Sexuality Of Men And Women, What Are The Main Differences ?

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Sexuality Of Men And Women, What Are The Main Differences ?
Sexuality Of Men And Women, What Are The Main Differences ?

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Sexuality of men and women
Sexuality of men and women

Sexuality … people talk about it a lot and men and women try to be sexier and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Very few of them succeed in doing this. And the point here is not only the desire or unwillingness of partners to increase their attractiveness, but also in many accompanying factors that prevent us from doing this.

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  • 2 Best sex technique
  • 3 Recognition of sexual excellence
  • 4 Sex and feelings, concepts are different
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  • 6 Pleasure not only from sex

So, on what related factors the attractiveness of modern men and women directly depends. This is about:

  • Features of temperament
  • Upbringing
  • Physiology of the body
  • Certain social norms

That is, about the many psychological, cultural and biological nuances that define male and female sexuality. And in men and women, it has certain characteristics inherent only in this sex.

Men i

Considering that by their nature men are more inclined to domination and prefer to feel like earners, the sexuality of men has certain characteristics that differ from women. This is primarily:

  • Desire to frequently change partners
  • More technical sex behavior
  • Need to acknowledge your abilities in bed
  • Love through the eyes
  • Sex and love section
Sexuality of men
Sexuality of men

The desire to be fully realized in sexual life contributes to the fact that a man seeks to diversify his sex life as much as possible. And the primary way to do this, most macho prefer frequent change of sexual partners.

At the same time, men are easier to have sexual contacts with unfamiliar women. They also have nothing against short-term sexual intercourse. This is largely due to the fact that most of the stronger sex do not want to take responsibility for all the events in a woman's life, do not want to be responsible for her feelings.

Therefore, for them, it is much easier to start a varied and, accordingly, short-term relationship, so as not to become attached to a woman and not to take responsibility for her life. If a man does not have free time to find a partner, he may well use the services of prostitutes, getting pleasure from sex with them and not having any obligations.

Best Sex Technique2

The physiological ease of a man's sexuality leads to the fact that he perceives sex as a normal work process. He skillfully performs his duties, which gives himself and the woman he loves a lot of pleasure.

Working on the result, they will always receive a reward in the form of enchanting pleasure. That is why all adult men work to hone their sex appeal to the smallest detail.

Sexuality of women
Sexuality of women

With age, he learns to maintain the required duration of the frictional period, monitor high-quality and long-lasting erection and bring the partner to orgasm. All this is necessary for him in order to feel the best and sexually attractive in bed.

Sexual Excellence Recognition3

Men, not paying much attention to emotions in relationships, pay more attention to the "technical" side of sexual relations and make every effort to ensure that a woman considers sex with them the best and unsurpassed.

A man's sex life boils down to a desire to be an amazing lover! For a man, this is the most important feeling in order for his self-esteem to be at the proper level. If, after sex, a man feels dissatisfaction with himself or, even worse, irony or humor in relation to himself, he may well not only lose his sexuality, but also begin to experience more serious sexual problems.

Among other things, this may well lead to the fact that all women will lose interest for him, and it will never be possible to build new relationships.

Sex and feelings, concepts are different4

As a rule, all males tend to share their relationship. That is, they choose some women for sensual sex, and completely different to create a strong family and a reliable life.

What men like in bed
What men like in bed

That is why most men live with an unloved wife or regular partner, with whom he has long been tired of the relationship. They are not inclined to change something, and they find it much easier to look for sensual pleasure in sex on the side. And pleasure is guaranteed, and no responsibility.

The habit of men to love with their eyes is directly related to this aspect, they immediately look for an object for sexual pleasure in the crowd and are ready for a new sexual relationship.

Features of female sexuality5

To be happy in sex, most women need to idealize their partner. She must know that it is he who is the most beautiful, the kindest, the most intelligent and the most reliable. Most women are ready for sex only when they are sure that it is with this man that they will feel like behind a stone wall. However, they often do not notice his shortcomings and try to defeat him with their sexuality.

Pleasure not only from sex6

Unlike men, women do not have orgasm in the first place. The main thing for them is moral interaction, kisses and hugs, which are quite capable of replacing sex for her. In the sexual life of a woman, everything is also quite interesting. Even if she did not experience an orgasm, but at the same time received a sufficient amount of affection and tenderness in intimacy, everything will be normal and her sexuality will continue to go off scale.

What women like in bed
What women like in bed

That is, platonic love and erotic caresses that stimulate her sensuality will always come first. It is also important for her to always hear affectionate words addressed to her.

Also, it will be informative for you to find out how a man differs from a woman, then follow the link in our next article.

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