How To Compliment Girls Correctly: Recommendations

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How To Compliment Girls Correctly: Recommendations
How To Compliment Girls Correctly: Recommendations

Video: How To Compliment Girls Correctly: Recommendations

Video: How To Compliment Girls Correctly: Recommendations
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compliments to girls
compliments to girls

To achieve the location of a young lady, you need to think about how to properly compliment girls. Praise should be beautiful, kind, and outspoken. It shouldn't hurt. Pleasant words should be spoken sincerely, from the heart.

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  • 1 How to find a topic for a compliment?
  • 2 How should compliments be given and when?
  • 3 How not to do it?
  • 4 Tips for action
  • 5 Warnings

How do I find a topic for a compliment? I

A compliment defines a girl's personality. Highlights her best qualities. A compliment is noted:

  • Hobbies and activities. For example, a girl grows flowers, you can praise her plantings, and say that only she can grow such roses.
  • Work. You can compliment a lady at work, noting that she is a real professional in her field.
  • Appearance. If the girl has a beautiful and athletic figure, praise will emphasize this. You can talk about beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair, slender legs, graceful gait and other elements of appearance.
  • Personality. Words highlight the mind of a lady, kindness, ingenuity, individual character traits.
  • Achievements. Praise for achievements in sports, courageous and kind deeds is perceived by girls kindly.
  • Things. The lady will be pleased if they pay attention to her dress, hairstyle, cozy home.

It's not hard to find a reason for a compliment. It is enough to take a close look at the woman, find out more about her life and character. It is important not only to find the right words, but also to think about how to properly compliment a girl about her beauty.

How should compliments be given and when? 2

The girl whom the man is going to praise should be treated kindly. Respect and value her. Only then will the compliment come from the heart. If there is no respect, then offensive words involuntarily pop up, for which you will have to apologize.

It is enough to tell the lady that she is beautiful. In this case, you do not need to get hung up on explanations. The best compliment for a girl should be natural. When pronouncing it, one should not feel awkward.

Before making a compliment, you should think about what feelings and experiences the words will cause. Put yourself in the girl's shoes and try to understand her condition. Praise, spoken at the wrong moment, can humiliate and insult.

If the girl did not respond to the praise, you should not take it negatively and assume that the lady is arrogant. Often, strangers don't accept compliments from strangers. In this case, you need to make it clear that you did not want to say anything bad, but sincerely expressed your feelings.

How not to do it? 3

compliments to girls
compliments to girls

A man should be careful to praise a woman's shape and features. If a lady, over time, this feature disappears, then she will feel ugly. Her self-esteem will go down. Problematic places for praise are: hips, legs, waist. Safe areas include hands, face, eyes, hair.

You can simultaneously pay attention to the girl's appearance and her girl's actions, personal qualities. For example, to say that a woman's beautiful eyes shine in a special way in those moments when she is passionate about something or working.

Don't give sexually explicit compliments. It is especially strange when such words are spoken to strangers. Short compliments to a girl of a sexual nature are allowed in relation to women with whom there is an intimate relationship.

A girl is not praised if they want to get something from her. In this case, the compliment will seem self-serving. They do not say nice words to achieve physical intimacy from a woman.

complimenting girls
complimenting girls

Praise shouldn't be insulting. Explicit flattery is poorly perceived. A hint of lost pounds. Comparison with other women. The use of words such as "today" in praise. For example, today your hairstyle was great.

Don't choose standard phrases for a compliment. Banality emanates from them, and they say to every woman. The girl may not react to them in the best way.

Tips for action4

Here are some tips on how to compliment girls:

  • If the praise offended the girl, then you need to apologize.
  • Not all girls accept compliments. This situation should not be taken to heart. I have to tell the lady that everything is all right. And reconsider your approach to women.
  • They don't always respond in kind to a compliment. You need to understand this and not get upset without receiving praise in return.
  • Before pronouncing a compliment, you need to talk to the girl. Find a common language and establish mutual understanding.
  • If a girl is vulnerable in something, is overly trusting or overly kind, do not emphasize this with a compliment.
  • Praise should correspond to the girl's taste and her appearance, lifestyle.
how to compliment a girl
how to compliment a girl

A compliment must be spoken wisely. You need to try to make it to your taste and not offend the girl's dignity.

And you can find out how to write compliments to girls correctly in our article. Follow the link.


When trying to compliment it, the main thing is not to overdo it. Excessive praise will create an awkward situation. The girl will think that she is being bullied and may perceive the situation with sarcasm. The lady will not like it if she is interrupted during a conversation in order to say pleasant words to her. Everything has its time.

Do not praise everything at once. For praise, you need to choose one thing. If a woman has a beautiful handbag or a ring, you can get a closer look, but not pick it up.

An unexpected compliment is best. When a person first encountered something interesting. Such praise looks natural and will please the girl.

To find an approach to a woman, you need to learn how to beautifully compliment and praise her more often.

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