How Does A Girl Become A Mistress And Why Does This Happen?

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How Does A Girl Become A Mistress And Why Does This Happen?
How Does A Girl Become A Mistress And Why Does This Happen?

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Mistress girls
Mistress girls

Every man wants to see a beautiful, smart, wealthy, stylish, luxurious, young and sexy woman next to him. But the question immediately arises - why are you to her? And since a man is a polygamous creature, he can madly love his wife, but walk to the left to his mistress.

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  • 1 6 reasons why girls become lovers
  • 2 The deliberate choice of a married man
  • 3 1. The guarantee of raising self-esteem
  • 4 2. Sports interest
  • 5 3. Striving to be provided
  • 6 4. Convenience and comfort
  • 7 5. Brutality and charisma

The higher the rank and wealth of a man, the more choices and opportunities he has. Girls are the mistresses of married men - who are they and how do they become? Why do women willingly try on a secondary role? After all, not everyone can be content with the way where a man comes only to realize his natural instincts. What is the psychology of a mistress and what men lack in family life, we will analyze everything in detail.

Who is a mistress? This is not just a woman for sex. After all, if a married man wants sex on the side, he can easily use the services of a prostitute. And the number of calls will depend only on him. So they go to their mistresses not only for sex? Much more is expected of them than the usual intercourse in a hotel or hotel room.

Любовница - та женщина, к которой мужчина уходит от проблем повседневной жизни, элементарного быта, суеты и ноющей жены. Поэтому любовница должна сделать абсолютно все, чтобы обеспечить мужчине комфорт и безопасность от воздействия негативных эмоций. Одним словом, любовница будет делать все, чтобы ее женатый возлюбленный возвращался к ней снова и снова.

For a rich and successful man, acquaintance with his mistress can be compared to buying an expensive car. This applies to those cases when a dear and fatal seductress becomes a mistress. Moreover, having a constant mistress, a man will be proud of this and once again emphasize his solidity and status. Still, there is not only a clever, beautiful wife nearby who will always support and wait at home, but also a sexy, young lover, ready to give pleasure and inner comfort at any time of the day or night.

In this case, the mistress is more fortunate, because the man will do his best to create a magical world for her, full of gifts and surprises. A world in which there are no worries, where problems are solved at the speed of light, where all desires are fulfilled and there is no place for grievances and claims. The only negative in this whole story is that the mistress will never take the first place in a man's life and will always remain in the shadows.

Among modern beautiful girls, it is considered prestigious to be the mistress of a wealthy man. Moreover, this choice is often quite deliberate. This relationship is based on mutual benefit. Men have an outlet and regular sex on the side, which is different from the usual intimacy with his wife. Girls, acting as lovers, have financial support, care and an exciting romance with the most incredible emotions.

6 reasons why girls become lovers6

If a girl agrees to the role of a mistress, she must be prepared for the fact that she will not be assigned a major role in a man's life. He will spend almost all his free time with his wife, travel to relatives on holidays with her, and not with you. The mistress will be content with only rare meetings, and in places with a small crowd of people.

Girl mistress
Girl mistress

A lover will not be able to go on vacation with a man, celebrate the New Year, or go shopping. And when it is lonely and wants to talk to someone, a man is unlikely to come at the first request. And the worst thing in this situation is that a loved one will have to be shared with someone else, or rather with a legal wife.

And if there are only drawbacks in all this, then how do girls agree to the role of mistress, if you can just build a normal relationship with a free man? What does a mistress do when her man is not around?

One can, of course, assume that they become mistresses quite by accident. But why do some girls willingly try on this role, while others do not even allow such a thought? There are a number of reasons why beautiful and confident girls become lovers.

Reason 1 - Self-doubt

It is not surprising that at the word "mistress" the image of a fatal sexy beauty with ideal forms and a model appearance pops up in everyone. In fact, if a girl consciously becomes a mistress, then at one time she had to go through psychological trauma or an unsuccessful romance.

It is such events that give a start for the development of all kinds of complexes. The thought of her inferiority firmly settles in her head, she thinks that no one will marry her, and even less will love her. Therefore, when a handsome man appears on the horizon, even if he is married, she willingly agrees to spend the rest of her life with him.

Reason 2 - Material Need

In the modern world, girls often manage to live in a big way, while not having a job and a basic income. To do this, you just need to have a rich sponsor who will provide you with everything you need - clothing, household needs, entertainment, recreation, food, etc. This is one of the main reasons why girls become lovers of wealthy men. At the same time, they do not worry at all about self-education and personal development.

Why do they become mistresses
Why do they become mistresses

In the event of a breakdown, they easily look for a new sponsor who is ready to take on the costs of ensuring her life. The only problem can be time, because the years go by, and even the most beautiful girls age and become unpopular with rich men. In old age, such girls do not have an easy time, because now they need to provide for themselves on their own.

Reason 3 - Fear of being alone

Why do girls become mistresses who can easily build relationships with a free man? Not every girl finds it easy to build relationships, and she doesn't want to be alone. In addition, society imposes its own rules, according to which many stereotypes are attributed to single girls. Not everyone can withstand this pressure, thanks to which single women become lovers of married men.

