Why Is It Difficult For Some Girls To Find A Soul Mate?

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Why Is It Difficult For Some Girls To Find A Soul Mate?
Why Is It Difficult For Some Girls To Find A Soul Mate?

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cute girl with mask
cute girl with mask

Girls dream of finding Happiness in the person of a handsome, successful guy. They want to fall in love and get married. Some ladies quickly find a suitable partner, while others have been looking for a soul mate for many years. When they are asked the eternal question: “And, married, when?”, They proudly (or sighing heavily) say: “There is no worthy applicant”. And they continue their careful search for the future groom. Why do women remain free eternal "brides" when representatives of the stronger sex are dragged around them in crowds? There are many reasons.

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  • 1 Oh, what if it hurts again? …
  • 2 Where are you, Finist the clear Falcon?
  • 3 Serve the rich man!
  • 4 When the first pancake is lumpy
  • 5 Buzzing "bees"

What if it hurts again? … ___ 8230

It's hard to build new relationships for divorces who have a bad marriage experience, a difficult divorce, and possibly a broken heart behind them. Even if on the way she meets a wonderful guy with whom she sees a good future, the opportunity to become a mother again and live together until a ripe old age, she still will not soon decide on remarriage.

The fear of not stepping on the same rake as a solid rod sits unshakably in a woman's soul, guarding her against new serious relationships. It is difficult for her to overcome internal insecurity, trust a new partner, and enter into a legal relationship with him. As a result, the man gets tired of the constant suspended situation and moves to a “calmer shore”, leaving the woman alone with uncertainty and a renewed “broken heart”.

Where are you, Finist the clear Falcon? I

For some individuals of the fair sex, there is a certain virtual ideal, which they certainly try to find among the numerous human stream. As a teenager, the girl read a love story, drew in her head a beautiful image of the daring, bold and beautiful Arnaud de Monsalvi, and years later, she stubbornly tries to find him among pimply classmates, mustachioed plumbers or dull colleagues.

But no one among the familiar men falls under the desired criteria: no one has such thick hair, the color of a "raven's wing", such black eyes, like two coals, no one is so daring, brave, romantic, not a knight, in the end … I don't want to marry the usual Fedya Ivanov.

nice girl
nice girl

He seems to be, and the guy is not bad, but the thought that having married him, the girl will unexpectedly meet the "man of dreams" on the tram does not give rest. So the young woman pushes all kinds of contenders for her hand and heart, cherishing the hope of meeting her ideal.

Serve the Rich Man 2

There are women who are very selective in the world of men. When they meet a nice guy who matches both taste and smell, they reject his courtship due to his small financial condition. It doesn't matter that a man is polite, pleasant, smiles sweetly, jokes well and looks after beautifully - if he is a simple welder or a seller in a shoe store.

And what will your friends say? Parents, neighbors? Yes, and how does one strive for the future with this, to produce poverty? … And, hiding feelings in a fist, the girl turns away from the one who could really make her happy.

how to find a soul mate
how to find a soul mate

When the first pancake is lumpy

It happens that an interesting man on the first date gives a "blunder", makes some mistake, which does not present him from the best side. For example, being in a crowded place, the boy accidentally “let out gas”, “burped”, expressed himself incorrectly, laughed loudly with his mouth open, spreading pieces of chewed food to neighbors - situations are very diverse. It happens to everyone.

But in most cases, the girls put a huge fat cross on the poor fellow, despite the fact that he was cute, beautiful and interesting. And they make a big mistake. You shouldn't push the young man away on the first unsuccessful date. Perhaps next time he will show himself from the best side, and instead of embarrassment and shame, the girl will feel pride and admiration for her gentleman.

Buzzing bees 4

The opinion of friends sometimes plays a big decisive opinion about the choice of a partner. Regardless of what feelings the friends are guided by, they often dictate their own views to the "fool in love":

  • "Why is he so needed?"
  • "And you will forgive him ?!"
  • "He's poor (oblique, crooked, clumsy, rough, fat)!"
  • "How can you meet this!"
  • “Well, you have tastes! You won't wish that to your enemy! "
sexy girl
sexy girl

Statements of this kind bring doubts to a woman's head, and the girl begins to look at the object of interest from the point of view of someone else's criticism. Maybe he's really not practical, but greedy, since he still hasn't bought her a new mobile phone? And, after work, he spends time with other girls, because he has green eyes, and these guys are usually womanizers? At least friends say so, but they will not advise bad things …

It is important for women who seek to find happiness and find love to remember the following:

  • Look around, the world is full of decent men!
  • Nobody is perfect.
  • Listen to your heart, not those around you.

If a man loves, regardless of material well-being and physical disabilities, he will try to make the world of his beloved comfortable and happy.

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