How To Interest A Penpal Girl: A Lady Also Loves With Her Eyes

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How To Interest A Penpal Girl: A Lady Also Loves With Her Eyes
How To Interest A Penpal Girl: A Lady Also Loves With Her Eyes

Video: How To Interest A Penpal Girl: A Lady Also Loves With Her Eyes

Video: How To Interest A Penpal Girl: A Lady Also Loves With Her Eyes
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how to interest a girl
how to interest a girl

They say that girls know how to listen, and they love to do it when a song of compliments is put into their ears. Men love more with their eyes when the figure is beautiful, the face is young and the skin is well-groomed. How to interest a penpal girl who neither sees nor hears? That's right, you need to rely on non-verbal methods of seduction.

The content of the article

  • 1 Overconfident ladies' men - no!
  • 2 Down with templates
  • 3 Personal meeting - a formality of distance
  • 4 Going into flirting and first meeting

By the way, their places of not so distant men are often written by girls and tie not only communication with them, but also marry, providing themselves a corner where you can return after serving time. They have a lot to learn, but only in a good sense of action and intention.

Overconfident ladies' men - no! _8212

There are many ways to talk about feelings, but no normal man will talk about sex, especially by correspondence. A middle-aged woman will send such a rabbit away, and young goats will be a little more lucky - they simply will not be answered. Young girls with caution read such sayings, somewhere they even guess lines from popular songs.

What can you do for the sake of attention to yourself beloved. And this is the main trouble - a man to boast when he conquers, a woman does not like such pathos. Initially, the task should be set as a goal to please, and not pay attention to the person in the reflection of the mirror.

  1. You can just write a message to a girl you like, but it's too simple. Either he will not answer, or he will laugh and there will be a total ignore.
  2. The girl loves it when the minimum that she allows to read in the section about herself is known about her. It's good if the guy shows interest by drawing a parallel of interests.
  3. If the girl did not reciprocate, do not stoop to humiliation and insults.

Some guys take the "sign off later" attitude literally. Moving away, they try to arouse interest with jealousy. And girls, waiting for a message, see all the ins and outs from the outside.

If you came to the network in order to find a companion and do not know at all how to get a girl, read our tips in the article at the link.

Down with templates

How to get a pen-girl interested so that it turns out not just beautiful, but insanely attractive? That's right, I don't use templates. Any nonsense spoken with confidence is said to count as a point of view.

Don't be afraid to be funny. This makes the girls kinder and more forgiving. And the stronger the laugh, the easier it is to strike up a conversation with a girl later. True, you will also have to learn to hear through correspondence.

how to interest a girl
how to interest a girl

It is also not recommended to ask questions:

  1. What she does, what she does. It's too personal for such invisible people. Then it's better to go into reality and continue.
  2. A few compliments to her are enough. But you can't talk about yourself more than asking your interlocutor. It looks like narcissism.
  3. Favorite music, color or balloons - this is not a school questionnaire that all girls filled out. Better to ask when she last walked in the rain.

It will be good if the girl sees the reaction to her words. Let this be conveyed through emoticons and various memes. Do not bend! You need to remain well-read, but not PR and conceit. A girl may not be friends with mathematics, but here is a man, a medalist with honors.

Personal Meeting - Distance Formality_8212-2

It also happens that people know each other in absentia, have heard a lot about each other, but it is impossible to come up and exchange names or numbers. The only convenient opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk is the Internet. And here the soul of the company becomes a sensitive and responsive person, who is not alien to compassion for a kitten stuck in a tree.

how to interest a girl
how to interest a girl

Girls are such girls that they are ready to believe even such dating scenarios. It’s painfully sweet, but there’s time to split it. A guy who is too well prepared is rewarded in full.

It is also very original to talk in private at the monitor screens, and then meet already as familiar people in absentia.

Some couples get to know each other in this way and then create families. Since it is not always possible to start a conversation in reality, some do not have enough time, some do not have the courage, men prefer to conduct part of the negotiations in such a simple way.

The transition to flirting and the first meeting2

The line between simple communication and outright flirting cannot be crossed until 10 days have passed. During this time, a man can get to know the girl better, prepare a “plan of questions”. The girl will be better disposed to frequent correspondence, easier to perceive information about an upcoming meeting. The guy should try not only to find out her taste preferences, but also to interest the girl to come to him on a date.

intrigue a girl in correspondence
intrigue a girl in correspondence

Guys often think that in a week of communication on the Internet you can move mountains and please anyone. This is an erroneous opinion, since girls share their impressions either with friends or with mothers.

After a successful meeting, one should not lose vigilance and nullify communication outside of reality. He needs to be supported so that the girl sees the guy's interest. Of course, if he needs it, he won't have to put in special efforts. When everything is a burden, girls feel it.

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