What Are Online Girls And What Do They Do Online?

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What Are Online Girls And What Do They Do Online?
What Are Online Girls And What Do They Do Online?

Video: What Are Online Girls And What Do They Do Online?

Video: What Are Online Girls And What Do They Do Online?
Video: What Girls Do Online 2023, June
girl online
girl online

The Internet has not been called the World Wide Web for nothing. He really, like a spider, has entwined all space around us with his nets. And even to a little kid who asks his parents his next tricky "why" or "why", the parents are likely to answer "ask Google." So the "girl on the net" is a common phenomenon.

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  • 2 And I am not me, and the house is not mine
  • 3 Gray mouse
  • 4 A real lady
  • 5 What shouldn't be done on the page?
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Google has firmly entered life and has become such a kind uncle, always ready to help us, illiterate people, in everything. Yes, and he also corrects our mistakes in most cases on his own. Unless, of course, already written non-obvious nonsense, where not only the devil, but Google itself will break his leg.

So what do girls use the Internet for, and how do they spend their time on it? According to statistics, there are three main areas of activity for an Internet lady: dating and social networks, leisure, work.

Dating and social networks

Yes, today it is the Internet that is the most successful place for dating. At least many people think so. That's the truth of the pitfalls here oh how many. Suffice it to recall the bearded anecdote about a grandmother, who confessed to her granddaughter that Lelka Shalunishka was her on Facebook. So, the network also has its own subspecies of dating.

And I am not me, and the hut is not mine 2

So in the world of dating - there is no guarantee that the page with the blond angelic creature on the avatar weighing a little more than an adult Dalmatian really belongs to this sweet fragile girl. In 85% of cases on this page, a 150-kilogram matron, the owner of three children and three chins, briskly fills everything.

And she started the page solely in order to relax along the route kitchen-washing machine-vacuum cleaner-kindergarten-school-food market-lessons-marital duty. Here she gets real pleasure. They write compliments to her, invite her on dates, well, in general, they behave with her as with a real person, and not a hybrid of a food processor with a washing machine.

She can easily complement her magnificent face, shown in the photographs, with photos of a convertible, yacht or villa in the Caribbean donated by her dad. There are more than enough images on the Internet, and Photoshop in skillful pens is capable of doing wonders. But the hands of a mother of many children are definitely skillful.

Of course, such a "girl" will not come on a date. The maximum that can be expected is telephone conversations. And even then, it is not known whether the lady will dare to "light up" her phone number.

Gray mouse3

Not less often, an inconspicuous gray mouse is hidden under the fatal nickname and a pleasant photograph. In real life, she is timid and unremarkable in appearance. Here you can post any photo on the site, and behave in a conversation easily and naturally. By the way, all mice know how to joke and maintain a conversation; they are simply shy and afraid to look ridiculous.

There is no place for constraint on a social network or on a dating site, here she can behave as she wants, completely without thinking about the consequences.

Real lady 4

This girl on the network exposes her real photos and practically does not lie about herself. Well, maybe a little. She is not against dating, and she is unlikely to take them seriously. She has enough life in real life, and here she "hangs" primarily in order to "promote" herself to her beloved. There are millions of selfies on her page.

girl in the network makes a selfie
girl in the network makes a selfie

What not to do on a page? 5

By the way, cute girls would not hurt to know that the majority of men (according to the results of the polls) are terribly annoyed by such "self-mania" on the page. And our girls love it sooooooo much. It's not for nothing that 60% of Russians registered on Instagram are of the weaker sex.

Also, if a girl wants to get to know each other seriously online, she should not post numerous pictures from all the nightclubs in the city and its surroundings on the wall. The image of a party girl is unlikely to suit a serious girl.

The girls' page will not attract the attention of the guys either, which daily posts more and more new lists of what a real man should be. Among all these smart, handsome, rich, caring, loving, etc., men simply get lost and begin to feel like stud stallions at auction.

After all, they do not post on their page a list of dishes that the chosen one must prepare and other mandatory conditions.

real girl online
real girl online

Representatives of the stronger sex do not like the excessively "clogged" wall. Numerous reposts of "clever" quotes, thousands of culinary recipes and trillions of advertisements for T-shirts, sneakers and curtains in the living room can also scare off a potential suitor.

As well as an excessive number of all kinds of aphorisms, especially if they contradict one one in meaning. Here the impression is not of the mind, but, on the contrary, of its complete absence.

The guys don't really like the myriad of virtual friends and subscribers. Then it seems that the girl does not care who to communicate with.

Not the best option for a girl's wall and endless pictures with flowers or a myriad of posts dedicated to work or hobbies. And here it doesn't matter whether she posts an image of cute kittens or bird-eating spiders. Here, as they say, too much is not good.

Lovely girls just need to get a separate "work" page for such a case. There, she will not only be able to boast of her hobby, but also find like-minded people, without burdening the brain of the guys who correspond with her.