Reason 4 - Sexual Dissatisfaction

Oddly enough, but only single girls do not always become mistresses. It is not uncommon for married ladies to have lovers or date married men. The reasons are banal - dissatisfaction with having sex with a legal spouse.

Reason 5 - Unwillingness to take on the responsibilities of a spouse

Many girls do not want to burden themselves with the duties of a wife and see more minuses than pluses in family life. It’s a paradox, but girls are also afraid that sooner or later a husband may have a mistress, and she will only have household chores and taking care of children. At the same time, the mistress will still be more lucky in this situation - the man will always be in a good mood and will not skimp on attention and gifts.

While the wife will have to endure all the failures, worries and bad moods. Many families face such a bitter truth, because men sometimes do not want to work on themselves, being in legal marriage. But personal shortcomings also cannot be long and skillfully hidden in front of his mistress.

Why girls want to be mistresses
Why girls want to be mistresses

Reason 6 - Banal falling in love

They become lovers not only in order to obtain certain benefits. Often the reason is the usual love and the most real sincere feelings. Sometimes they are so strong that the girl cannot cope with them and she dives into a whirlwind romance, like into a pool with her head.

Knowingly Deliberate Choice of a Married Man

Some girls start relationships by specifically choosing married men. The reasons can be the most commonplace, from love to self-interest. True, girls do not always realize that a married man uses them in the same way for his needs. Consider the main reasons for choosing to become a mistress.

1. A guarantee of raising self-esteem1

When a woman pays attention to a man, it automatically means that he is special for her. And if he was free, then perhaps the girl would simply be afraid to get to know him. The fact that the man is already ringed gives the woman additional interest and courage in her actions.

Since a full-fledged relationship between two people is full of various surprises, including not very pleasant ones, it is likely that a girl may be rejected at different stages of the relationship.

The reasons can be very different - a man may say that he does not like you, or he fell in love with another. With a married man, everything is much simpler - the only reason for refusal can only be that he is loyal to his wife and does not want to twist intrigues on the side. And starting an affair with a married man, the girl will be 100% confident in herself if she is refused.

2. Sports interest2

If a married man got himself a mistress, then at a certain stage she became more important to him than his wife. Also, moral principles and beliefs are relegated to the background. Some lovers thus increase their self-esteem and self-esteem. Perfectly understanding her superiority, the girl's mistress behaves uninhibited and gives her lover the best and most passionate sex.

And although the wife has not disappeared from life, her presence will still upset her mistress. But over and over again the man will return for a new dose of adrenaline, which will please his girlfriend's vanity. This connection is usually based on constant ups and downs. But it is they who give the mistress the opportunity to feel herself the best, thereby maintaining a relationship with a married man.

Why be a lover
Why be a lover

3. Striving to be provided3

In a standard relationship with a man on the way to a prosperous life, a girl faces many obstacles - buying and arranging housing, constant payments of utility bills, worries about a lack of money, and so on. If a married man is listed as a loved one, the mistress dreams of only one thing - to divorce him from his wife. And the very concept of happiness does not give the necessary emotions of satisfaction.

In addition, girls by nature want to be weak and shift all responsibility to the male shoulder. Girls who are mistresses of rich married men, as a rule, hope that the chosen one will be able to solve all financial issues. In addition, every woman loves beautiful jewelry and gifts for no reason. And men are very fond of pampering with attention precisely to mistresses, and not legal wives.

4. Convenience and comfort4

When people do not live together, but at the same time they have a certain relationship, it is easier for them to show their best sides. They go to each date in the most beautiful outfit and in a great mood. The conversation is casual and meetings usually end with passionate sex. Which, by the way, is very different from rare or periodic sex with your legal spouse.

Maintaining passion and lightness is very difficult when you are united by life and children. And whether you like it or not, your husband sometimes sees you not in the most attractive form. Therefore, it is quite logical that men have mistresses to get new sensations not only in sex, but also in spiritual harmony.

5. Brutality and charisma5

As you know, everything inaccessible attracts with incredible power. A man, on the other hand, needs a lot of ingenuity and caution to work on two fronts. As a rule, those who have mistresses are very cunning, which attracts attention to themselves and makes them fall in love again and again. It is also customary to pamper mistresses with gifts and pleasant trifles, which are especially appreciated by girls in men.

How to be a mistress
How to be a mistress

How can you understand that no one reason why girls become mistresses is positive. In a relationship with a married man, alas, there are no prospects. And in total, as a rule, such an intrigue is tragic - a broken heart of a girl and the acquisition of new complexes. And the sooner a girl can realize this and stop all contact with a man who has a family, the better it will be for both.

If you are unable to sort out your feelings and guide yourself to the right decision, it is better to seek help from a psychologist. Often, women knowingly choose married men for themselves in the hope of receiving emotions, care, material assistance and support that will help her cope with loneliness. But if you deliberately choose the first option between a married and a free man, this is a reason to think about your adequacy.

But how to fall in love with a married man, you can find out in detail in our article further on the link!

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