How To Behave On Your First Date With A Man Or Girl?

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How To Behave On Your First Date With A Man Or Girl?
How To Behave On Your First Date With A Man Or Girl?

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First date
First date

In the life of every person there comes one, perhaps the most reverent and exciting moment - the first date. Everyone remembers the growing panic, turning into a quiet hysteria when the training camp begins. What to wear, what to say, how to behave? Mom is hysterical no less, the father cleans the berdan or climbs with his advice "But I …".

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  • 1 When we were young and they were talking beautiful nonsense …
  • 2 Sami with a mustache
  • 3 Cherished places
  • 4 Choosing a look
  • 5 Small talk about everything and about nothing
  • 6 What oysters eat or table etiquette
  • 7 "So it means tomorrow, in the same place, at the same hour …"
  • 8 45 - baba berry again
  • 9 "There is something in me that reaches out to you"
  • 10 Predictions for the future

Okay, if this date is really the first, and the new recruit is only 16 years old. And if 25 or 40? The first date is not the first, there were a lot of them, but each one drives you into a coma. Even worse at this age! And wrinkles, and folds, and a bunch of nuances in appearance. But! All sometime for the first time. And you must survive this moment with dignity.

When we were young and they were talking beautiful nonsense … i

The first date as a teenager is not scary at all. It happens, as a rule, according to a given scenario. Young people have known each other for a long time, they like each other, communicate in the same company. Topics for conversation - a dime a dozen. The walk is predictable: a cinema, a pizzeria, a walk to the house. Everything is fun and cool. The only thing that bothers you is the choice of style. But here, too, everything is simple. "Maashkaaa, count up, Sasha and 11" b "called me to the cinema! Give me your parrot blouse?"

Cheerful chatting on the phone, whispering in the school corridor. In the evening, an excited discussion about what to go and where. But, friends will not leave, my mother will wind up her curls and tint her eyelashes, my father will gaze gloomily and set the timer at 22:00. Then everything will be gorgeous: the premiere of the film, pizza and cola, Sasha blushes sweetly, escorts home, timidly reaches for his cheek and awkwardly pokes his nose into it.

The father gloomily looks out the window at the doves, the mother peeps from behind the curtain and tries to take her husband away. This will be followed by chatter in the messenger, pictures of the bouquet in VK or Instagram. And in the morning Sashka will be stomping at the entrance to go to school together. Prose, fun, predictable.

Yourself with a mustache2

It's another matter if the date occurs before the age of 30. Everything is more complicated here. At this age, a person is already striving to create a couple, and many a social unit. Therefore, the first date in this age category resembles a bride. In theory, the way it is. And there is nothing wrong with that. This is a normal desire of every thinking person.

In the modern world, the first date is often blind. Dating on social networks has become commonplace. It's unusual to go on a date live. Such meetings are already scheduled for a very tangible purpose. And here at least some kind of plan is needed.

Although, if you think so, a strategy is also necessary for a date with a long-familiar person. After all, what is the first meeting? This is the groundwork for the development of further relations. If you approach this issue condescendingly, then everything can end without beginning. And this is sad.

Treasured places3

This part of the article is about men. As a rule, they are the initiators of the date. Of course, a woman can also make an appointment, there is nothing seditious in this anymore. Still, the classic scenario assumes the first step from a man.

So. It's best to choose a simpler place for the first date. Of course, the pizzeria should be reserved for teenagers. Don't take it to the restaurant right away, it is better to leave it as the final chord, and then opt for a coffee shop or a good cafe.

in the restaurant
in the restaurant

If a girl passionately loves all kinds of crocodiles and monkeys, then everything is clear. An invitation to the zoo. It is banal to the point of impossibility, but the beginning is conducive to easy communication.

If a girl adores painting or cannot live without classical music - an exhibition or a conservatory. Theater - for fans of the stage, a rock concert for a girl in a leather jacket. The time to find out the sweetheart's preferences was a wagon and a small cart. Therefore, you should not bother too much.

After an exciting pastime, the lady of the heart needs to be treated. Naturally, she is on a diet, and, of course, does not eat after 18:00. Well, okay, the money will be more whole, suddenly the project is unprofitable. Not like a man? Yes, good! Great coffee in a prestigious coffee shop or a light dinner in a trendy café is fine for a first meeting. The rest of the evening is classic: seeing off home.

Here it is at the discretion of the lady. But you don't need to climb with your kissing hugs. Maybe she didn’t like everything at all, and she wants to quickly start "poking" on the phone to her friend. She needs this drool! A gallant kiss of the hand and you can bow around, along the way finding out if you can count on the next meeting. That's it, the evening is over. Oh yes! SMS with wishes of sweet dreams, if not yet sent to an emergency.

Shop the Look4

First you need to think over the image. Of course, it must match the meeting place. It would be foolish to go in high heels if a steamer ride is offered, or in crocodile leather shoes if the date takes place in an amusement park. In general, you should choose the style that is most comfortable.

Jeans? Why not, if they are classic. Plaid shirt? If she is in the subject - easily. It's not worth running for an evening dress, suddenly it is no longer needed. If a man has appointed a pretentious place, no one forbids persuading him to change his mind to a simpler event.

First date
First date

The makeup is discreet, refreshing the face, and not the war paint of a variety show dancer. Still have time! The hairstyle is as simple as possible so that you do not have to frantically fasten the stray strands with some kind of paper clip. To build a tower of Babel on your head is inconsiderate.

Small talk about everything and about nothing5

Oh, that's just not necessary to catch up with pathos in intonation. The conversation should flow on its own. Of course, you shouldn't start showing your knowledge of car brands right away or talking about the latest football game. Climbing during the sandbox is also not comme il faut. And asking about your ex or getting compliments is generally a terrible bad manners.

