The bangs are disgusting, the nose needs to be redone, but there is no money for it;
  • To work in an hour, and my eyes are red;
  • You cry even more;
  • The day is ruined;
  • In the evening you break down at home
  • Tomorrow the story continues, with great problems and frustrations

Why do girls cry and accumulate problems? It is worth reconsidering your attitude towards life, nails and tears. Excessive emotionality is not a sign of femininity, and even more so, not a guarantee that you will be loved, appreciated and given your salary.

what a girl's tears are capable of
what a girl's tears are capable of

Tears as a way of manipulation4

At a time when brute force was everything, tears were such a peculiar way of psychological pressure. In classical patriarchy, a woman could not express dissatisfaction at all or somehow resist. Crying is yes. Since then, the tradition of "pushing for pity" has remained.

Many quite adult and independent girls have mastered this type of manipulation so well that they achieve anything with the help of crying. Not only gifts or weekend trips, but also a special attitude at work and in the family.

For example, a sales girl never fulfills a plan. But for some reason she is not fired, and an intern in her place is not taken. The intern thinks the girl is the boss's mistress. In fact, she just cries every time she is called "on the carpet" and asked to write on her own.

After all, she is so unhappy, you can give the girl another chance. The story has been going on for a year now. The crybaby is not interested in making more money, everything suits her, and she does not consider the scene with tears humiliating. The main thing is stability, this is its motto.

nature of women's tears
nature of women's tears

The other girl, on the other hand, is doing well at work. But her mother constantly hints that it would be nice to move out of her parents and stop bringing her boyfriend. Sobs and scenes enacted in response. For the second year she has been saving up to go on a long trip and go to freelance. And my mother's apartment is just a convenient staging post for the future design star living in Thailand.

If the heroines of the stories were guys, they would be judged. And so, what to take from the girls, do women cry?

Tears and family problems5

When love passes and it would be logical for a couple to separate, women "pay" for their comfort with tears. Yes, many cry and humiliate themselves in front of a man who has fallen out of love, not at all because of emotionality and love. This is the simplest way of manipulation that can be applied to stay in the state that is most convenient and beneficial.

And men do not get tired of writing and saying that it is tears that prompt divorce faster than anything else. Tears are not a solution to a family problem, but an independent new problem. It is clear that no one can always control himself, but manipulations with their help usually cause the opposite manipulative behavior.

if a woman cries
if a woman cries

How Lovers Respond to Manipulate Tears6

Tough Dad

The opponent simply ignores tears and hysteria. He leaves - into himself, to a friend, no matter where. Or sits down to watch YouTube with headphones. All this infuriates even more, the tears continue. But usually not for long, since there is simply no answer. This method is the most severe and the most effective. It does not allow one micron to yield, and is suitable for those who do not give in at all.

Crying is useless here. Need to think. What does a person want? If he doesn't leave, and doesn't issue ultimatums, maybe he's just waiting for you to calm down to talk?

Scythe on a stone

In response, they begin to yell, swear, and threaten. The situation is getting more and more tense. This is not a “strategist” who is waiting in the wings, but an ordinary person who is simply irritated by constant negativity, crying and problems.

The scandal can be terrible and completely uncontrollable, so with such a reaction it is safer to stop manipulating and look for other ways to solve problems.

reasons why girls cry
reasons why girls cry

When hormones are really to blame7

Sadly, during pregnancy, not only appetite, but also mood “flies off the rails”. It is natural. The most logical girl in the world can start crying at melodramas, and be moved by kittens and puppies. It is useless to do anything here. You need to accept and endure.

Some girls have PMS, and an imbalance of estradiol and progesterone provokes it. The condition can be controlled if you eat right and take vitamins, but a couple of days of irritability and tearfulness are still ahead.

There is nothing to advise - learn self-control. No matter what the "guru of femininity" is broadcasting, no one likes crybaby. And then washing mascara from the cheeks is not the most pleasant experience.

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