What do online girls do? 6

In the crazy rhythm of modern life, statistics cannot be hidden anywhere, even on the Internet. Here, too, sociologists conducted their research and identified several rather interesting facts.

girls use phones more often
girls use phones more often

Women use computers and laptops much less often than men (of course, this does not apply to Internet business owners). They spend only 35% of the time for stationary devices. Girls prefer to do all other correspondence or viewing social networks from smartphones.

65% of women use social networks solely to chat with friends. Tell about yourself and look at others. That is why female accounts have 8 percent more friends, and the feed is updated one and a half times more often than representatives of the stronger sex.

One third of women learn about everything that happens in the world from their pages in social networks. She does not bother to search in Google, her friends have already shared everything and she can calmly, without straining, find out all the news of the world. By the evening, women's activity in the network subsides, perhaps, the need to move on to household chores affects.

As for the subject of views, most of them are occupied by all sorts of interesting life hacks, which they immediately strive to try in practice. But women devote only a minute more than men to illustrations from the lives of stars. And porn pictures take only 11 minutes a week.

But, this is for one result. There are also slightly different polls. Here they say that a girl on the network shares almost the same amount of her time between four topics:

  • Stars
  • Fashion
  • Sex and relationships
  • beauty

Women spend 25% of their time on the Internet flipping through tabs:

  • Interior and pets
  • Psychology and fitness

And, oddly enough, recipe blocks confidently take the last place. This information was provided by Oksana Gorbach (Business Development Director) Liquid7.

what they post and read on the net
what they post and read on the net

We rest while working 7

However, dear men completely in vain believe that a girl appears on the network solely in order to find herself a boyfriend for a serious relationship, or simply to flirt and unwind.

Well, the good old statistics say the opposite. A very large number of women make money online, and the money is very large. And some started their own business without even knowing it.

Favorite hobby8

Yes, it was her favorite hobby that led to the success of the owner of one of the most famous online store of handmade works or, as they say now, handmade. You shouldn't mention its name so as not to look like advertising agents.

So, there was a girl who loved to embroider, and to embroider with beads. She posted photos of all her finished works on the page of one well-known social network (and she had a lot of them). Once, in order not to clog the tape, she decided to open a separate page for photos.

Over time, in addition to embroidering paintings, she began to make various jewelry, again, from beads. Gerdans and jguts, lariat and “air” well, in general, everything that she found on the Internet was interesting for her to try to create on her own.

And she did all this then exclusively for herself. Until the page with the finished work began to receive messages asking if she was taking orders for manufacturing. That's how little by little everything spun around. One order, the second, the twenty-third - she had to hire the craftswomen, since she herself simply could not cope.

what does a girl do on the internet
what does a girl do on the internet

Further, another idea struck her. Remembering how she herself once suffered with the selection of fabrics, ribbons, beads and beads, surfing the Internet and ordering one thing on one site and another on the other, she decided to put everything together.

So, from a cute hobby, her venture has turned into a successful online store, where customers can purchase both finished works and everything they need to make them on their own. Now it is already a multi-million dollar project that brings a woman a very good income. Here's a girl on the net. Not everyone here is just posting pictures or looking at star wardrobes.

And there can be an infinite number of such examples. Regardless of what a lady does, she can always find her cell on the Internet to create a successful business. The main desire, perseverance and a little patience. Here you can breed dogs or flowers, sell antique cars or decorate interiors. Any desire, to which the soul lies, can be successfully realized.

Can you find love on the internet? 9

Returning to the topic of relationships on the Internet, it is worth mentioning that, indeed, real girls “live” on the Internet. They don't post fake photos on the wall and don't talk about what a dream prince should be. They are pure and sincere.

Why do such ideal female representatives meet over the Internet? There can be many reasons for this. Perhaps a clever and beautiful woman lives in a distant outback with her grandmother and she simply has no one to meet on the street.

Secondly, she may, torn in half between work and study, may simply not have time for walks, and where now can you meet a normal guy? In the park, in a cafe at a disco? Hardly. So it remains to sit in a comfortable chair, cover your legs with a blanket and open your laptop.

Maybe it was there, in a huge web, that her prince got entangled. By the way, most of these real dating on the Internet start completely by accident. Word by word, and the interlocutor begins to feel sincerity and kindness even through the laptop monitor.

looking for love on the net
looking for love on the net

Over time, such acquaintances are transferred to real life. Sometimes, even thousands of distances do not interfere with lovers. Relationships start to develop in real life - flowers, courtship, and moonlight walks.

Convinced of the sincerity of each other, and that everything described on the page on the Internet was true, lovers often marry. Nowadays, more and more married couples can boast that they have found each other on one of the social networks.

Caution! Scammers10

Unfortunately, one cannot hide from scammers anywhere. Even on the World Wide Web. The girl herself may turn out to be unclean, or even a cunning uncle with a criminal past “cheats” you on her behalf.

Therefore, in no case should you transfer money to unknown accounts of your grandmother, sister, or friend. And in general, why money if you have real pure love. But, not worth the sad. All that is needed is a little caution and then the vastness of the Internet will become an exciting journey for you.

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