The conversation should start out lightly: greeting how the day went and discussing where you came from. Something like, "Oh, Vasya, look, parrots" or "Aivazovsky is a genius-marine painter." Depends on a situation. The less pretentiousness and show-off, the better. Oh yes, the phone is in airplane mode. The ubiquitous girlfriends will wait. All oh-oh-oh then.

About 7 important rules or what to talk about on the first date, in order to please from the first meeting, we read in our article further by the link.

What do they eat oysters or etiquette at the table6

When a date is made, people tend to try not to be surprised when they choose a café. In any case, this point is always discussed. Therefore, it will be useful to Google the purpose of cutlery and rules for eating game. You can, of course, pretend to be allergic and give up oysters, but you need to know what cake is eaten.

Arriving at a restaurant with delicious food, you should not try to taste a dish from the chef and order wine from 1800 - a terry year. So why check the wallet on the first date? Of course, a well-mannered man will offer to choose a menu. This should be done without fanaticism. But you can't show off a cabbage leaf in a plate. If you want a steak, then a steak.

First date
First date

After dinner is over, don't insist on a split bill. Unless it's a foreigner. These love different checks. Such an aspiration offends a compatriot. Most likely, after such a trick, there will be no second date. But, you need to be careful. A wallet with a card or a sufficient amount of money must be with you.

Suddenly he decided to have dinner at someone else's expense, and while his nose was powdered, he would quietly get out of the cafe. This scenario is also possible. That is why, when discussing an institution, you should opt for a simpler version.

"So it means tomorrow, at the same place, at the same hour …" 7

Ending a romantic evening doesn't have to be about more than a simple drop-off. An Internet acquaintance does not need to know where you live. Taxi, and hello, see you tomorrow. The situation is much more complicated with an old friend. Here you can walk to your home, but you shouldn't invite for tea.

I spent it, very nicely, bye-bye. This is quite enough. Of course, if a fire in the chest burned the bra, and both don't mind, well. It's not shameful. But only with a long-familiar person. And all the virtual beauties go home. There is nothing to risk. And it will be seen. The evening will show who sleeps where.

45 - baba berry again 45

The first date of adults, held people, is a more responsible event. Here you need to think over everything to the smallest detail. The algorithm is basically the same as for young people. The only thing that you don't need to do is catch up on unnecessary pathos. It must be simpler, much simpler. Falling into frail youth is ridiculous. A cute madam in 18+ clothes will look at least strange. This also applies to men.

couple in restaurant
couple in restaurant

You need to choose a place for dinner more impressive. And in general, when making an appointment with a lady of Balzac's age, it is worth giving the right to choose to herself. Women at this age are looking for men with a very specific purpose. And, of course, they will treat a potential groom with cold calculation. So the zoo is canceled. But a respectable restaurant is welcome.

Communication cannot be built on the principle: work, grandchildren and where the predecessor went. You don't need to be smart either. It is too early and boring to arrange literary evenings with Yesenin's recitation. By the way, if anyone did not know, age after 40 feels the same as at 25. Moreover, this generation is very modern, and has already developed in a different scenario. So even at such a respectable age, you can invite for a bike ride.

The end of the evening is the same as in the first case. Without imposing pies and homemade cutlets. An easy, casual goodbye.

"There is something in me that reaches out to you" 8

Sex on the first date is a separate topic of conversation. And it is very burning. Is it permissible to continue the evening with intimacy?

All are adults. And the decision will have to be made only under your own responsibility. In the modern world, there is very little room left for all kinds of "mi-mi-mi". And if the evening went in such a way that both did not mind, then why not? The only nonsense is to jump into the bed with the person whom I first saw. Who dined the girl - he dances her ?! Yes now, how!

You can refuse with a light heart. If the lady herself does not mind, she must be lucky. May be. Just don't have to go to your native nest. The hotel is the best option. First, under supervision. Secondly, places are booked according to documents, what happens, it will be known who to look for. Thirdly, breakfast will be ready and you will not have to fry eggs with a gloomy expression.

couple in restaurant
couple in restaurant

The second point of this evening is safety. If it was assumed in advance that everything would be like an adult, it is necessary to take care of contraception. And about the barrier. After all, no one comes on a first date with a doctor's note.

This also includes the notification of relatives where and with whom the sun has set clearly. This information will not be superfluous.

The third point is observation. If a companion in sex took out toys from wide trousers, run home. Well, really, such looseness and spontaneity looks very strange. All the same, this is the lot of familiar couples for a long time.

In general, there are no uniform recommendations on this issue. Everyone decides for himself. But you need to think with your head, and not with the primary genital organ. But if you really want to, and a coward came up with the brakes, then good luck. Nobody has the right to condemn.

Forecasts for the future9

The continuation of communication depends on how the first date goes. Do not be very upset if the next meeting is refused. So so be it. Finding out what went wrong is also not necessary. There is no need. To impose and beg is completely humiliating. A lady should not be the first to write the next day. Especially if the counterpart did not wish good morning. He is silent, so he doesn't want to. Not a tram, the next one will come. If the lady refused to meet again, it is also not fatal.

couple in restaurant
couple in restaurant

When parting, you must immediately ask about the possibility of continuing communication. Dry "I'll call" will be regarded as "ciao, bambino!" If consent is received, then there is every chance of starting a relationship. We'll have to try. Meetings should be varied.

Nevertheless, no matter how the first date ends, it is always an invaluable experience for the correct building of relationships between people. Good luck!

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