Dream Interpretation: Why Dream Of Her Husband's Betrayal? We Read Different Interpretations

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Dream Interpretation: Why Dream Of Her Husband's Betrayal? We Read Different Interpretations
Dream Interpretation: Why Dream Of Her Husband's Betrayal? We Read Different Interpretations

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why dream of her husband's betrayal
why dream of her husband's betrayal

Probably, every married woman has ever seen in a dream that her hubby went to women. And now she wakes up all in tears, her heart in her ears, her knees tremble. And he begins to wind himself up, torment himself with jealousy.

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  • 2 Interpretation from dream books
  • 3 Miller's dream book
  • 4 Freud's dream book
  • 5 Wangi's dream book
  • 6 Dream interpretation of Nostradamus
  • 7 Loff's dream book
  • 8 Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov
  • 9 Dream interpretation Longo
  • 10 Medea's dream book
  • 11 Esoteric dream book
  • 12 Dream interpretation of the XXI century
  • 13 Dream interpretation of the White magician
  • 14 Chinese dream book
  • 15 Muslim dream book

And if she knew why her husband's betrayal was dreaming in reality, then she might not have suffered from such paronoidal fears. Moreover, after a survey on social networks, it turned out that women who saw their husband's betrayal in a dream, immediately after waking up, on still hot emotions, could hit a peacefully sleeping husband or throw a scandal.

And the biggest experience of any married woman is marital infidelity. Some try not to think about it at all, while others, on the contrary, constantly replay the scenes of potential betrayal in their thoughts. Someone silently turns around and leaves, while another starts a fire, poison traitors with arsenic, arranges executions or castrates a husband in front of everyone, simultaneously throwing his mistress into the crater of the volcano.

Modern interpretation

The first thing psychologists advise to do is to stop thinking about it. Since thoughts, fears, which often revolve in the head, then can materialize in dreams. But if, nevertheless, the husband gave his wife branchy horns in a dream, then it is time for her to take a break from her faithful. You can fly to the Maldives or go hiking in the Siberian forests, so you can rethink your relationship, gain strength and inspiration for a reboot.

If the dreamer dreamed of her husband's sincere remorse after betrayal, then it is time to call the Ministry of Emergencies. Since the interpretation of such a variation is a danger to the marital relationship. It is urgent to use all the reserves and establish such an atmosphere in the house that a man would forget to think that there are almost 4 billion women living on the planet.

By the way, if you happen to see this, then be sure to remember all the details, even write them down. Apartment number, address, surnames, names, all appearances and passwords. It is possible that if the real betrayal comes true, then this data will lead you on the trail. And then nothing will stop you from ripping out the mistress of the cosma or sending them into slavery on the galleys.

If in a dream the spouse wanted to break up in order to fly to Gagra with his mistress, but then suddenly changed his mind - rejoice and have fun. The interpretation of such a dream is as follows: feelings will sparkle with new colors, spiteful critics chew gum, and all existing problems will be solved.

The betrayal happened on the family bed - it's time to go to an intimate store. Check out Fifty Shades of Gray or Basic Instinct as it's time to add some erotic diversity to your relationship.

The question of why the husband's betrayal is dreaming can be answered with another important interpretation. If the dream was vivid, intense, memorable, then one should be very careful with electrical appliances, as it promised a serious fire.


Interpretation from dream books2

Each dream book interprets the same night vision differently. In addition, in order to accurately define sleep, the small nuances and details that accompany the dream are important. For interpretation, people turn to both modern dream books and old ones, whose veracity has been tested by time.

Miller's dream book3

The American psychologist stated that if one of the spouses witnessed the adultery of another in his dream, this testified to the strong gullibility, naivety and reliability of the dreamer. So it's time to learn how to say a hard "no".

Another of his statements was the crystal honesty of her husband, and that in fact, there is no doubt about his loyalty. If in a dream your best friend acted as a mistress, do not rush to impale her. It only means that in the near future you will become absolutely indifferent to your spouse.

But for a real divorce, an intimate relationship with a young unfamiliar girl is dreaming. Moreover, the presence of "Lolita" in a dream predicts a messy nightlife for her husband after parting with his legal wife.

The firmness and resilience of a life partner, who in a dream did not succumb to the persuasion of a fallen lady and did not succumb to the temptation to cheat on his wife, predicts a quick fulfillment of an important desire or a rise in the career ladder.

Why dream of her husband's betrayal
Why dream of her husband's betrayal

Freud's dream book4

The Austrian psychologist did not go into exact details and interpreted such a dream unambiguously. That is, if a husband cheated in a dream, it meant that there was no satisfaction in sex. And also signaled jealousy and too strong fears of the wife. He advised in such cases to simply talk to the spouse as frankly as possible in order to exclude the possibility of real betrayal.

Dream interpretation of Wangi5

The collapse of all plans, all conceived, all dreams and desires - this is how the Bulgarian clairvoyant explained adultery in a dream. But, if there was only a husband's desire to deceive his wife's trust or his refusal to go to the left, this testified to his great and pure love for his wife.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus6

The French astrologer predicted global changes in the family tandem, if in the night dream of one of them there was a betrayal. He also noted that sex between a husband and a stranger shows active manifestations of feminism on the part of a woman who does not want to recognize her spouse as the dominant person in the house. And he should be wary of his wife, as she harbored a strong resentment and anger at him.

Why dream of her husband's betrayal
Why dream of her husband's betrayal

Loff's dream book7

David Loff interpreted such dreams more positively, arguing that the spouses had a long and happy future together. And that the woman who had such a dream is very cunning and intelligent. Given these data, she is good at manipulating men.

Dream interpretation of Tsvetkov8

Determining what the mistress and her husband are dreaming of, Evgeny Tsvetkov announced the likely destruction of the plans conceived by the woman who had the dream. And despite the dexterity and intelligence with which it was invented, the plan is still not as ideal as we would like, since some details were not studied, which put everything that was planned at risk.

Dream Interpretation Longo9

The esotericist interpreted her husband's betrayal as the woman's desire to go to the side herself. And all her suspicions of her husband's fidelity are unfounded.

Dream interpretation of Medea10

The sorceress did not draw direct parallels between dreams and reality. And she explained the cheater in dreams with betrayal and slander from acquaintances or serious difficulties in life. But the rejection of marital infidelity prophesied to good luck in all matters.


Esoteric dream book11

Here such a dream is interpreted as a sign of a blessed life in the family. The only thing a woman needs to do is to trust her husband completely.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century_XXI

The intimate relationship of a spouse with another woman, whom his wife sees in a dream, promises huge life troubles, but they can be overcome with the help of relatives and friends.

Dream interpretation of the White magician12

Here, the main interpretation is addressed to the dreamer, stating that she should become more confident and stop tormenting herself with fears.

Chinese dream book13

The Chinese are not in vain known as optimists. After all, they interpret even such an unpleasant dream in a positive way. In their opinion, her husband's betrayal in a dream suggests that a very strong, trusting relationship has developed between the spouses, and that sex is a complete idyll.


Muslim dream book14

According to this dream book, cheating on her husband portends serious problems at work. It is possible that one of the colleagues is weaving an intrigue, the purpose of which is to take away a job.

As you can see, the interpretation of the dream books is rather contradictory. Some portend positive moments, others, on the contrary, negative. But psychologists have one opinion, to cheat yourself less, to have confidential conversations with your husband and not think about cheating.

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